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#1 Herminia, The Modern Day Amazonian (Finished) on Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:43 am

Name: Herminia
Alias: Androprepis Sideras (Manly Blacksmith)
Real Age: 667 Years, born August 10th, 660 B.C.
Phys. Age: 24 years old in appearance.
Gender: Female
Personality: Herminia, a solitary person previously outcasted by her kin, used to avoid outside contact entirely. On the rare occasions she would try to break this terrible habit, her family and fellow Amazons would chastise her, and make her feel foolish about doing so. “You're more of a man than most men are!” They would say. “Stick to what you are actually good at, keeping our swords sharp!” They kept her from understanding the importance of healthy socialization, and focused her on her trade of choice. She came to accept this: weapons, armor and tools would not judge her, they would not push her away.

When her time came to experience the world of men, as all Amazons come to do, she seen it as a new opportunity to try and be a bit more outspoken. Ever since making her first friend she gained a bit more self confidence in her actions. She runs her own store alongside her new friend, though still lacks the backbone needed to deal with customers. In any case, she is polite to strangers and will work to the best of her ability to meet customer demands. Despite her intimidating figure, Herminia is pretty gentle and timid in most situations unless provoked. She does her best to try and ignore people who are rude to her on the street, and will do a good job most of the time on the outside. In her head however she will berate herself, automatically thinking it was her fault she got insulted from the many years she was belittled by her fellow Amazons.

Her friends are a very important aspect of her life. It is because of what little friends she has made that she hasn't left the world of men and returned to her seclusion. As such she will bend over backwards to keep them happy while in her presence. As such those who upset and attempt to cause her friends harm will find themselves on the receiving end of her rare-to-see anger.

As an Amazon, Herminia does have her limits to the insults she takes. Eventually, her warrior spirit will spark her drive for fighting her way out of a situation. Those who get her to fight all out will find her unrelenting, not even wincing when getting an injury. Through training and the level of adrenaline that tends to numb the pain, she is able to ignore most pain. It is a way to demoralize the enemy, make them think that she is actually not all that harmed and change tactics.

Those who incite her rage should expect no leniency, and simple apologies will not calm her down. Expect for her to beat you into the ground to make things even, or make an attempt for an apology she considers acceptable. If you can get her to remain still long enough.

Height: Herminia stands at an even 7 feet tall.
Weight: 220 pounds, all glorious muscle.
Physical Traits: True to her origins, the olive tanned Amazon has a body build fit for a warrior. Her muscle, while making her look a bit masculine, was built up from her long days of work at the forge. She has long curly hair that reaches down to just below her shoulder blades, and eyes that are a bright hazel. Hair found across other areas of her body she keeps well trimmed, but not shaved down with the exception of her legs and arms which she keeps clean and smooth.

Her choice of clothing differs from day to day. On days that are warm she will wear a white toga and strapped sandals. While working at the forge Herminia will wear all leather as well as her apron. During cold weather bundle up into sweatpants and sweatshirts because they are all that really fit her properly. When entering a spar or a planned fight she will wear a dark red toga, an outfit she was taught to always wear when entering battle.

General Fighting Style: Herminia is a masterful warrior, proficient in most fighting styles. She even knows archery despite her distaste for ranged combat. She considers combat an honorable tradition that requires skill in close quarters, one on one. She doesn't see guns or bows as fitting to these standards since they are used from a distance. She considers it a cowardly tactic.

Going based on the information above, Herminia relies on close quarters combat. She is patient when fighting and has no problem with only blocking, dodging and parrying until she gets her moment to strike. Her body is a honed fighting machine, just like any Amazonian, and does not hesitate with her blows.

Herminia does not discriminate in a fight, and does not hold her punches whether it is a small spar or a full on fight to the death. If she is fighting someone weaker they will be unlucky, because she will not start off on a level equal to them. To toy with your opponent isn't honorable, so she always goes all out.

