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#1 Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:58 pm

"Tokyo. It just had to be Tokyo didn't it? Kokoro couldn't have sent the Captain Commander to a more pleasant place.. saaay a deserted island off somewhere off the coast of Africa or something. It just had to be one of the largest, busiest cities in the World of the Living! At this rate, she'll die and decompose before I can get to her, let alone find her!" Mei would rant loudly to her husband as the duo ran rampant across the tops of buildings only stopping to scan areas making sure they were going in the right direction. Pink eyes were filled with fury and anxiety as she tried to move at a pace her husband could keep up with. All Mei could think about was finding her, but for some reason her head pounded as if something were trying to get out. She felt a form of guilt and shame, however she had no idea why. Nonetheless, she decided it was more than likely from the current memory loss she had suffered from and decided to brush it off.

"Ok. I think we're getting close right?
I mean, you would know better than I,"
Mei would say knowing good and well of her husband's condition. Her words would instantly hault her brain before she would force the thoughts away. She had no time to feel sorry for her words when the most important person to the Soul Society, other than the dear Soul King himself, was depending on her healing properties to live. Mei wouldn't let anything happen to her, no matter what.

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#2 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:38 am

The situation we were in was a trifling one to be certain, and for a multitude of reasons. The others had already tended to the rest of the wounded whereas Mei and I were tasked with rushing to Akane who was in a place of safety so we could properly treat her injuries. They were life-threatening, so time was indeed of the essence. My poor wife was distraught, as was the norm when one of her patients was in critical condition. I found it an endearing trait though, showing a high level of care towards her patients. I'd be on the lookout for the wisp of golden energy that would likely still be strong enough for me to detect. After all, her energy was unmistakable, even to one without high energy senses like mine.

Through our journey, my wife, Mei, still seemed to be in a conflict of sorts. She asked me if we were going the correct way, knowing full well I'd be able to tell her, though she seemed to regret asking that as her aura shimmered to indicate. Her memory blockages seemed to be getting the better of her. "We're almost there, I can sense Akane's energy. She's still alive, there's no mistaking it. She seems to be in a small tin shack. Odd thing that."

With a few more minutes of striding from rooftop to rooftop, we'd be there, and could begin the process of tending to Akane's wounds.

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#3 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:33 pm

From the time she had been thrown through the portal and into this 'safehouse' Akane had thankfully been mostly unconscious. The battle had taken every ounce of her energy, particularly her final desperate attack. It would be hard to notice her normally quite prominent spiritual energy, even now it was dangerously low. When the pair had come across her, they would find the girl curled up against a corner, with a trail of blood from where she had unceremoniously landed. Clutching the strangely visible blade of her zanpakuto tightly to her chest. She'd dropped to a state of energy so low her blade had sealed itself to reveal the elegant craftsmanship behind the sword, it's golden etchings flowing over the length. An odd thing for a usually invisible blade to really have.

When the two entered the safehouse, the young captain commander wouldn't respond at all, though it would be immediately clear (At least to Mei) that she was in a pretty bad way. What little was left of the tattered remains of her uniform clung to her bloodied body, where the painful acid burns had been spread all over. It was probably going to be a long night looking after this one.

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#4 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:45 pm

Mei would stand around searcing the area far below the building they stood upon before she would hear Noz's words. "She's in a tin shack?! That is possitivily the worst place she could be if she has open wounds! There's rust, dust, and yucky stuff! She's gonna get soo many infections and diiseases in a place like that! I suppose it would be the last place someone would look for her though..." Mei would begin to think about all of the possibilities that she could and would have to treat considering the satte that Akane was in, even if she didn't know which state that was as of yet. Mei would begin to mumble before gasping and doing a quick one hundred eighty degree turn, "Noz, what are we doing?! We have to go! Get with it!" The woman would jump straight off the building and cotinue in the direction of Akane shhortly after blaming Noziel for her own mistakes. She certainly was an energetic character that Mei was. She would move faster as she got closer to the shack hopefuly not leaving Noz behind. As she entered the shack, Mei would see the young Ang kane lying the ground completely unresponsive. Her body had multiple burns and far more open wonds than Mei had imagined. How could any individual had been so cruel to someone like this. his was bby far he worst case that Mei had ever seen.

