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#1 Zurui[Done] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:49 am


13th Division
13th Division

Name: Zurui
Apparent Age: 28
True Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Zurui is evil incarnate. Most Sinners can have their sins tied back to some sort of trauma, mental disorder, or other psychological underpinnings however, the same is not true with Zurui. When he has alive, Zurui was a mentally healthy human who had a wonderful family and upbringing but despite all this he was undoubtedly one of the most twisted beings to ever walk the earth. Zurui can feel emotions and understand the emotions of others but chooses to completely ignore these capabilities. Instead, Zurui loves inciting absolute agony. Zurui generally does not kill his victims directly but instead tortures them endlessly. He believes this is far more unbearable than simply killing them.

Of course, to go along with Zurui's love of torture is his hatred of the weak. In Zurui's mind those who are not strong enough to escape torture deserve it anyway and since he himself was able to escape hell itself no one has a valid excuse for being weak. This also means that Zurui can respect those who he views as strong. However, this respect should not be mistaken for anything else as Zurui doesn't truly like anyone.

Zurui's evil core is made more terrifying by his completely composed exterior. No matter the situation Zurui always remains completely calm even when torturing victims or enduring pain himself. On top of this, Zurui's speech is monotone and devoid of any emotion. Basically, Zurui is a machine of evil who's only purpose is to torture the weak.

Height: 7' 7"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style:
Zurui is almost exclusively a close combat fighter. He specializes in Hakuda and is able to deliver flurries of controlled and precise attacks with ease. Zurui also attacks his opponents from multiple angles to keep them off balance and out of position. Due to his immense sensing capabilities, Zurui prefers to be offensive to force his opponents into actions that are easily predictable and counterable. Additionally, Zurui's abilities mean he essentially never directly utilizes his reiatsu for techniques and requires solely on his immense physical capabilities.
Strengths: Hakuda, Strength, Sensing
Weaknesses: Reiatsu, Zanjutsu,
Boosts: 4x All

Zurui's abilities are very unique and focus on a mixture of passive constant buffs and taking advantage of Zurui's physical capabilities.

Ability Name: Shōhi [Japanese: Consumption]
Type: Passive
Zurui's body is unique in that his physical being constantly consumes his reiatsu. This has a few effects. Most noticeably, this prevents Zurui from naturally having a physical weapon like other sinners or shinigami do. Instead, Zurui's entire body essentially becomes a weapon. This is possible as the consumed reiatsu augments all of Zurui's physical capabilities. This results in the following:

• Zurui's entire body is as durable as any other being's physical weapon. This means that any incoming damage of Hadou 40 or lower is completely negated by Zurui's body alone. However, armor piercing abilities deal 100% damage and are not affected by this. Additionally, any damage over Hadou 40 deals 100% damage. Finally, Zurui's body cannot be physically cut or punctured by normal attacks/abilities unless they exceed Hadou 40 damage or are armor piercing.
• Zurui's normal physical attacks deal additional bonus damage equal to Hadou 40.
• Zurui is unable to directly utilize his reiatsu for any other abilities
• Zurui's reiatsu is undetectable except by the most skilled sensor types. This is due to the lack external reiatsu that he produces as it is consumed before it leaves the confines of his body.
• Zurui constantly has an additional 1.5x boost to his Strength, Durability, and Agility

Ability Name: Saisei [Japanese: Regeneration]
Type: Active
Zurui can temporarily negate all the effects of Shōhi for the post this ability is activated in order to redirect his body's reiatsu consumption to its regenerative capabilities. This allows Zurui to completely heal any damage he received in the post before this ability was activated. This ability can regenerate lost limbs. Zurui cannot heal damage from final or trump attacks.
Cooldown: 3 Posts

Ability Name: Yubisūkansū-Tekina Shōhi [Japanese: Exponential Consumption]
Type: Active/Passive
Zurui temporarily increases the rate that his body consumes his reiatsu. This doubles the effects of the damage negation and cut and puncture prevention portions of Shōhi for the post this ability is activated. This results in:

• Incoming damage of Hadou 80 or lower is completely negated but damage in excess of Hadou 80 deals 100% damage.
• Zurui's body cannot be burned from its exterior.
• Armor piercing abilities of with damage in excessive of Hadou 40 deal 100% damage.

