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#11 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:46 am

As we continued to a safer place and finally settled, Mei did something I didn't expect. She took out her zanpakuto and stabbed Akane with it. A wound in her was receiving energy, and something about her zanpakuto seemed off. It let off a sense of pulses and vibrations that indicated it was not pleased with the situation it was in. Still, that would explain why Mei never really used her zanpakuto much. If it really didn't like being used to heal wounds... then no wonder. She learned to do things the way bodies normally healed... and with kidou.... "You're amazing at what you do. I just hope... she doesn't resent you too much. To be honest, I don't know what else I'd do, aside from sit here and basically keep watch. I'm essentially a glorified bloodhound at this point."

I'd watch as Akane's body slowly began to glow with the intense gold that she was known for. Even her zanpakuto seemed to flicker and glitter now. My wife was someone closed off. Someone who was really difficult to truly know. And yet, despite that, I knew this much. Her heart was full of love, and that same love was the source of her healing. She really could work miracles. I just hoped I wasn't the only one that saw that.

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#12 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:00 pm

Again the girl was motionless as her wounds were treated expertly, if in a slightly odd way, so she was completely stabilized. Noz would notice her power slowly returning. It was slight at first, the gentle glow around her body becoming more and more intense. Arashi's blade would vanish entirely, in fact it began to glow just as bright as visible particles of smokey golden reishi would rise from Akane's body as she sat straight up with a gasp. The two taking care of her might not be prepared for the full strength of her spiritual pressure to suddenly weigh down on the room. For Noziel in particular it would seem as though a sun had materialized in the room where Akane had been laying only moments ago.

It took her a moment to rationalize what was going on, she wasn't dead... but she clearly wasn't in the ruins of her office either. Her spiritual pressure would wane slowly, down to a more reasonable level at least as she looks around the room. Breathing heavily, shaking just a little bit. "I lost our home... didn't I?" she choked out, her first concern being the Soul Society from the looks, this realization bringing tears to her eyes already. "I failed everyone" From what she could tell, Rena was wrong about her. Everyone had misplaced their trust in the young woman and had paid the price. At least in her eyes. It was almost too much for her to bear. Placing her face in her hands she tried to muffle her sorrow, all this movement opening up some of those smaller wounds, though she didn't seem to care about those right now.

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#13 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:48 am

Mei could sense the ever growing life force of the woman growing stronger with every stitch of the scarf making her quite happy that she finished it before the woman awoke. Mei had just placed the needle back into the sewing kit before Akane sat straight up in her place. Within a matter of seconds nurses were forced to the floor, Mei was forced to her knees at this woman's reitsu power alone, however she had anticipated such an effect would rain down upon the masses, which is why she had only been forced to her knees. The woman would gradually rope in her sliritual pressure to a point that everyone could return to their normal selves. Mei would rise to her feet before dusting off her outfit, "Glad Im not your enemy," Mei's voice would be low and almost incoherent. However, what Akane would say next would have Mei shocked it would feel almost as if she had been run over by a truck multiple times with the pain gradually increasing.

Akane seemed scared, almost completely terrified with where she was and what had happened. Her body dhook uncontrollably and her eyes darted around the room as it just seemed to hit her harder and harder. Her words stung Mei's heart and made her eyes water slightly. Mei would watch as smaller wounds opened and Akane hid her face. The eoman would slowly approach Akane as she began to reclose some of her wounds, "Yes, we did lose our home territory, but we didn't lose as many people as we would have without you. You may not have won the battle, but you kept a massacre from ensuing. With you fighting with every ounce of energy you had, with almost every ounce of life.. we were able to save many, many people. Every patient you see wouldn't be here without your sacrifices," Mei's voice would crack a bit, before she would clear her throat. What would she have without Akane hurting thst man so badly? She wouldn't have the squad she has now. They weren't fighters, they were important, and they were the easiest of tagets. "You haven't failed, until you've given up," Mei wpuld whisper loudly enough for the young Captain Commander to hear.

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#14 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:40 am

As the formerly wilting Akane Makishima finally came to, her blade became encased in the blinding energy I remembered. In addition, she shined so bright, my head hurt, almost to the point where I had to grip my forehead. I took the hand of the young one, smiling. "You're one dangerously bright light source, you know that kiddo?" I willingly knelt by her side, lamenting and mulling over the events that lead us here. Mei was fumbling Akane's scarf, I assumed fixing it up. Akane... well she seemed to buckle again, settling herself into a state of melancholy. She cried a bit and wondered how much of this was her fault.

"Soutaichou Akane. We all lost our home. There isn't a single person to blame. For now, you are alive, and that to me is a miracle, a victory in and of itself. We'll take back our home soon enough, and we'll do it together. Now.... with that, we've got some weary people waiting for us at our temporary abode. Let's share the news with them, aye?" And in tune, Mei would sing her own little song of praise to our dear Commander. As it were, she was a hero, and a part of a team whom needed her leadership desperately. We all were grateful to have her leading us, and tacking on the fact that she survived showed a great deal of magic in what we'd all lived through. It was interesting, seeing the auras of Mei and Akane flicker as they resonated.

