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After leaving Chaos, Kade decided to work freelance something of a detective really it something to keep his mind off friends. He managed to steal a shitload of money from the Squad One barracks after leaving the Seireitei before becoming a vizard hopefully the Captain Commander won't find out. With his stolen money, Kade managed to buy himself a house using the remaining stolen funds for filing some government money bonds for future use. The Soul Society didn't need to know about it but three weeks later someone had sent him a videotape as the vizard was wondering what is it. He didn't even decide to open the detective agency and now this was his first case but anyways something to take his mind off the decision making. Placing the videotape into the VHS player and then turned on the television hopefully to figure out who sent this. He finds out someone by the name Mia was saying hello to her husband from her babysitting nothing out of ordinary her just a nice greeting from wife to husband. Then after a few minutes, Someone by the name Ethan was talking in pain asking for help into rescuing his wife. Almighty police won't help him they're busy dealing with the murder suspect named Jodi Arias, Ethan has pinpointing the last coordinates/map. It seemed like a missing persons case, Not what the vizard was expecting but really this was someone new to him and it might be put his skills. The big question was why couldn't Ethan do this by himself instead of asking for help however this will be the vizard's first big case on his own. Waitaminute, Kade thought if he does this nobody should know his real name maybe a fake one should do until getting better associated with his new agency. The name; Eric Zarathos sounded made up but it will have to do now it was a matter of calling the husband and taking the case.

He goes over the telephone seeing what number to call from the last message of the videotape and dials in Ethan's number. Waiting was something of a bitch hoping the husband was at home but someone pick up from the other line and it was go-time.


"Ethan....Ethan Winters"

"Yes...Who is this"

"My name is Eric Zarathos of the COD Detective Agency. I was given a videotape   in regards of your missing wife Mia Winters and was hoping to here the full story from you before moving forward with the case. Now, Mr. Winters based on the situation which is crucial that she will be found you have my word; I've decided to take the case. In your own words, Please tell me what happen"

"I don't know where to begin my wife was given a good job which she had travel and everything was going well. Until, September 4 and she didn't answer or anything it was like she disappeared then she sent me the videotape as first everything seemed alright. Then looking at the rest of the tape she lied to me about something and finally she told me to stay away. I don't know if someone kidnap her or what but it seemed like she was in trouble and in pain. Detective Zarathos please help me...I need to know if Mia is alright."

"I will get to the bottom of this and rescue her right away. I will return her home safe and sound. Now the last known coordinates given show that she is Dulvey, Louisiana the detective agency will get started there"

"Thank you and please save her"

"I will Mr. Winters. Goodbye sir"


Alrighty then, Kade had his first case this was so cool rescue the girl and return her home this seemed really 100% easy now time for action. He leaves the house thinking some transportation will be needed for this task but no time to buy a car so the next best thing...steal a hot motorcycle. Kade thought of stealing a motorcycle and heading off which he did from a local bar where some bikers were having a few beers. Looking a few good choices and then finding the best choice and then finding the keys still in it which was good and then looking around. This was going to be the vizard's first adventure but he needed to be calm this was a rescue mission and saving Mia Winters was top priority. Then started with the ignition and drove off hopefully Kade's former captain won't find out about this but the long journey begins. It felt a 14 hour plus drive after a few stops along the way but really leaving Seitreitei forever the hardest past thing. Riding on the motorcycle, It gave the vizard some time to think about hard choices that we're made by him always putting soul reaper duties first instead of himself. But his past wasn't important right now the dude had a rescue mission to completed but it a long ass hourly drive.

After almost being chased by some fucking skinheads, Kade finally makes it to the location and stops the motorcycle looking around.

