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#1 Gregor, The Mad God on Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:35 pm



[color=lightblue]Name: Gregor Redcliffe
[color=lightblue]Apparent Age: 22
True Age: 23
Sex: Born male, but what does that matter whEN YOU’RE MAD?!
Personality: How does one explain the mind and personality of someone who is truly mad? With words! Gregor is a very, very talkative individual. If he runs out of information on a certain topic, he will “flawlessly” segway onto something else. Most grow frustrated by this within a few short minutes of meeting this scottish man. If someone came up to you and started talking about cheeses, or intently watched your tongue move in annoyance while you speak, you’d probably be the same way.

Just as he is a large talker, he is a simple man of refined actions. He can be impulsive but overall he means well. Since he was once homeless, he will toss a few coins towards anyone he finds begging on the street. Stray animals that look to be starving will find themselves being treated to a meal he stole from some restaurant not far away. He is truly Chaotic Good, wanting to do the right thing HIS way. Which may or may not include skipping rope with someone’s entrails.

It is quite easy to get along with him. Just listening to his words alone will get you on his good side. It is just as easy to anger him too. Criticize his love of cheese or threaten to touch his friend Drake, an apple from Japan, and you will have him livid. There are other things that can upset him, but you NEVER tarnish a man's love for his cheese.

He is very playful when fighting. He enjoys toying with his opponents, seeing how they react to his completely random abilities and fighting tactics. Doesn't matter who it is, he will do what he wants and what he thinks will be fun.

Height: 6 feet and 2 inches tall, almost as tall as YOUR MOTHER! HA!
Weight: 199 pounds, almost as LARGE AS YOUR FACE! Got you twice!!!
Physical Traits: Just like all people who hail from Scotland and Ireland, his skin is pale and he doesn't tan. Just skips right to burning. THE SUN IS AGAINST- Anyway, Gregor has the brightest brown hair one could find on a person, with a matching beard and moustache. The irises of his eyes are a bright golden color.

He has a vast wardrobe, but seems to prefer wearing a classy purple gentleman’s suit. All purple, from the top of the suit down to his shoes. Occasionally he will wear a top hat that is the same shade, but only on occasions when he is going to a formal party. He does sometimes wear a more casual outfit of sneakers, jeans and a purple tee-shirt that has a logo of cheese on it. However, that is mostly just for when he wants to relax in his home.

General Fighting Style: Gregor does not stick with one fighting style. He fights how he feels he should, preferring to maintain moderate distance to statistically keep track of his opponent. He is mad, but he isn't stupid. Actually, he is a bit of a genius. He will search for the slightest weakness in an opponent and exploit it maliciously. Nothing is beneath him if it assures victory. He won't use hostages, as he has SOME limits, and he soooometimes won't kill.
Strengths: Spirit Energy/Pressure, Stamina, Speed
Weaknesses: Strength, Durability, Endurance, PUPPY EYES!!!

Fullbring Item:

It's his staff. The staffy staff that feels kind of-... Scampy! It's the Everscamp Staff!!!
Fullbring Appearance: Can't you READ?! It's that staffy staff! THE STAFFY STAFF!

... It is a 6 foot long staff made of iron, consisting of four small iron scamps up top.
Ability Name: Everscamp
Description: In it's sealed state, the Everscamp Staff keeps maintained two monstrous little scamps that follow Gregor around like lost little puppies. They don't harm anything so long as he doesn't want them to and are always half the tier he is. They can only use physical attacks in the form of swiping with their claws and fire off small fireballs from their palms. The fireballs deal equal to a level 10 Hadou in damage. They can take an attack up to a level 40 Hadou before dispersing(dying). When released, nothing changes about the scamps. However instead of just two, there will instead be four scamps. When one is killed, another will be summoned up automatically within 3 seconds by the staff without Gregor needing to do anything. They spawn at a rate of 1 per every 3 seconds, so long as 1 of the 2/4 are dead. If there are 2/4 up and about the spawning halts.
Ability Name: Minor Transfiguration
Description: Like with most Fullbringers Gregor can access a small bit of his Fullbring’s power while it is sealed. This ability allows him to transfigure any item he wants twice so long as it is an inanimate object and is smaller than a large dog. When his Fullbring is released he can use this ability on much larger things, and can even (temporarily, for 1 post) transfigure NPCs. The transfiguration is random, meaning there cannot be a controlled outcome. However there is a set list of possible outcomes.
-Various Cheeses
-Loaf of bread
-Pile of bricks
-Baseball bat
-Gold coins (Equal in weight to what was originally transfigured)
-Epic glowy sword (Same durability as a Zanpakutou, only lasts 2 posts before reverting back. Same item cannot turn into the sword again.)
Boosts: 3x boost to Speed, Spirit Energy/Pressure, Endurance

Fullbring Appearance: Not much will change physically for Gregor. His height, weight, hair and clothes all would be the same. The whites of his eyes, his sclera, would turn black.