Any level opponent will get her full strength right from the start.
Strengths: Strength, Speed, Durability
Weaknesses: Agility, Endurance
Boosts: 2x Strength and Speed.
Ability Name: Weapon Mastery
Ability Description: Over her many years of living Herminia has refined her usage of melee weapons to the point of mastery. Depending on the type of weapon Herminia gets a small passive boost while in combat. Every one of these weapons were made by Herminia, and will respond only to her spirit energy since she imprinted her energy into the materials.
-One-handed Malachite Scimitar: This blade has a hand-carved blade made entirely of malachite, with a steel core for stability and an iron/oak hilt and handle. The form of the blade allows for Herminia’s spirit energy to easily flow over the surface, strengthening it and making it cut through the air faster and with less resistance. Using this sword gives Herminia a slight boost to attack speed. +15% Speed
-Damascus Steel Chakram: These throwable weapons will return to her hand whenever she wills them to, no matter where they are once they leave her hand(s). Using these weapons also gives her a slightly larger boost to speed at the cost of slightly less strength behind her attacks. +40% Speed, -15% Strength
-Blackened Steel Greatsword: A steel double edged sword that has been chemically blackened, this sword gives Herminia a moderate boost to attack power at an equal cost of attack speed. +25% Strength, -25% Speed
-Gladius: A sturdy and war-tested blade, it is both slick and strong. It gives slight boosts to attack power and attack speed. +15% Strength / +15% Speed
-Hunting Spear: A red cedar haft with a steel-iron mixed spear head, it is extremely aerodynamic but lacks weight for heavier hits. This weapon gives a large increase in attack speed at an equal cost to attack power. -40% Stength, +40% Speed
-War Pick: Blunt weapons are best used against armor, and Herminia knows best how to strike with a weapon like this in her hands. She gets a slight boost to physical strength when using this weapon against someone who is blocking or has incredibly high defenses. +15% Strength if Defence
-Spiked Greathammer: With more weight comes a much harder hit. This weapon gives a moderate boost to her physical strength when attacking someone who is blocking or has incredibly high defenses, and gives a moderate increase to her overall attack power at an equal cost to speed. +25% Strength, -25% Speed, +15% Strength if Defense (Total +40%, -25%)
Ability Name: Olympus Raiment
Ability Description: Herminia developed this technique (with help from her Fullbringer friend) to be the Bount equivalent to Shunko. She focuses her Spirit Energy to just outside her body, molding it into greek-style armor that covers her feet, hands and chest. The energy covering her chest is thick and acts like added protection, equal to a weak Hierro. The energy around her feet increases her speed by half, and can be used to make kicks pack more of a hit equal to a level 20 Hadou. The energy around her hands acts much in the same way as what is around her feet in that it enhances her striking power, and she can use the energy to protect her hands from getting damaged from particularly powerful attacks that she needs to block. This ability requires that Herminia fights hand-to-hand. This ability has a 2 Post Duration and is followed by a 4 Post Cooldown.

Doll Name: Katachthónios Michaní (Infernal Machine)
Doll Appearance: In its sealed state Herminia’s Doll takes the form of a common smithing hammer. The head appears a bit worn from use and the handle made from a bright yew wood. There is no craftsman’s mark on it’s smooth surface.

When released Katachthonios takes the form on a massive blackened steel golem, the edges of the heavy plates glowing a bright red from it's inner heat. It looks more like an animated suit of armor made for a giant than a golem, standing at an even 11 feet and the armor being 4 inches thick. Inside of the Doll is a super hot inner core made of an intense flame, which surrounds a heat-proof storage container which Herminia keeps her weapons of choice in.
Doll Personality: Katachthonios is heated and aggressive, taking even the smallest comments about him as insults. Despite his clear temper he will not attack unless Herminia allows him to. He could do as he pleased, but knows that Herminia would not approve. He is very outspoken and vocal on his opinions, which mostly include him suggesting various forms of violence and aggression. When around people that her owner likes he keeps himself calm, though really only tolerates the Fullbringer she hangs with.
Doll Abilities: Katachthonios uses the excessive heat he can create within his body for various attacks.

-Heated Shell: His naturally high body heat makes his body a walking weapon, damaging anything that comes into contact with it, minus Herminia. The heat is passive and constant, only being turned off when too damaged to maintain proper body heat. It is equal to a level 10 Hadou.
-Blistering Slam: Katachthonios focuses heat into his hands, after which he punches the ground three times. With each punch he releases a wave of heat across the ground to cause damage within a 5 foot area around him. The damage is equal to a level 35 Hadou and has a 1 Post Cooldown.
-Intense Rage: Katachthonios builds up heat within his body, drastically increasing the temperature to the point of making his body glow a bright red. Once finished the build-up he releases the heat all at once, causing level 75 Hadou damage within a 100 foot radius. This technique has a 1 post build-up and a 3 post cooldown.
-Heat Wave: After building up some heat within his body Katachthonios releases it from his hands at his target, shooting out a literal wave of heat right at the target. This concentrated blast is equal to a level 50 Hadou, and has a 1 post cooldown.
-Weapon Closet: Katachthonios can give Herminia any weapon that she has chosen to previously store inside him at her command.
Boosts: Both Herminia and Katachthonios get a 3x Boost to Strength. Herminia gets a 3x Boost to Speed and Katachthonios gets a 3x Boost to Durability.

