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#1 [Battle] Catalyst on Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:00 am


13th Division
13th Division
Gael had solid intel that some sort of attack was coming to Tokyo. He wasn't sure of the players that were involved as one never can be with this kind of intel. Generally the core of the intel is true but the peripheral details often get mutated and morphed as it's passed around. Gael could've dispatched a squad to handle the potential situation but decided to be safe and cover it himself.

Gael stood atop a skyscraper with his Haori and hair dancing in the wind. He had his right hand calmly rested on the hilt of his zanpaktou. His entire body was relaxed and composed as he surveyed the area awaiting any disturbance. Gael was extra careful to suppress his reiatsu to avoid alerting any would be attackers of his presence before they had a chance to reveal themselves. The night was dark but the moon was bright as the evening symphony of sounds rustled about.
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