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#1 [Private] Tying up Loose Ends on Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:48 pm

Ika knew that he had made a very big decision in invading the Gotei 13, but the results were undoubtable and the message was clear. Chaos was the greatest militant force the world currently knew, and the Committee’s alliance and loyalty to them was undoubtedly a large part of this. The Committee being aligned to Ika allowed him the flexibility to keep wars on a 1 on 1 playing field, which is a fight he will win every time. He knew this, Maki knew this, everyone knew this, but that didn’t mean he could rest on his laurels and avoid justifying his actions to the woman.

Furthermore, he needed to be sure she was aware of where things were at.

Ika smiled, walking into her office knowing the conversation would need to be brief. “Fairs Fair Maki, you’ve shown proper trust in me and now? I return that faith in kind, I sent Avon to help in Greenland, but now? I’m sending you two new additions to the Hollow Fighting front. Accelerator and Zane will be dispatched under your command, and they’ll be told to follow your orders and help you out within reason. They will be under the umbrella of my organization, but serve under you and within the confines of a New York area. I hope you and Accelerator can get along.. a little better this time..”

Ika smirked, "Oh, and spoiler alert if you couldn't tell, I won. Didn't even have to kill many of them, they fled. Pretty sure they're in the middle of no where recovering. Just figured you'd want to know the result."

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#2 Re: [Private] Tying up Loose Ends on Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:47 am

Some people don't even know how to knock. One such prude bastard was the one and only Ika Mazi. I was actually surprised he used the door this time instead of blasting through the ceiling, boomboxing Careless whisper outside my window, or some dumb shit like that. As per the norm, he seemed awfully pleased with himself. While he had his moments, this was not one of them. He was bragging that he'd taken over the whole of Gotei, and that he didn't have to kill all that many, maybe a handful. The rest were elsewhere, having evacuated.

Wait, he's sending me his forces? What the hell for? Oh whatever. "Ika. I know we've had struggles in the past, and for good reason. I struggle to grasp what it is you're after. You toy with whoever it is that opposes you, seemingly get bored after a while, then go back to trying to piss the next best thing off. And yet, I know better. I have a lot of internal conflict, morally, simply because you have no morality. Yet I ally myself with you because of our commonalities. We're not all that different, however we are not the same. I suppose the message should be more clear. Do not expect me to be pleased with your actions. I appreciate the support that you have given me, but unrest could very well upset the balance of this world. For now I'll do as I must with what I've been given."

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#3 Re: [Private] Tying up Loose Ends on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:52 am

Ika raised an eyebrow when Maki failed to respond to the fact that he was giving her troops, "You asked, and I agreed to give you support in your mission for allowing me to take up this operation, and as such I'm giving back to you as a thanks. I fail to see how that's not worth acknowledgement beyond a bewildered 'meh' kinda deal but okay I guess Maki." Ika shrugged his shoulders and listened to the woman rattle on, shaking his head with a slight grin as she prattled on and fucking on and fucking on.. "What you've set up Ms. Kesshou, is a very loaded question, and it's a question I'd rather answer bit by bit if you don't mind.."

Ika lit a cigarette and took a drag off of it, exhaling slightly to let the smoke waft through the room before he'd begin to speak. "Ignoring the first bit which I find to be an unnecessary disclaimer, our issues were literally me pissing on a door and being a bit of a prick, the difference between then and now is you've shown yourself to be capable. I was testing you as much as pressuring you, whether you choose to believe that or not." Ika shrugged his shoulders and smiled, slightly, closing his eyes before continuing. "The question of what I'm after is a simple one, the preservation of my people and vengeance against the people whom have actively fucked my people throughout history. It was bad enough they've fucked us so royally throughout time, but now for them to not even do their fucking jobs..? I couldn't stomach it, so I sent a message. The message is sent. I've broken them. They're out of my craw. My vengeance was had, now? Back to business, which is protection of the Human World. You see the reason our alliance is so strong Maki, is because the Human World has been good to me, and is optimal for the survival of MY people.."

Ika once again took a drag off the cigarette and let that thought fill the room, "It would be against my best interests to work against your interests, I asked permission to bury a hatchet I've bore for quite some time and I did, right in their fucking skulls.. I make no qualms about the fact that I'm a vengeful man, but that's not a bad thing for an ally.. Those people killed my people, I'd expect no less from you if someone slaughtered half of humanity for the simple reason that they were human. I want you to imagine that your entire organization perished except you, and you over time gathered the forces, you gathered the necessary power to get vengeance.. Are you telling me you wouldn't do it?.. I don't think we're that different, and even if we are, perhaps that's not a bad thing.." Ika took another drag before continuing,
addressing the next point after a moment.."You align yourself with me because it's as clear to you as it is to me, that we need each other, and that we are a perfect team. The Espada and the Gotei will never align, we inherently have two weaker foes, perpetually weakening each other, and we cna stomp them individually with minimal effort.. I know why we're allied Ms. Kesshou, and I don't expect you to approve of every action I undertake hell.. I don't approve of all of my actions.." Ika smiled once more, chuckling momentarily if only to himself.. "I only ask that you respect them, and in turn allow me to provide you with the means to protect your kind, as you've allowed me to protect my own.."