Fused Appearance: As if to fit his desire to keep his owner safe, the plates that make up
Katachthonios’ form cover Herminia like a skin-tight suit of heavily heated steel plate armor. She is only able to decide on one weapon before the fusion is complete, at which point she will lose access to her weapons closet until the fusion ends. There are no other physical changes to note about this form.
Fused Abilities: In this form, Herminia is able to use Katachthonios’ heat for attacks of her own, completely replacing the attacks that he would have used.

-Hades Raiment: This is similar to her Olympus Raiment, however in this case her spirit energy is mixed with the heat gained from her Doll. This makes her attack power double, increasing the level of damage from Hadou 20 up to Hadou 40. Her speed boost is pretty similar in that it is double the previous ability’s boost. The energy covering her chest acts like a sturdy Hierro, increasing her defense further. This ability has a 3 post duration which is followed by a 6 post cooldown.
-Heated Shell: This is the one ability carried over from her Doll, if only a stronger variant due to their combined power. The plates covering Herminia are always hot, and damage anything touching it through it's immense heat equal to a level 30 Hadou. This is a passive ability that is always active.
-Amazonian Slam: Herminia throws a strong punch in a direction of her choosing, releasing with it a wave of extreme heat. The heat expands the air in that direction rapidly, gaining more and more force and speed as it goes. This is shown through a rippling in the air traveling at average Cero speeds at it's slowest and Bala speeds at it's highest, upon hitting a target will cause 2nd degree burns across anywhere uncovered, and is damaged by a force equal to an average Cero blast. This can be used only once per post.
Boosts: 4x Strength, Durability and Speed.

Equipment: Malachite Scimitar- One-handed single-edged blade make out of hand-carved malachite, Blackened Steel Greatsword- High carbon steel blackened using chemicals and embroidered with gold, Gladius- Classic gladiator styled double edged sword, Hunting Spear- Spear that has a red cedar haft and iron-steel mixed tip, Chakram- Damascus steel chakram with so specialized design, War Pick- Pick and hammer styled mace made of solid steel with a leather handle, Spiked Greathammer- Round headed hammer covered with spikes.

Background Details
History: Just like how most Amazons come to be, Herminia was the result of her mother getting pregnant while experiencing the world of men and finding a suitable mate. She never got to meet her father, who was cast back into the world he was pulled from, and only got to meet her mother after proving herself ready at a later age. Once born, she was taken and given to one of the elders to be taken care of. A warrior has no time to raise a child.

It was apparent early on that Herminia wasn't going to turn out like a traditional Amazon. At just half a year old her leg muscles were strong enough for her to stand a walk, and she was a few inches taller than the other girls her age. A trait the elders favored figuring that she would grow up to be a fantastic Amazon. Had she been a male, she would have been cast out with her father.

At the age of 2 however, she did not hold that same favor. Her features started turning out masculine, as such she did not receive equal care as the others did.

By the age of five she was given her first sword and was taught how to properly handle and clean it. Every day the girls were taught swordplay and went through very rigorous physical training. The other girls toned up and lost their baby fat, while Herminia bulked up, adding to her masculine traits. The girls didn't associate with her, not wanting to be friends with a manish freak of an Amazon. Her teachers and caretakers would always handle her needs last, and she was always the one tasked with clean-up at the end of every planned part of their day, every day.

At the age of ten, the Amazons-in-training were given a chance to choose a tradeskill to learn that would benefit the community. Herminia, being the last one to pick, was left with learning how to be a blacksmith. Covering a broad variety of items, she learned how to make, repair and maintain various weapons, armor and common tools like nails, hammers and saws.

At 15 she was given a new sword fit for a woman her age, and from the few years she spent hammering metal gained a more refined physic. She had made her own armor for herself in that time, a set better than anything her peers had gotten. She had gained a lot of her height in this time, being nearly six feet tall.
At the age of twenty, she and all of the other girls she grew with were sent out to be a part of the community just like their mothers before them. Most went on to become warriors, hunting the masked beasts that attacked their island. Herminia remained an outcast, disliked by most for her masculine visage. As such she remained a blacksmith, becoming the talented apprentice of the community’s best after being noticed for her skill with a hammer. Most never knew when she would work on their pieces, and those who would find out would spit on/at her for lying.