He gets a second staff to use, the Wabbajack! A long iron staff with faces depicting three emotions upon it. Not to be confused with the staff some lame wizard would use. Or were they lizards... Wizard lizards!!! Lame Wizard Lizards!

This staff can change shape at will into a third, special staff. A wooden staff with an eyeball on it that is three times the size of a normal eye.

At his hip forms a small book. A book about the ramblings of mad men just like himself!!!
Ability Name: Wabbajack
Description: The Wabbajack, a staff full on unpredictable events! Using the staff will activate one out of twenty possible effects. Wabbajack can only be used once per post.
-Fireball: Pretty self explanatory, fires a blazing ball of fire at the opponent. Deals damage equal to a level 40 Hadou. Deals 1st degree burns to any exposed skin.
-Thunderbolt: Shoots out a bolt of deadly electricity. As fast as a Bala and powerful as a Cero.
-Frost Spike: Summons a sharp shard of ice up from under the opponent to skewer the opponent, and is predetermined by a glowing blue circle under the target. This is as powerful as a level 20 Hadou.
-Force Blast: Sends out a strong blast of pure force, capable of shattering stone. This is equal to a level 60 Hadou.
-Exploding Rabbit/Chicken/Duck: Sends a chicken, rabbit or duck at the target that creates an explosion on impact. The damage is equal to a level 35 Hadou, and leaves a very bloody mess. The explosion does not harm Gregor in the least, though may try skipping rope with any guts that fly his way.
-Disintegration: This ability can only be used on NPCs and opponents that are death enabled, with OOC permission. Completely disintegrates the target to a pile of ashes. Ashes... That also contain a SWEETROLL!!!! If this effect is used on a target that isn't weakened enough or doesn't have death enabled then they get a small papercut on their forehead that has a bandaid on it. This effect has a 3 post cooldown.
-Heal Other: Heals the target of one small wound.
-Invisibility: Grants the target temporary invisibility, lasting 1 post. It is entirely just visual. It cannot be used on Gregor.
-No Effect: Just as the name says. If this happens Wabbajack can be used again this post. Suuuper weak and deals -0 damage!
-Ice Shard: Sends an ice shard at the target. This is as powerful as a level 31 Hadou.
-Instant Kill: Just like disintegration, this can only be used on someone death enabled, with OOC permission or NPCs. Instantly kills the target, turning them into Gold Coins, Sweetrolls, or Exotic Butters. If this effect is used on someone not fitting the requirements they a giant illusionary dog bark really loudly in their face. This effect has a 3 post cooldown.
-Fear: Instills fear into the mind and heart of the target, making them more likely to hesitate and slip up. This is as powerful as a level 70 Bakudou. This effect has a 2 post cooldown.
-Paralyse: Temporary paralysis, lasting one half of a post on the target.
-Drain Stamina: To keep this simple, it drains away a target’s energy, making them feel more fatigued than they normally would be. It is as draining as using a Cero level attack, and the energy is transferred to Gregor.
-Strip Target: Harmlessly removes 1 article of clothing off the target. This effect can only be used once each fight.
-Heal Self: Heals Gregor for one moderate wound.
-Target Explodes, turns into ectoplasm, pitchforks and gold coins: Just as the effect name says. This can only be used on inanimate objects. If used on a person they are pelted by gold coins. This causes little to no damage, though could be irritating. The explosion can harm things around it, causing level 30 Hadou in damage.
- Fruit Fly: A flying fruit is sent at the target, and will splatter if hitting them. If this effect is used Wabbajack can be used again this post.
-Reanimation: Brings a dead body back to life to fight for Gregor. Give them a pet, they love it! It is two ranks below Gregor in power and has to be cast at a dead body.
-Replaces Enemies with various cheeses: Targets that are Death Enabled, with OOC permission, or NPCs will be replaced entirely with a random cheese. Otherwise the target is teleported to a random location nearby (Choice goes to the person controlling the character) and their previous location has various cheese wheels taking up the space they were at. This effect has a 2 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Staff of Authority
Description: This staff only has one ability, but boy is it good! Anything he points his staff at and yells “HALT!” will find their movements restrained for one post, equal to a level 80 Bakudou lasting 3 posts. That's it. As such this ability can only be used again after a 3 post cooldown from the point of this ability ending. Should the person/people not manage to break out within that time they would be released anyway with a booming “RELEASE!” Echoing around them, setting them free. This ability is focused to one direction in front of him, and upon activation a white flash is released from the tip of his staff.
Ability Name: Let It Rain!!!
Description: Gregor fires Wabbajack up at a cloud, and a random effect rains from the sky. This ability can only be used once per fight.
-Fireball(Just like above.)
-Thunderbolt(Just like above.)
-Ice Shard(Just like above.)
-Exploding Rabbit/Chicken/Duck(Just like above.)
-Burning Dog Corpse: As the name implies, makes dog corpses that are on fire rain from the sky.
-Gold Coins: Makes gold coins rain down from above.
-Sweetrolls: Makes sweetrolls rain down from the sky.
-Cheese Wheels: Makes cheese wheels rain down from the sky.
-Mini Dragons: Makes miniature living dragons rain down from the sky, all of which will crawl around and try to destroy things despite being too small. They can fly short distances.
Any effect will cause 50 of each item to rain down, with each one doing equal to level 30 Hadou in damage. This ability has a 3 post cooldown, and Wabbajack gets a 1 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Folium Discognitum
Description: Gregor reads out loud from his book, and depending on the passage he reads he will gain either a +25%Speed, +10%Speed, +12% Strength, or a -50% Durability. The boost lasts for a total of 2 posts and is followed by a 2 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Fork of Horripilation
Description: Gregor points his two index fingers together, focusing spiritual energy at the tips. He focused the energy into a two pronged fork which he shoots off at anything made of spiritual energy. This ability loosens the bonds of anything made of spiritual energy, making it break down and become weaker by 15% per post until it breaks down completely. Does not work on living things.
Boosts: 4x boost to Speed, Endurance, Spirit Energy/Pressure