Ika finished his cigarette and crushed it in his hands, tossing it in the garbage can behind him without looking.. "But Maki, I think you need to understand me a little better.. Let me think.. Are you familiar with the story of Cain and Abel?.. Christ, do they even teach the Bible nowadays?.." Ika placed his head in his palm and chuckled slightly, waiting for Maki to respond.

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#4 Re: [Private] Tying up Loose Ends on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:33 am

I rolled my eyes a little bit over the supplementary forces bit. "To be honest, it was a little more needed when our forces were thin as paper. We're much more bolstered now. I suppose it's appreciated. I'll try not to bash Accelerator's babyface in, alright?"

Then he began to talk big about me setting up a set of questions. All the while lighting a cigarette. Presenting his points in segments only separated by pauses and puffs of smoke. I decided to insert feedback where I felt a need to. "To be fair, I haven't lead this place that long, and am still learning. I've learned much, mostly by reading it. Not quite intuitive when it comes to leading and directing. Place that on top of someone who makes me feel like I'm more a puppet than a leader, and you have my irritation towards you. Though to be fair, you have proven good on everything you've said you would do. Despite the fact that you have no sense of manners, courtesy or order, I still find myself accepting of the decisions I've made at your behest. Allowing you to take your ride to the Gotei was something that I was rather conflicted on. Hopefully change will arise from that. I would certainly like to see a place for some of the vizards there. While I understand that Gotei's activities no longer need to include the human world, at some point I would like to pursue peace with them as well.

In the end, you made your decisions. I probably would have too, if that were me in your shoes. However, we both know I wear a completely different set. I went from living alone to coming here to learn how to use my powers to running the damn place. I'm about as green as they get, and yet I've matured more in that time than I think I could have anywhere else. I suppose. We're here for a reason, together like this. I'd honestly call it an unlikely partnership, but it works well."

And then came the line that made me lose myself, almost choking on my own spit. "Wait, you mean to tell me you question your own decision making. That's fucking terrifying. Wait. You have a conscience?" I'd probably chuckle over it a bit, but then continue listening, lest Ika give me a death glare. "For the time being, I have no intention of doing any different. No one seems to understand why I do what I do, but I do have valid reasons, and I can legitimately back them up. By this point you've earned at least partial respect, even if I can't get past the fact that you tend to be on the disgusting side of personalities."

And with that, the last puff of smoke, crushing of his cigarette, and discarding of it. He then asked about a rather touchy subject.. a biblical one. "I have indeed read it. I've ready many books, just not so fond of screwy fairytales."

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#5 Re: [Private] Tying up Loose Ends on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:15 pm

"You could afford to be bolstered further I'd say, and I don't think you'd turn down an Accelerator reunion if you were in any way of a sound mind, kids pretty uh.. powerful." Ika mentally forced himself to return to the topic at hand, which was not Accelerator by himself, and it didn't need to be. Ika rolled his eyes a bit when the puppet comment came about, "You're becoming a fine leader, and all things considered humanity has thoroughly impressed me with their competence of late, it's something I couldn't have foreseen in my time on this rock.. that being said you're no puppet, and shouldn't feel that way at all, it'll only lead to resentment and that's by no means healthy for our partnership. With that being said I'm happy to see you've paid attention to my honesty and forthcoming approach with you."

Ika smirked once more before responding, "The rest of that I'll take as flattery and a good sign that you enjoy my company, sounds fair enough to me.. As for the peace with Gotei bit, I'd never ask you to not consider that, I'd only ask that you didn't get in the way of what will probably occur between us, that's all.." He continued to listen as she answered his question precisely how he had expected her to, she wasn't a hard read, no matter what her thoughts on the matter may have been.. Ika nodded as she spoke the next bit, "I agree that we're meant to work together, if we weren't, we wouldn't be such a great fit, don't you agree?.." He grinned from ear to ear at this point, making it very clear that he was having fun with this little discussion.. And he was, for what that was worth. That being said, what he said next apparently almost killed the lady, which would be nice to keep in mind for in the future if Ika decided he wanted to rule the world. He could have her choke to death by acting like a reasonable human being, neat.

The woman chuckled over her egregious statements and Ika did little more than raise an eyebrow in her general direction,
"I have a set morality, it's just a bit different from yours is all, and if I didn't self-evaluate I'm fairly certain no one would evaluate my decisions at all, frankly, I'm not sure that anyone else could.." He then listened a bit longer, hearing what he needed to hear, taking the insult on the chin. "And I'll take the comment as another sign that you enjoy my company, you're really much more welcoming than I recall Ms. Kesshou, I do appreciate the hospitality.." Ika rolled his eyes at her comment about the bible, "Screwy fairy tale it may be, but I always find that such texts awful beautiful mirrors into the human soul, wouldn't you agree?.. You're wondering why I chose the story of Cain and Abel, how in the hell could it possibly relate to my wants and actions?.. It's quite simple, tell me what the main source of Cain's contempt was Ms. Kesshou.." Ika leaned back and grinned, waiting for a response..

This would be interesting..

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