At 24, she officially stops aging. Her eyes start catching glimpses of ethereal spirits, spirits she assumes to be the ghosts of her ancestors. Her mouth waters a bit upon seeing them, but doesn't understand why. After 6 months of this she follows one down an empty street and for the first time, consumes a soul. It didn't satisfy her physical hunger, but she felt... Stronger, more sure of herself.

At thirty she was noticed at having not aged, and is assumed to be blessed by the gods. She starts to be accepted a bit more by the community and receives more advanced training to be a warrior. Her mother even takes interest in her life, and Herminia slowly starts to gain confidence in herself.

At 35 she goes out into the world of men for the first time, and is right away shocked at what she finds. The modern architecture and fashion has her in awe, like her sisters in arms, but she isn't impressed at all from the clearly chaos-run society.

She decides to return back, and from that point dedicates herself to being a better warrior. She kills many of the beasts, and manages to keep her spirit-devouring a secret. For a while, anyway.

Many, many years pass from this with little to no change. She is a highly respected warrior of her community, who is praised as being blessed with immortality by Hera herself based on her hundreds of years of living. Through her many excursions to the outside world she watches as the other civilizations change and advance. It was impressive, but didn't call to her like it did for some. She would watch as many of her sisters would sail off with no intention of returning.

At the age of 645, she slipped up when feeding off of a wandering soul. She was caught in the act by a group of patrolling warriors, and was immediately brought before their new elders. Instead of being blessed by Hera, they instead see her agelessness as a curse from Hades which only comes from her feasting on souls.

As such, she is exiled forcefully to the world of men to live out her days. She was a faithful warrior, after all, so execution was not fitting. They decided that she shouldn't be killed by their hand for something beyond their control.

Most Amazons who face exile or choose to remain off the island do not have much in the way of luck, ending up as prostitutes or waitresses barely making ends meet. Herminia however, she was given a shred of good luck at the moment she reaches the shores of Greenland. A scottish man by the name of Gregor, and a self-proclaimed Fullbringer, took it upon himself to teach her how the world worked. He taught hed about Soul Reapers, Hollows, Fullbringers, Quincies, Arrancar, Vizards, and the Bounts whose ranks she was technically a part of.

After a year of this, the two decided to go into a join business: Herminia’s Weapons and Brews. A shop inspired by Gregor’s love of potions and Herminia’s skill with forging metal, they sell exactly what you would assume: potions and weapons. From the point of opening they became quite popular for their quality goods, supported by Gregor’s business sense. A few years pass like this, with Herminia remaining content with her new spot in life.
Side Notes: Herminia has a secret obsession for all things magic. #WeakKneesForCardTricks

She has names for all of her tools. She does not vocalize their names or tell anyone about it for fear of ridicule.
Roleplay Sample: *ting* *ting* *ting* ....... *ting ting* *ting*

Her hammer rung out across steel as Herminia was hard at work. The forge, not five feet away from the anvil, crackled and flared with a still living flame. Some of her tools sat on the concrete down beside it, waiting for their turn to be used.

*ting* *ting* *ting* ..... *tsssssssssssssssss*

The shape had been achieved, and as such she quenched the glowing metal in the barrel of oil that sat close by. Next would be the grindstone, the blade she made would need to get the edge refined. The hilt lay on the workbench across the room, a family heirloom belonging to the client.

She pulls the blade out and lays it across a nearby table, letting it sit and cool on it's own the rest of the way. Her work was nearly done on this piece, and she was certain there would be another commision for her this day. Today one of the local mechanics would normally bring in some tool for her to fix and repair.

She takes off the apron she had on and hangs it up by the door. Stepping out of the forging room, she takes a deep breath of cool air for the first time in hours. It is in this moment that she discovers how thirsty she has become. She heads to the break-room fridge and pulls out a bottle of water. She gulps down the liquid quickly, and is rewarded with a nearly instant feeling of relief. Of course, her time to relax does not last long as she hears the voice of her closest friend, Gregor, call to her from the front of their shop. “I am coming!”

True to her words she makes her way towards where she was certain Gregor was, he probably needed her help with what a customer needed made.

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