"Mei's right. As much as I and so many others depend on her to be a bastion of hope, you as well have been a large part of the reason we're still alive. Without you, there wouldn't be a Gotei left. Shall we keep fighting just as we promised we would?"

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#15 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:57 pm

Akane would try and keep herself under control, still coming to terms with everything that had happened. It would at least be refreshing the girl had been more concerned with the Soul Society than her own safety, her priorities were... almost in the right direction. When she finally pulled away her hands to look up it would seem she was still quite upset, her normally piercing blue gaze was a little dull and hazy. "... Thank you, for everything." Though her tone seemed to suggest that words, no matter how well put weren't going to pull her out of her malaise just yet. She drew herself back, drawing her knees to her chest "I don't want to give up, but what am I supposed to do now? Everyone already had enough reason not to trust me, what are they going to think now?"

There had been some who had wanted someone more experienced to step into Rena's place after all, they'd all be feeling very justified at this stage. And it was sure to cause strife in their ranks, or whatever was left of them. Akane had calmed down now at least, though she did little to try and hide her sorrow. She didn't want anyone else to see her like this, it would only solidify their doubts in her. It was fortunate she wasn't carrying Arashi, who would be having a field day bringing the girl down for her failures.

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#16 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:07 am

Mei couldn't tell what sort of genuine emotion was behind the thanks Akane spoke to her, but Mei had realized how wrong she was to not take faith in this young woman. Although her memory was splotchy, Mei knew she hadn't trusted this woman for some strange reason, however her heart sank with the emotion this young Captain Commander had felt. Mei wasn't sure why she was chosen or how, but she lnew this woman had to have had all the amazing qualities a leader needed.. it just turns out she needed a few guiding hands. She was inexperienced in her position, she felt inadequate, she felt terrified, and she was so insecure about the words of the other members of the Soul Society. About the time that this woman had started speaking again, the small sauare of curtains being set up was completed.. there were just many, many more to go for the rest of the patients, nonetheless, they weren't Mei's priority at the moment. The curtains would be closed encasing Mei, Akane, and Noziel all in the same little square.

Pink eyes would look to the woman having reclosed all of her minor wounds more securely making it a bit more difficult for them to reopen with just simple movements. "Yes, you're young.
Yes, you're inexperienced per say. However, you don't have to listen to the inswcurities of others. Sure, their opinions should matter in your case, but you don't need them to weigh you down. Take them, lock them away, and if they don't work for you, prove them wrong,"
the blonde woman would pause for a minute as she looked to the Captain Commander with a twisted face of confusion. "You may think you failed, but in all reality, it was just a small blemish on an eternity of history to come. You don't want your name to be tarnished, do you? Then, don't let it. Address the mistakes, issues, and problems.
Own them. Then, fix them. Fight for our home back. Don't let them tarnish Akane. Let them praise Akane."
Pink eyes would wander wondering if her words would even make a difference or if they'd even make sense. She wanted to believe in this girl. She wanted to guide this woman in the correct direction. If they needed anything in this dark hour, it was her.

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#17 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:52 pm

As time passed, a set of curtains enfolded us, giving us a space that was separate from the others present. Akane had receded from us both and lamented over the fact that she didn't feel like the leader she needed to be. She gave a half-hearted 'thank you' and left us with spin-off questions that really did seem to be all she could think about. While I thought over what I would say, Mei told her plenty. She made sure Akane was aware that at her age, it was expected that she'd make mistakes, be inexperience, and likely fail. She also said not to blame herself for these mistakes, but to take ownership of them, and to make them a platform to stand on.

"Mei's right. All things considered, most people of your age and situation would have failed far worse. You gave everything, including your life for the good of us all. While it's not a perfect situation, this is what life is like. You still have a chance to stand back up, and rebuild the Soul Society, which is something few have ever done. It is a big responsibility, but you have many people who taught you, and have every bit of faith that you can do it. They're all waiting for you now." I'd smile again, trying to convey what I truly believed. After all, this tiny girl was our future, and I had helped teach her to get her prepped for this journey. I wanted to believe that this girl had the full potential to get us all back home. I'd look over to my wife, with the type of look that would have worked better if my eyes still existed. She might recognize the facial contortions, but it was a look of concern and one pleading with her. That look was the one I always gave her when I knew I wasn't strong enough to do this on my own, and I hoped deep down that she could sense that.

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#18 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:18 pm

The girl seemed to still be conflicted, but they were starting to get to her. "You're right" she wipes away the tears from her eyes "Rena wouldn't want me to just give up... You all trained me better than this" It was a setback and she needed to be learning from it, not just mope around feeling sorry for herself.. that wouldn't help anyone. Of course there was going to be blame thrown around here, but she couldn't let those people get to her either. She needed to get her home back, that is what was important.

She toyed with the scarf in her hand, fiddling with it as she so often did when she was nervous or upset, but she seemed to be getting a little more spirited. "I'm sorry, I must have looked pretty pathetic just now... It won't happen again" Akane spoke with conviction now.

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