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#1 Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:45 pm

Ninja's Way
Naruko stepped off the buss and raised her hand to shield it from the sunlight for a moment, still unused to her new eyes "fully", but able to get around and see for the most part before stepping forward a few steps and turning to face her travelling buddy, "Welcome to New York City, New York~" she said all giddily and spun around waving an arm at everything around her, "It's so big every time I come down!"

She sobered up slightly but still had a warm smile on her face, "We're still a ways off from the actual committee, since only one bus goes there and it's in town, but it won't kill us to take in the sights and walk around right? Hey if I remember right there is a park nearby somewhere why don't we look for it and hang out there for a while huh? Doesn't that sound like fun Ketsu?" she was in a super good mood, though considering everything that happened in Denver it was far better than any other emotion she could be showing.

"The eyes are reacting to your energy,"
"Shut up!"
"We need to figure out why this is happening"
"I can see so I don't care right now!"
"Naruko this-"

She waited to see if Ketsu was okay with her idea and if he did she'd grab his arm and trot off with him looking for the park, she wasn't sure where it was since she hadn't been there yet, but she did know there was one nearby.

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#2 Re: Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:23 pm

As he stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the bus, Ketsu had only two things on his mind: Naruko and the Committee. He wished he understood Naruko a bit better, because she seemed like an interesting person but her mind was scattered and all over the place, difficult to get any sort of true reading on and contradicting her spiritual energy, which fluctuated at rates Ketsu had only ever seen from a Vizard or Arrancar, but hers was even worse.

It was like there was something else inside her, similar to a Vizard, which she was beating into submission at any given time. The raw unending desire to understand that single fact about her would consume Ketsu until it was complete.

Gis senses were overloaded with New York, and Ketsu simply smiled, stretching his back a bit, having been on the bus for a while, and adjusting the position of Caliburn a bit so it was easily accessible and more comfortable on his hip. His eyes closed as he took in the smells, the tastes, the sounds and the sensations of being in New York once again. It had been a few months since he'd been here, but since he lived here for years of his life, it was completely familiar.

Naruko was excited, and apparently under the impression that Ketsu had never been here before. His smile only grew wider as he realized he could play a trick on Naruko by showing her some of the lesser known sights, so he jumped the gun and nodded at her, taking her hand and walking off to the park, since he knew exactly where it was.

This is going to be fun.
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#3 Re: Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:56 pm

Ninja's Way
Naruko was slightly confused for a bit when Ketsu first grabbed her hand, instead of the other way around, pleasantly confused sure, but still confused while Kukou simply laughed at her non-chalantly, it quickly went from her trying to lead Ketsu to Ketsu leading her as he seemed to know where he was going to an extent, wait has he been here before? Oh crap what if he lived here!? She had completely assumed he wasn't from New York since he hadn't known where the Committee Headquarters was and based on that had been trying to take charge slightly which now led to her feeling bad just a tiny bit for having been wrong.

"We need to"
"If you speak again without my permission I will ignore you for the rest of my life! I'm trying to have fun for the first time in who knows!"
"....Very well."

She let Ketsu lead since he seemed to know the area and her eyes widened as they quickly found a very nice park, "ooohh!"  it had people of course, but she hadn't had much time to enjoy the simpler things in life yet, not since she first joined the Committee anyways, so she might as well have been a kid at Christmas with the newness of it all to her. She did feel a bit..bad.. for how she was shutting Kukou down for pestering her, but considering she wanted things to be good for once, she was just trying to hide away from the potentially bad news he may have had waiting for her.. it may not have even been BAD but she didn't want to risk it.

"oh oh oh!" she said as there happened to be a swing that wasn't being used and she bounded over to it and sat down in it, she looked at the chains and the ground for a bit and looked slightly puzzled before watching some of the kids and teens swinging on theirs, mimic'ing them she started to swing and it made her start laughing, "Hey this is neat~"

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#4 Re: Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:11 pm

It wasn't long before Ketsu could feel Naruko's energy signature fluctuate again, as though she was talking to whatever was inside her once again. It was something he was deeply and growingly curious about, but he couldn't be certain of whether she'd be willing to answer the question or not, and felt that he didn't know her well enough to ask just yet. Not quite yet.

