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#1 Fire Renewed on Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:22 am

Kira blinked as she covered her face with her arm for a moment as she slowly came to, what..had happened..? The last thing she remembered was.. Ah.. right.. She leaned up to be sitting and sighed softly. She had been training her son for the second time.. trying to help him gain more control over his power. Though as she checked herself for any signs of the former injuries, she found none, which made her confusion increase for a moment before she suddenly gripped her head for a moment and shook violently for just a couple of seconds before calming down again and releasing her head.

"That's right.." She said softly. She had died.. Her second training session with her son, after recovering slowly from the first, had actually ended in her demise. She wasn't blaming Kaitou though. The poor boy wouldn't have done it on purpose. With her spirit intact however she looked around and noticed that her Zanpaktou, Amaterasu, was right next to her. She decided to check on the poor girl and see how she fared from this transition and so Jizen'd into her inner world.

She was instantly glomped by a worried and sobbing and happy Amaterasu who was confused scared and questioning of what had happened and why she couldn't hear Kira for so long. After calming her Zanpaktou down and telling her what little Kira had already discerned for herself, she awoke back in the real world and got to one knee before getting up all the way slowly.

Whether by design or accident she wasn't dead.. She needed to find a shinigami and report back to Gotei immediately, she was now afraid her son might have been punished for her demise.. But where were the Shinigami? She didn't sense anyone nearby.. hrm.. That could just be because she was still unfocused from just waking up though..

Shrugging she decided to talk a walk, picked a direction, and started off.

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