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Who Won? Who's Next? (Comment who's Next) [3vote ]

  • Quantum

  • Lexie


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Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Lexie Grey wrote:So Quantum thinks he's top shit, I gotta give him credit
for bein on the bottom antepartum, don't even sweat it
I said my name is Lexie bitch, don't you forget it
les you want this apoplexy switch, I bet you regret it

@Quantum wrote:Lexie Your word play is so antiquated
And your rhyme structure is overrated
Fix your rap skills aka call a vet and get them spayed
You can spit fire but I'll spit a supernova
While I fuck with a fat ass for myself a Mia Malkova

Lexie Grey wrote:I ain't gonna lie you got some good taste
Unfortunately this nigga must have spaced
Rappin' against me is beggin to be murdered
Sayin this nigga is better is beggin to be perjured
His wack flow is on a whole 'nother level
I'm chillin with God while you chill with the Devil
I'm sayin that you're shit, boy, and don't imitate
Take this chance to quit, boy, set the record straight
Let this nigga say whatever he needs to
Omae wa mou shindeiru.

@Quantum wrote:First off I don't need to use racial slurs
I can drop bars and stack rhymes with out tainted words
I'm chilling with the devil because my shit is straight hellfire
The shit you spit is the cold setting on a hair dryer
Yeah your last line might have been a good meme
But you're a trick-or-treater while I'm a grade A fiend
I'm stealing this battle like I was a kidnapper
The ironic part is....but I'm not even a rapper
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