The blonde would shift her glasses upward on her nose before kneeling down and beginning emergency treatement upon the Captain Commander's body. The blood had caked most of her beingmaking it difficult to tell exactly whhere every drop had come from, however Mei had noticed quite a bit of it had already dried up meaning a few smaller wounds had already begun to freeze the bleeding themselves. However,there were far more wounds still spewinng and/or simply dripping blood leaving her to attempt closing all the wounds before Mei could move Akane for further healing. Mei was far happier now that she had brought Noziel along considering he was far stronger than she was leaving her feeling safe to preform where she was. With his protection, Mei could simply only hope that nobody got the dumb idea to come looking for them.

They had been in the shack for what seemed like hours as Mei continued to heal the more obvious and prominent wounds noting only minor and/or bad but non life threatening wounds to her inner organs. All Mei had to do was make sure no more blood escaped to allow for easy transportation of her body and allow the body to create more blood.[/color]

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#5 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:34 pm

As we arrived on the scene, to the body of a very weakened Akane, the first thing I noticed was her aura. While I could tell it was still her, something shocked me to the core so badly that my first response was an intense shiver. The golden aura that I recognized as Akane flickered and shimmered, glowing only faintly whereas her healthy levels were enough to give me a mild headache. Mei would have remarked and complained about the situation that Akane was in, whereas my response was "It doesn't matter now. She needs both of us or she won't make it, regardless of how sterile the area is or is not. She's holding on, albeit barely."

I would pause a few mere moments before noticing something off in the distance. Something was flickering to the point where I missed it on entry, but looking for it now, I knew it was important. "Excuse me a moment, there is something I must do. I will not be very long." I said to Mei as I stepped out a few meters from the shack. I'd reclaim a small piece of cloth, I'd assume a scarf by the feel of it. It shimmered with traces of Akane's energy, so I figured it was hers. I'd make my way back to the shack, being alert as per usual. No unusual traces of hostility, so I left the thought to my side. When I returned, I saw the little redhead curled up, gently cradling her zanpakuto which I could now see. Normally, to me, it appeared as though it had a permanent vortex of shimmering light around it. This time, it was a bare, silver blade with cracks of light that heavily contrasted. It was honestly a sight to behold.

I'd take the scarf I found and wrap it loosely around the hand of the young girl, who was still alive, despite going through worse hell than any of us could have imagined. "I sympathize with you, young Master. However I'm also very proud of you. Against all the odds, when matched against power that well equaled you, and overcame you, you still cling to life and your spirit. That is the type of leader we need." I would then sit with my back to Mei, settling myself close to her. Just touching her pink aura set me at ease in a way few could understand, but it also encouraged me. I'd keep watch while she tended to the girl. I'd do what I could, despite the fact that in the end, it would be very little.

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#6 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:43 pm

Mei would find that the girl was almost at the brink, even so it would be difficult to pry her elegant blade from her hands to start treating her injuries. Only when the familiar silk scarf was given back would she release her grip, almost visibly relaxing somewhat as the talented medic went to work. The most prominent wound would be a deep stab wound, which seemed to have missed her spine but pierced into her lung, which would seem all the more impressive she had put up such a fight.

It was a long process, but she would begin to stabilize. Her energy was dangerously low from whatever ability she had used in her battle with Ika. Regardless, she was stable enough to be removed from the shed and transported somewhere a little cleaner. Though as Mei had worked most of the young captain' commanders uniform had fallen to pieces, which was no state to be transporting her.