As they two arrived in the park, Naruko squeaked cutely, apparently having not been here before or not long enough to truly enjoy the scenery in any fashion. There was a swing not being used off to the side, and Naruko blurred over to it. Ketsu smiled as he walked closer, watching her try to figure out how to use it, and when she watched some of the other kids in the park using it naturally, she followed their example. Ketsu sat in the swing to her left, and matched her swing speed.

"Enjoying yourself, Naruko? I don't want you to get too overwhelmed." His smile was coy, obviously teasing her as he simply watched her while the two swung.
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#5 Re: Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:28 pm

Ninja's Way
She blinked when Ketsu asked if she was having fun and smiled, "Yeah!" but then pouty cutely when he teased her about being overwhelmed. NShe let go of the bars and let her body slide out of the swing as she jumped out and landed on her feet turning to face Ketsu, "I'm not sure what you are talking about. Hmph~" She said clearly playfully before a kid crying caught her attention and she spun around to face the direction it was coming from.

Some other kid was bullying another smaller kid. Naruko walked up to them and kneeled down by the smaller kid before saying, "hey there don't worry it's over now," the bigger kid laughed and kicked sand at Naruko but she just laughed and shook her head, "you think it's fun right? You shouldn't pick on others though it'll make them hate you. Then no one will want to be your friend except bad people. You don't want that do you?" the bigger kid looked down for a minute thinking about it and then slowly mumbled an apology before scooting off to a different part of the park.

However it was what happened next that caused problems.

Naruko looked back at the smaller kid and patted his head while smiling, "So where is your parents huh lil guy? We should go find them and let them know you are okay right?" he stopped sniffling and nodded a bit, but when he looked up at Naruko's face he paled and screamed before scrambling to run in terror of Naruko who had a completely baffled and hurt look on her face.

Because she didn't realize her eyes had went from blue to red with odd patterns throughout them. Making her look more like a monster than a person.

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#6 Re: Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:44 pm

Her compassion was astounding.

Ketsu didn't imitate her movements, simply slowing down and getting off, walking over to the two children and Naruko, smiling from her playfulness still and at her compassion towards the smaller child as she taught the bully a small lesson. When the child ran off crying, Ketsu approached a bit faster and picked Naruko up so she was standing once more, assuming she didn't fight it, and looked at her to see if there was anything that caused the child to freak out.

When he saw that her eyes were no longer a matching vivid blue to his own, but a bright crimson as though filled with blood hidden behind patterns that made them look complimented, he understood immediately.

"Your eyes, Naruko." Pulling out his cellphone, so he could catch it, Ketsu immediately snapped a zoomed in picture of Naruko's left eye, and turned the phone around to show it to her. It wasn't exactly easy for her to see her own eyes any other way, and this made sense to him. "I bet it was that Bounto, Alexander Kerensky. Your eyes didn't do this before that happened, that's for sure." Unfortunately, Ketsu wasn't sure what to do next.
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#7 Re: Human Emotion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:37 pm

Ninja's Way
Naruko very slightly freaked out as she had sudden visions of what Ketsu was going to do, but then panicked a bit more when what she saw actually happened, "I don't think.. Alex would do something.. this reckless!" She stammered out as her eyes turned further into the patterns instead of calming down due to her heightened sense of worry and fear which caused Ketsu's phone to warp and twist before being seemingly crushed into unseeable particles. However as soon as that happened her eyes turned back to Blue with barely any of the patterns showing, almost as if it was just an after burned image on a lens.

She frowned, plopped down on the ground, and closed her eyes as she looked like she had started to meditate. Her own world changed around her but in reality she had seemed to have fallen into a deep trance. She stormed through the watery but barren vastness towards huge gates that were locked and sealed up with talismans, "What the HELL is going on!?"

Kukou opened it's eyes and snorted at her aggressively before speaking with irritation, "I told you something was strange about your little replacements.. You decided to ignore me and so I took steps to root out the anomaly within your eyes. It seems they had a power that only activated when exposed to a certain wavelength of energy, in this case, yours."