History: He wasn't even born yet, but his life had almost come close to being snuffed out like a candle in a storm. His mother, a woman of Scottish descent had been raped and left on the streets. A passing Hollow, being drawn in by her sorrow and despair, attacked the prone and powerless human that carried young Gregor in her womb. Though she got injured, she was saved thanks to a Shinigami stationed within that city. She was able to make a full recovery but was back in the street within a week.

A couple months pass, with his mother getting drunk when she can from money she gets through begging. The time came for him to come out, and she was lucky enough to be brought to a hospital, since some tourists found her in labor at the end of an alley.

She gave birth to Gregor, who was physically a healthy baby. Because of her drinking though the doctor that delivered the child informed her that he could possibly turn out slow, or grow to have a mental disability. Seeing the child as nothing but a problem she leaves the hospital without taking Gregor with her. She didn't have time for a child she never wanted and couldn't use.

For a few weeks he would be taken home by one of the nurses to be cared for. They couldn't just leave the child at the hospital after all. Eventually though he was taken to a foster home so that he might one day be adopted. He was there for a few more weeks before a recently married couple had adopted him since they couldn't have kids of their own.

His life was pretty average for a while as an infant. He had his diaper changed, learned to walk, the usual. His family moved to Greenland during this time pf his life. He had a pretty okay first two years as a child too. He had just turned 8, he went with his parents to a family reunion. He had been in preschool this year and was currently on summer break. An uncle of his had gotten him alone and raped him. He was too scared to tell, since his uncle said that his parents would yell at him and call him a liar if he did. Little Gregor didn't want that. So he pretended to be fine, despite the pain that reminded him of what had happened. Even after it healed, he would sometimes flinch when sitting down. Eventually his parents became concerned with their child’s actions and took Gregor to see a therapist.

He went for a week straight before he admitted to what happened. He explained why he never said anything either, of what his uncle said would happen. That nobody would believe him. He wouldn't know until years later that his uncle was arrested for what he did.

With therapy as an outlet Gregor soon was acting more like a child his age should. Even as he got older he remained silly. He was the best in all his classes with the stress of what happened off his shoulders. He was smart, but had no goal for what he wanted to do with his life. All he seemed interested in was botany, from which he was able to make a couple home remedies for hangovers, pain relief and stuffy noses, but his parents felt certain he couldn't live off of that.

As the years passed, and he transitioned from a teenager to an adult, his parents gave him a choice. Stay with them and go to college for a career path, or leave and try to make it out in the world on his own.

Gregor is a stubborn man, and of course left. This left him with nowhere to be but on the streets. Just like the mother that birthed him.

Now a young man, Gregor was with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back. That is until a stranger took him in. There he was taught more about botany, as well as the spiritual world. A world he was unknowingly a part of.

The man taught him about Shinigami, Bounts, Hollows, Quincy, and of course what he was... A Fullbringer.

He held the childishly mad male’s focus for years with this, teaching him everything he could before one day he just disappeared.