Cooldown: 3 Posts

Ability Name: Kyōsei Asshuku [Japanese: Force Compression]
Type: Active
Zurui utilizes his body's augmented physical strength to allow his next movement to launch a compressed air wave. This air wave is 10 meters in length and has a 1 meter diameter. The air wave travels at Bala speeds and deals Hadou 60 damage on impact. This ability has a range of 10 meters and is armor piercing.
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Ability Name: Chikara No Honō [Japanese: Force Blaze]
Type: Active
Zurui strikes his hands together in a glancing fashion. Due to his augmented physical strength, this glancing strike is fast and powerful enough to ignite the air immediately around it resulting in a flame wave. This flame wave is 0.5 meters in diameter and travels for 20 meters at Cero speeds. Targets hit by the flame wave initially take Hadou 80 damage and then Hadou 30 tick damage each post for 2 posts.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Ability Name: Mugen No Hakushu [Japanese: Infinite Flurry]
Type: Active
Zurui takes full advantage of his augmented physical capabilities to deliver a furious flurry of 10 physical strikes. These strikes are delivered with double the usual speed and deal the Hadou 40 bonus damage from Shōhi.
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Ability Name: Kyōsei Hakai [Japanese: Force Shatter]
Type: Active
Zurui temporarily amplifies the effects of his physical augmentations to massively increase the power of his next strike. This triples the speed of his next strike, makes it armor piercing, and causes it to deal Hadou 89 damage. Additionally, this ability causes a cone shape effect from its sheer force. The cone is 10 meters long, has a maximum diameter of 1 meter and extends out from Zurui's hand at Cero speeds.
Cooldown: 3 Posts

Ability Name: Henzai Suru Chikara [Japanese: Omnipresent Force]
Type: Active
Zurui pushes his physically augmented abilities to the limits to deliver 5 strikes from varying directions with such speed that they essentially hit simultaneously. These blows deliver Hadou 90 damage in total and knock reiatsu out of the target equal to the reiatsu required for a Hadou 60 ability. Additionally, the recipient suffers internal bleeding from blunt force trauma causing them to take Hadou 10 damage each post for the remainder of the thread.
Cooldown: 5 Posts

Zurui was born into a wealthy loving family in Tokyo (the area currently known as Tokyo) with a different name. He was constantly showered with love and affection and was sent to the best private school. As a very young child Zurui wasn't unlike other children and seemed completely normal however, this would not always be the case.

At the age of 10 is when the pure evil in Zurui began to awaken. Things started small with him killing different kinds of insects and verbally abusing his teachers. Eventually, this escalated to him physically abusing other animals and children. His caring parents sought help for their son and sent him to be evaluated by a world renowned psychiatrist at age 15. After 15 minutes into their session the psychiatrist emerged from the room white and distraught. He told Zurui's parents that mentally the child was completely normal but that there was something evil living within him. After an emotional breakdown Zurui's parents sent him off to a remote church hoping constant exposure to religion would find salvation for their child. This would not come to pass.

Zurui arrived at the isolated church at age 16 and within a week had completely terrified all of the church's residents including the priest. Each year Zurui spent there one of the church staff went missing. Everyone knew Zurui was behind the disappearances but the police could never find any concrete evidence to support this. Eventually, the church tried to dispose of Zurui but failed. Instead, Zurui imprisoned all of them in a forest behind the church where he would torture them for the next 5 years only keeping them alive to prolong their suffering. When Zurui desired new torturees he left his prisoners in the woods to die.

At age 21 Zurui returned to Tokyo. To him the city was a fresh field from which the weak could be harvested. News of a new serial killer that extensively tortured his victims before leaving them to die quickly spread upon Zurui's return to Tokyo. Of course, this was no coincidence. For the next 3 years Zurui enjoyed his reign over the weak in Tokyo.

At 24 Zurui's past would end up being his undoing. Somehow the priest from the church had survived his suffering under Zurui. After his recover he devoted his life to finding Zurui to purge him from this world so that his evil could no longer have any power over it. Once he heard of the torture serial killer in Tokyo he knew he had finally found Zurui.

The priest knew how Zurui's mind worked after living in fear of him for so many years and was able to find potential targets that Zurui would attack. After several weeks in Tokyo the priest finally got lucky as Zurui attempted to attack one of the people he had been following. Without hesitation the priest shot Zurui with a full clip from a 9mm handgun. Somehow Zurui didn't die immediately and caught a brief glimpse of the man who had killed him. The weak priest who had become strong in his eyes.

It should be no surprise that Zurui ended up in hell where he was tortured endlessly for centuries. It was ironic, the pain he had inflicted on others was something he was now receiving. Despite the pain and agony Zurui endured he never verbally cried out in pain. Instead, he used his inner rage and anger to become stronger each time he suffered until finally he was able tot transcend the cycle.

Zurui doesn't really know how long he was in hell as one tends to lose track of time when the only thing they know is pain. However, once he was able to form his mask and escape the torturous is when he first took the name of Zurui. He did so to signify his accession into a truly strong being. Additionally, Zurui saw his escape from hell as a validation of his world view that the weak choose to be weak and should suffer unless they become strong.

With his new found power and strength Zurui has begun to target those weaker than him and take them prisoner so that he can torture them. Zurui pledges no allegiances to anyone and only seeks to cause pain.  

Side Notes: Looking for 0-5
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#2 Re: Zurui[Done] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:58 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Approved at Tier 0-5, Congratulations.
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#3 Re: Zurui[Done] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:17 am

Ika Mazi



Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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