"Wait.. you mean I had those weird visions and made his phone disappear because of my eyes?"
"And you experimented with the inner workings of my body without permission to find out why something was odd."
"Because you ignored me trying to ask and warn you yes."
"Are you angry with me Naruko?"
"..No.. I apologize for being so mean earlier.. I didn't think something like this could happen so I thought you were just trying to pester me.."
".................Thank you."
"Is this going to be a problem for me and you? Can we control what causes the eyes to do that?"
"I'm sure we can yes. I will think on how the experiment went and see if I can't find words to describe a process for you to replicate the anomaly"

Naruko opened her eyes and sighed softly as she rubbed the back of her head, "Looks like it is the eyes.. but Kukou thinks he can find a way to describe what happened to me so that I can keep it from happening at random. It'll just take him some time." she wasn't frowning anymore but it took her a moment to slowly and cautiously open her eyes, not feeling the same thing she did when she first noticed, she opened them fully and they were still Blue, "He was trying to tell me about it.. but since I was with you I was ignoring him.. Sorry about your phone.. It's my fault.. if I hadn't gotten injured and then ignored Kukou this wouldn't have happened.."

She sniffled a bit as she began to be upset at herself. If she had just kept to her guarded usual self none of this would have happened.

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#8 Re: Human Emotion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:25 pm

As his phone left his hand and disappeared completely, Ketsu's face was comical. Her eyes became more focused, more powerful to an extent, and her reiatsu was spiking uncontrollably. The blue-eyed male was about to pull the red-eyed female into his arms and hug her, because it seemed like something she'd respond to, but her eyes changed back to blue with the pattern just barely visible as she fell to her knees.

This, Ketsu recognized. The way her aura was suddenly calm and nonchalant, as well as her breathing slowing down, Ketsu recognized this to be identical to a Shinigami talking with their Zanpakutou spirit. Naruko was talking with whoever it was in her mind, but since she registered as human to him, it was clear that she wasn't a Shinigami, a Vizard, or an Arrancar... so what the hell was she talking to?

Ketsu sat down on the ground with her, making it seem like the two were just sitting in the sand of the playground while he kept his eyes transfixed on hers. Though Naruko's eyes were closed, he could see them darting around; meditation to speak with your Zanpakutou, or whatever Naruko was speaking with, was very similar to dreaming. The body didn't move very much except for breathing, but the eyes would dart around uncontrollably. It wasn't very long before Naruko finally opened them, speaking softly.

The word Kukou rang a bell in Ketsu's head; the word wasn't familiar to him, but it was vaguely a name and might be who she was talking to. She apologized about his phone, but Ketsu shook his head and placed his hand on hers, to both reassure her and let her know he wasn't in any way upset.

"That phone was like three years old, I was ready to upgrade anyway. Don't worry about that, Naruko; I would like to know who Kukou is though, since that meditation you just went into was basically a Shinigami communing with their Zanpakutou." He secretly hoped that she wouldn't ask him why he knew that, but moved on. "We can stay here in the sand if you want, but I think some of the parents are beginning to stare at us."
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#9 Re: Human Emotion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:24 pm

Ninja's Way
She blinked as it registered she had just so freely mentioned the tailed-beast inside her by NAME. Ketsu was interested in joining the committee sure but he hadn't YET and there she was telling her second biggest secret to him like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Smitten pup"

She smiled warmly as he calmed down her fears about his phone though, "Yeah let's go somewhere else.. Not for nothing but I feel silly enough without having more eyes on me.. Given everything that just happened," assuming he lead her somewhere else she'd just follow him to that spot, turns out he had something in mind as he led her to a small ice cream store that was nearby in case kids got a craving for it on a hot summer day, getting some and paying for them, she licked her orange sherbet cone off and on while walking down the street slowly towards the Committee Headquarters with Ketsu, "So you asked about Kokuo.. I guess it makes sense others would sense his energy inside me since he is his own being.. Didn't think you'd notice it so quickly though. I think it would be easier if I did something rather than tell you about it."

She grasped his left hand and suddenly time seemed to halt as his world shifted to the watery landscape, instead of sinking he was walking on the surface however.. the only thing in view beyond darkness was colossal gates which were shut and looked highly sealed. For a moment nothing inside was visible but black, but then blue eyes glowed in the darkness before --> Kokuo <-- stepped forward to reveal himself, "If I were any of my brethren Naruko this would be an unwise decision.."

"Except you aren't like them," Naruko said with a giggle, "Besides this is much faster than trying to find the words to properly describe the mighty Tailed-Beast Kokuo the Boiler," her statement made the beast swell with pride as its official title was spoken, it was very prideful of what it was, "So you are the one she injured herself for.. Ironic.. seeing as how you are more than capable..aren't you.. "special one.."

