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#1 Amateru Lisola on Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:22 am


Name: Amateru Lisola
Apparent Age: 19
True Age: 229
Sex: Female
Complimenting her fiery nature, Amateru is extremely hot-headed and headstrong. When she gets an idea in her head, its an extremely grueling process to try and stop her, as convincing her otherwise would never work. She has a tendency not to listen to other people, nor to really care what they're saying, and only follows the powerful to keep herself alive. While she is loyal to an extent, Amateru holds her own life as something far more valuable than anyone else's. Surprisingly, given all these traits, she's still incredibly perceptive of both social and combat situations, very few things actually being missed and most of them just being filed away on the off chance she can use them at a later point to gain leverage.


Height: 4'3"
Weight: 76lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Sendo Genkotsu- This style focuses on the fluid motion and constant switching of many different forms, stances, and styles to suit the needs of the situation the fighter is currently in. Making it hard to predict and harder to counter this style encourages growth and change rather than rigid "pattern" and "technique". So you may never see the fighter fight the exact same way twice or you could see her do the same thing many times. It really depends on her opponent. It combines all of ones martial knowledge with tactical analysis and through this refines into a style that cannot become obsolete. One might argue it could be considered the "ultimate" style, but due to how complex and never ending it can get.. It would also be considered impossible to learn and dismissed. The Lisola Blood-line specialize in this "impossibly growing" style.
Strengths: Speed, Reiatsu, Sensing, Hakuda
Weaknesses: Strength, Endurance, Durability*
Boosts: 2x Agility, Sensing

Lisola Blood [Passive]
As a Lisola, she has access to massive amounts of spiritual energy and spiritual power. Enough that she can use it to overcome most, if not all, physical deficiencies, if any, by supplementing it with her spiritual abilities. Her body is harder to injure because of that but once you bypass this "hierro" like defense she has nothing else protecting her. Amateru's hierro is invisible, but when struck will flash in the nearby area with her reiatsu to signal that it's there so it doesn't just look like nothing stopped it.

Arrancar Prodigy [Passive]
Amateru is gifted with many of the natural Arrancar abilities being taken to the extreme. Amateru's Sonido is advanced, to where she can make two movements where anyone else would make one, giving her much greater control of her speed; Amateru's Regeneration is advanced, to the extent that minor scratches are healed instantly, deep wounds require one full post to heal, and missing limbs require only two posts; finally, Amateru's Pesquisa is unique insofar as it is constantly active, when coupled with her natural sensing abilities makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hide from her in any form.


Sealed Appearance: Amateru has no sealed Zanpakutou. The release into her Resurrecion is simply her drawing the blade from thin air.
Zanpakuto Name: Reina Flamígera, Burning Queen
Zanpakuto Call Out: N/A- Saira simply draws the Zanpakutou from thin air, after saying its name.
Cero: Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras- All of Amateru's Cero-like abilities are 50% stronger than normal at all times.


Appearance: No physical changes. Simply now has a [Zanpakutou].
Boosts: 3x Agility

Armadura Flameante [Flaming Armor] [Passive]
In addition to her normal Hierro and her [Lisola Blood] ability, Amateru's Hierro is also pure heat. Although it actually produces no heat itself, anything which touches it immediately suffers First Degree Burns. Amateru can empower the Armadura Flameante to make her impervious to all physical damage OR energy-based damage for one post, excluding Final-level abilities, as well as dealing Second Degree Burns, but this elimintates Armadura Flameante for 3 posts.

Llameante Cresta [Flaming Crest]
Amateru can release up to two waves of flaming energy that travel along the arc of her swing per post. When used in this state, they deal damage equal to a Cero and inflict First Degree Burns on anything they touch. Amateru can, alternatively, empower the wave so that it deals Gran Rey Cero damage and inflicts Second Degree burns instead, but this enhancement can only be used once every third post. If Amateru is not swinging her weapon, she can still fire off the wave in a linear path from the long of her blade.

Ángel Caido [Fallen Angel]
Amateru's first hit on any target leaves a trace amount of her reiatsu on them. If Amateru hits them again, within 6 inches of that spot, they suffer a Forbidden Kidou worth of damage. This drains no energy from Amateru, but can only be used on a target once per thread, as their body will prevent her from leaving any more reiatsu.

Devorador de Llamas [Devourer of Flames]
Amateru focuses for a brief moment, compressing all flames not directly under the control of someone else into her blade, drastically increasing its cutting power. For 3 posts, Amateru's blade is engulfed in flame and deals a Cero's worth of damage to anything other than Amateru herself which touches the blade. This ability has a 5 post cooldown, beginning after the duration ends.

Lengua de Fuego [Flame Tongue]
Amateru can release a wave of flame from her blade following the arc of her swing. This wave travels at Bala Speeds for up to 20m or until it hits anything, at which point it usually catches that on fire. Aside from its speed, this ability has no other effects. Amateru can use this ability once per post.

Llama del Caos [Chaos Flame]
Amateru can freely maniplate any fire within 50m of her. This fire can be solidified into something comparable to tempered steel, which she can wield as a weapon in nearly any way. This ability has no other hard limits, except that she cannot control the fire past 50m, and can only control fire that is not directly under the control of someone else. This ability does not function when Devorador de Llamas is active. Amateru is immune to fire which is directly under her own control. This ability can be used at will, with no cooldown of its own.


She was a Lisola, then she died, became a Hollow, and about 5 years ago Alicia found her, helped her turn into an Arrancar, and took her under her wing. End of story.

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#2 Re: Amateru Lisola on Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:50 am

Approved at 2-1. Not saying whether she's hot or cold.

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