Well the place didn't seem out of the ordinary a good looking except when it seemed like a old man was walking differently wondering who that guy was but no matter. He needed to find Mia and get her home but the entrance had a lock on it no way the guy could open it, Kade notice a strange passage and started to follow it. Now things started to feel a little creepy as the trail took him to an abandoned house which the door suddenly closed behind him. He tried to open it but no good so no choice but to move forward which took him into the kitchen with the whole room was a nightmare to him. Rotting food wasn't the mess up part but organs and guts being inside the fridge what kind of messed up shit was this. Nothing the vizard could do but enter into the next room a little bit better but nothing stood out as a clue or someone until noticing something upstairs. He sees a videotape on the second floor this might be a clue going back downstairs and looking in the other rooms for a video player. Kade finds it and places the VHS cassette inside and plays the tape something about a television show called "Sewer Gators". Someone by the name of Clancy was holding the camera going inside the home things seemed good until Andre went missing. The show's host and Clancy went searching for him then something caught his attention a secret lever inside the chimney, Kade paused the tape. He walks over to the chimney area pulling the secret lever which opens a hidden passage in a the living room wall this was something on the right path. Going inside, He looks downward seeing a ladder going down the thing as it takes him into a certain basement which needed repairs badly. Kade walks inside into the water then finds what happened to Andre something or someone killed him but continues move forward then after some walking the vizard finds Mia. But she was caged inside a room and it was chained and locked but luckily finding some bolt cutters wasn't a problem and breaking the lock with them. He enters inside seeing Mia resting and the warriors begins to wake her up...

"Um Hello....Mia? My name is Eric Zarathos, I've been sent by your husband Ethan to rescue you"

"Ethan??? Wait, You're not Ethan Who are you?"

"I'm from the COD Detective Agency on special rescue assignment by your husband Ethan Winters to rescue you. Now come on, I don't now who did this to you but they might come back."

"Did anybody see you?? Did HE see you???"

"No one saw me enter the house. What the heck are you talking about???"

"Daddy's coming we need to go"

"The fuck????"


The rescue mission was going well, Kade had found Mia Winters and they we're about to leave but she was leading him somewhere within the basement this was kinda weird. Mia was moving funny like something had happen to her the only thing the detective could think of she was given something but it wasn't bath salts or cocaine. The place looked different then a basement as the guy tried talking to Mia but she only gave him bits and pieces into what happen maybe because of some memory loss. Explaining to Mia, She been gone for three years maybe even more the biggest concern if the kidnapper is still around then that could mean big trouble to the detective and the hostage. The girl leads him to a secluded spot telling him about a secret door being here...

"It's not here, It's gone, IT'S GONE......We're going to be a family now that your here"

"Ummm....What the heck is the matter???"

Mia was moving funny and started sitting down on the couch, Kade didn't know what was wrong with her. Did someone inject her with something but the vizard didn't even know maybe HIV or something worse still the woman looked alright.
Kade started looking around the secluded spot then hearing a loud noise and the woman saying something seeing that she was gone. Someone took her the kidnapper was still here seeing the new opening in the basement. He wonders who the kidnapper was...

Something straight out of a horror movie but really who was kidnapper in this case, Kade started walking up the stairs. Leading to a door then opening it wondering where Mia ran off to this was taking him to the second floor. Looking around going into the bathroom picking up some medical supplies and then leaving yet hearing a banging sound getting louder.

Where was this loud sound coming from??? Hearing it some more one place it was coming from the basement. This was not good who knows if the kidnappers decide to get him and do whatever they want. Kade needed to calm down here and save the girl no choice but going back into that darn basement. He opens the door noticing it was all dark then that noise it wasn't a human noise something like that would have scare the shit out of him. But now having vizard powers, He needed to be brave going down the stairs hearing the noise again but something was there and moving. Then seeing something crawling to him in a moment of fear, Mia appeared looking almost like a zombie because facial features were really different. She grabbed Kade's shirt and then fling his body out of the basement the bitch had some strength as the vizard got back to his feet. Mia had a knife in her hand as she started stabbing but the vizard was blocking her attempts but she managed to stab him right in his left hand. Until finally wrestling the knife out of her hand but being stabbed in the shoulder was painful enough. He throws the knife away suddenly Mia was normal again and not zombie looking the fuck was wrong with her.

"I can feel her clawing her way back inside of me"

Mia thought their was no choice as she started banging her head on the wall.

"Get OUT......LEAVE ME ALONE......I've been bad, I really deserve this"

Kade didn't even know what the fuck to do in a situation was something as she knocked herself out seeing blood on the wall. At this point, Kade was dumbfounded was was wrong zombie HIV or something. He started walking around and then noticing the doors we're still locked then going back to Mia's body then she got back up. Grabbing his wounded hand hurting it and then licking the blood the woman was crazed zombie again


She threw Kade into the next room completely destroying the door and she grabbed an wooden knife demanding him to leave. He had no time to act but seeing an axe on the ground and picking it up and backing away the hell was wrong with her.


"Who did this to you??? I don't want to hurt you but really you're coming at me with ruthless aggression inside you leaving me with no choice. Please Mia, I don't want to do this but stay your zombie butt back"
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