Naruko blinked but shrugged as she figured he was referring to the fact Ketsu, like Naruko, had special abilities, "Anyways.. Ketsu.. THIS is Kokuo.. He was sealed inside me when I was a child. That's about as far as I can willingly go into that. On the bright side he's gotten old enough to be more pacifist in his age and as such me and him have a more friendly relationship than one would think is possible for a "monster" possessing a "young maiden"."

The beast's eyes narrowed at Naruko's jab but she smiled and waved a hand, "oh you know I'm playing silly come on." A moment later the two were back in the real world, their ice creams almost having not even melted the tiniest bit, meaning that entire conversation had seemed to occur within seconds of real time, Naruko went back to happily licking her cone while waiting to see all the thoughts Ketsu may or may not have on the new revelation he had went through.

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#10 Re: Human Emotion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:57 pm

The ice cream tasted good. It had been a few months since Ketsu had eaten anything with this much sweetness, but he sort of missed it and Naruko being upset was only an excuse. She must never find out. Naruko herself had gotten orange sherbert, which was a weird flavor, but Ketsu was happy with his Chocolate and Vanilla swirl, so as long as they were both pleased, what else mattered about it?

While they walked, Naruko mentioned Kokuo finally, and Ketsu peaked towards her while eating his ice cream. She mentioned that she didn't think he'd notice so quickly, but since she was the one who had said his name, it wasn't really all that difficult to determine he was who she'd gone into what was basically Jinzen to talk to. Rather than describe or explain what Kokuo was, however, Naruko did something which made no sense whatsoever to Ketsu: She brought him into her world.

As he found himself standing on water, his heart beat quickened tenfold, closing his eyes as he inhaled and reassured himself he was standing on the water, rather than sinking into it, and after a few moments he was calm enough to open his eyes once again. Blue eyes pierced the darkness before a five-tailed beast stepped forward, announcing his presence with a vague warning to Naruko. She chimed in that he was different from his kin, which only worried Ketsu if more of these things, some less intelligent or more feral, were in the world somewhere. Regardless, she introduced him as Kokuo the Boiler, and he swelled with price.

Then, Kokuo made a comment about Naruko having injured herself for him, and calling Ketsu special. Did he know? Ketsu's mind swelled with how it could know, since he had been a human for more than twenty years and had no residual shinigami energy that he could sense... was this beast that powerful, so separate from Naruko's person that it could see things she didn't? More important, what was this thing?

Naruko answered one of thos questions, stating that Kokuo was sealed inside of her when she was a child, and joked about a monster possessing a young maiden, which Ketsu rolled his eyes with a light smile at recognizing Naruko's sense of humor. Within a moment, the two were back in the Human World with almost no time having passed, and Ketsu looked away from Naruko.

Kokuo, Naruko... Caliburn, Ketsu... what was really the difference? The willingness of the vessel? Ketsu's thoughts swarmed his mind and he ate more of his ice cream in silence as the two walked until a Bus Stop bench was in sight. Knowing the Bus wouldn't come for at least twenty more minutes, Ketsu sat down on it and inhaled lightly, turning to Naruko.

"Kokuo is one of your most closely guarded secrets, isn't he? You're peculiar about who you reveal his existence to. I would be too... in fact, I was, to an extent. I am absolutely familiar with the concept of having something inside you that you didn't sign up for..." Realizing that Naruko would be to some extent confused, Ketsu sighed and continued on with only a momentary pause.

"If you open your senses, your eyes and ears and nose... I'm a Human. You have no frame of reference to see otherwise, even if you were the best Senser in the world. Kokuo is different though, Naruko. He's so old that he knows... no offense, Kokuo, if you can hear me." Taking another bite of his ice cream so it wouldn't melt, Ketsu inhaled again, as though the intelligent man were at a loss for words.

"You told me your secret, Naruko. Whether it was intentional or not, you did. It's only fair that I tell you mine..." Looking away, Ketsu continued. "I'm almost two and a half centuries old. I was born in Soul Society where I became a Shinigami, became Captain of the Sixth Division, and was killed in combat with a human named Accelerator. I was reborn as a human, but I retained my memories. All of them. My Zanpakutou was named Caliburn, and my Hollow was named Solstice. I was a Vizard, truthfully. That's my secret."
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