The day he disappeared, an Amazonian woman came into his life. A friend and business partner, Herminia came to be someone Gregor trusts. His potions now line the shelves of his part of the shop, all in shiny colored glass bottles.
Roleplay Sample: “... This is so. Incredibly. DULL!” Gregor sighs and straightens up from where he was leaning on the shop counter. A counter made out of a smooth and dark granite as well as a solid oak frame. His fingers tap rapidly against the smooth and solid surface out of irritation.

Not a single customer yet, and it had already been, like, an hour! His eyes glance to a nearby clock. “Five minutes?!” He groans as he smacks a hand on the surface before him. “Why must I have to deal with such boredom...!” He sighs and leans forward before resting his forehead on the cool stone. Not a second later the front door to the shop opens, signalled by the bell on it ringing. He looks up and is about to welcome their guest but stops. Too shocked to say anything for a moment. However after his shock subsides he turns his head to look over his left shoulder. “Herminia, could you come here for a moment? We have an angry customer.”
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#2 Re: Gregor, The Mad God on Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:53 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Strengths & Weaknesses

• Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Endurance, Speed
• Weaknesses: Strength, Durability
• • Please have at least x-1 Weaknesses, where x is how many strengths you have. You currently have 4 Strengths and 2 Weaknesses. We'd prefer them to be even, but we can let you get away with x-1 at best.

Sealed Form

• Everscamp
• • How durable are the scamps? Will a Bala kill one? Can the staff summon all 4 in one post (3 seconds) if all of them are dead, or only one per 3s/1p?

• Minor Transfiguration
• • Please remove transfiguring NPCs, or add in that it is temporary. Provided you don't turn a baseball into a pile of bricks while throwing it at someone, this seems fine. Just don't abuse it in combat, though I don't think you will.

Fullbring Released

• Wabbajack
• • Please understand that I am going to analyze each ability here independently. While they may be chosen randomly by you, I need to make sure none of them are too strong or anything. Off the bat, I will say that if you limit Wabbajack to being used once per post, I will be okay with each individual ability having an individual cooldown.

Fireball: Once per post, doesn't need a cooldown other than that. Does this deal actual fire damage, or is it just energy? (Are there any burns which accompany this skill?)

Thunderbolt: This is okay.

Frost Spike: Give it some level of prediction. The ground glows for a moment, Gregor has to shove Wabbajack against the ground, something so it can be seen and isn't auto-hit.

Force Blast: This is alright.

Exploding Creature: This is alright. Is Gregor immune to the explosion? It's fine either way, simply curious.

Disintegration: This is completely fine and hilarious. However, what do you classify as "Weakened enough"? Clarify, please.

Heal Other: This is alright. If you go with the above recommendation of allowing each ability to have an independent cooldown, this can be buffed to a single moderate wound, or several small wounds.

Invisibility: This only applies to visual, correct? If so, is fine. Can Gregor use this on himself?

No Effect: This is too strong. Please lower the damage.

Ice Shard: This is fine. If you limit Wabbajack to 1/post, buff the damage to 40.

Instant Kill: Why not turn them INTO gold coins, sweetrolls, or thick paper towels? Also, setting someone's hair on fire is rather strong. Please change it to something else, because this is technically an auto-hit, so nothing which would actually cause real harm.

Fear: This is alright.

Paralyze: This is alright.

Drain Endurance: Endurance is how many hits you can take before you fall. Did you mean Stamina? Does Gregor gain the drained stat or does it dissolve? How much does it drain?

Strip Target: A single article of clothing, please. PG-13. On NPCs it can be all clothes, just do not describe it in detail.

Heal Self: See Heal Other.

Target Explodes ... Coins: This is alright. Lots of instant things, I see.

Fruit Fly: This is fine.

Reanimation: Finally, a real fucking ability. Which is fine.

Replaces Enemies with Various Cheeses: Did you forget to finish this one?

• Staff of Authority
• • You can remove the comments regarding opponents stronger/weaker. It's a level 80 Bakudou, it'll be treated exactly the same in regards to breaking out. I'd prefer this not be so Auto-Hit. Give it a way to be avoided or something similar, please, and it'll be okay.

• Let It Rain!!!
• • Please remember how much energy this type of attack would drain. 50 of anything is a lot. It's fine, provided you don't abuse it, just remember the energy drain.

• Folium Discognitum
• • At random, I assume? Don't abuse it, Seralin. Give this a duration and cooldown, effects are fine.

• Fork of Horripilation
• • Does it lose 15% of maximum per post until it breaks down completely, or does it lose 15% of current per post and never actually breaks down on its own? (IE, does it go 100->85->70, or 100->85->72?)

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#3 Re: Gregor, The Mad God on Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:20 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Approving at Tier 1-2. Thank you for your cooperation.
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