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#7 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:49 am

Mei would continue to work long and hard onlyy feeling completely free to focus on her work because of her husband's presense. It wasn't simply becuse he was her husband, but it was more than that. Mei knew of his great strength and his will to protect the things that he held dearest to his heart, however she also knew of his loyalties to both of the woman wiithin the area he was. This made her feel at the most confident within the many states she ccould have chosen to be, even if he did go away fro just a few moments, most of which Mei ddidn't notice.Even if she had noticed, the blonde would certainly take note that he wasn't going far nor would he allow anything to happen to the duo no matter the distance he had traveled. Upon his return, he carried a sort of fabric with him, which Mei had found quite odd, nonetheless she hadn't quuestiioned him on it yet. She was simply trying to relax the nerves of the Captain Commander so she could finish her proccedures and make the woman moveable. However, it had seemed thhat whatever the scarff was that Noziel had given to the woman would make her highly at ease in her body and mind leaving Mei a bit astonished concidering her unconscious state. This would be an event up for later questioning and experimentation, although it wasn't appropriate to think about at this point.

The Captain COmmander had released her beautiifully crafted Zanpakuto, which Mei would hand to Noziel with a firm, "Do Not let this out of your... whatever you do to see. We need to get you some eyes later." Mei had turned back to the unconscious body to study the deep wound before closing it up and clothing Akane in her own Doctor's coat. She would button the platic pieces along the middle before lifting the woman. Mei would place her on her own back before looking to Noz, "Let's go. We need to get out of here. She's still in a state of emergency, but it's best if I carry her." Although, Mei did feel quite odd only wearing an old Tee with no coat to cover her dingy clothing. Nonetheless, iit was only supposed to be worn for times where her outfits woud become covered in filth, such as when seeing patients. So, she didnn't feel all too bad about it, besides it's not like Noz could see her in it.

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#8 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:46 pm

At this point, as Mei did her work, and no threat remained visible, I simply remained still, at least until Mei detached her Zanpakuto and handed it to me, telling me not to lose it. It was strange. As I touched it, I saw it in full detail, much unlike everything else. I embraced it, feeling the warmth of the spirit that only Mei knew, then setting it at my side. Mei began to set the body of Akane on her back to my surprise, as she gave the order that we were moving elsewhere.

"Understood, I'll protect you both with my life. Lead the way, my dear." I would say, affirming trust in those two. Wherever we were heading, there shouldn't be a doubt that we would make it there.

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#9 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:10 am

Through most of this operation, Akane didn't seem to be moving around all too much. Little response to whatever pain she might be in thanks to the blissful unconsciousness. All she did was hold tight to her scarf, refusing to open her hand for a moment to let it go. She was looking much healthier at least, far more stable. Particularly now she had been properly covered with Mei's coat to stave off the cold as they traveled to wherever they needed to go next. Arms instinctively clinging to the medic as they traveled.

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#10 Re: Priority number 1! (With Noz and Akane) on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:26 am

The trio would return to the Squad 4's emergency medical warehouse prompting Mei's best team of nurses to gather around her and prep the Captain Commander for deeper emergency surgeries. Mei would send a few of her non-seated shinigami off to fix up the clothing that had been torn and tattered on the Captain Commander. Of course, Mei had clothed the woman in somthing fit for what Mei had planned. The acid burns would be healed through simple healing kido, while any bruising would be taken care of just after the burns were healed. However, the medium sized stab to the woman was going to be taken care of by Mei in a matter of mere moments, as Mei would simply speak, "Suffer," her voice was saddened because she knew just how much Itami disapproved of being released. Itami hated blood and she knew when Mei released her there would be blood involved. Before Mei could feel the reprimanding spirit, Mei would stab her dagger into the temporarily sealed wound. As she poured her reitsu into the blade, it would begin to grow prompting Mei to slowly pull with the increasing length, but still holding the blade steady in its place. The blade would grow to a length of eight inches before Mei would pull it from the wound only to watch as the wound sealed up after her blade had exited it. That was the end of that. Mei would retur her blade to its sealed state and thoroughly wash the blade for she knew sshe would hear about it later from Itami. As far as Mei was concerned the rest was minor injuries and the woman was already getting blood circulated into her system again, so she should awake at any moment. Until that time, Mei would grab a sewing kit and compare the many red threads to the color of Akane's scarf. She would then begin to repair the damaged clothing while it sat in the unconscious Commander's hand.

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