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#1 [Battle] Bloodshed Moments on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:36 am

To blow up a building a person needs a rocket launcher to completely destroy a part well maybe a section of the place. This was one of those times having a bastard to kill just waiting for the sonuvabitch to show his ugly face and then pulling the trigger. However, Trevor had a reason to kill somebody because the man was blackmailing an innocent person but it didn't stop. Why Trevor should give a fuck about the whole situation? He remembers the sonuvabitch from years ago doing the exact same thing to do him and his brother a con artist that should have his soul destroyed. Four days of waiting on a rooftop the moment of truth arrives aiming the rocket launcher hoping it would hit the freak's face. The cocksucker was at it again blackmailing another victim for money perhaps this was his last victim if people get hurt in the process so be it.

Trevor point it getting a target lock from the rocket launcher now all the sinner has to do is pull the trigger. "Do on to others what they do onto you that would be someone from the heart. But not you freaking blackmailing bastard enjoy the fine scenery of what hell has to offer once this missile hits your fucking carcass"The sinner pull the trigger and fires the rocket launcher and the missile fires off and going directly at the target. Making a venomous loud sound blowing up a entire street killing the blackmailer instantly also wounding bout twenty people.

"Life is a journey. Enjoy the endless torture"

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#2 Re: [Battle] Bloodshed Moments on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:07 am

Well, it's my job to stop hell from breaking loose, so here I am. Apparently there's a sinner in some smallish corner of New York City. I almost didn't notice, due to the fact that his actual impact was small compared to the others I've met. Still, this one would meet the same fate. In fact, I was lucky enough and fast enough to hear his last monologue. "Funny thing about words. Choose them carefully, otherwise you might just regret your selection. 'Do unto others' huh? Would you like to get blown up just like that guy was? Cause I promise I won't need any fancy gadgets for that."

Quite frankly, I didn't feel up to messing around, so I'd swap to Fullbring mode, and prepare to beat this red-skinned, horn-adorned freak back into hell where he belonged. Granted that this was the least exciting example of 'havoc' that I'd heard so far, despite Jun's blatant attempts to warn me some serious shit was going down.

(Remember, This is my territory, NYC, as Maki Kesshou. You just blew someone up with a fucking rocket launcher. You've signed your death sentence.)

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#3 Re: [Battle] Bloodshed Moments on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:21 pm

Another problem solved as a black rose was blooming in hell tonight it was another job well done. Or so the sinner thought, Hearing another person's voice was unexpected but this wasn't a soul reaper. This was somebody else not like the last time either wondering what idiot would come here thinking how he get here so fast. "Who is this??? Oh must be angry about me killing the blackmailer and those innocent civilians trying to act hero like too. I can't get myself out of this one looks like combat defense tactics are on the sin agenda right now"

This wasn't what the sinner had expected so start someone again in New York and forgetting again about the major consequences upon coming back and starting havoc. Trevor did need to act fast because whoever this foe was wasn't screwing the best option would be to weaken his opponent not match strength with him. But somehow cause him to drop his guard then attack him with everything he's got but right now the sinner needed an opening. He'll need some time to create the demonic weapon right now he'll need to become crafty. This was a gamble but using the Satsui No Hado and destroying the building from the rooftop all the way down might be his only choice. Trevor activated the power feeling stronger going into a rage thinking on destroying the entire building causing maybe another hellbent moment in the history of New York city. Trevor slammed his fist hard into the ground which started an earthquake a part of the building structure was beginning to tear apart about to fall upon innocent people. Creating a whole new act of violence keeping the full bringer distracted until the task was completed.

"Then action speak louder then words. But yet my actions are about to make a major blood stain on the ground wonder if Leonardo Da Vinci was into splat paint works. Using humans for paint..."

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#4 Re: [Battle] Bloodshed Moments on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:20 pm

The sinner seemed to want to defend himself with claims that 'innocent civilians' were trying to be heroes. That because he killed another wrongdoer, he was just. I didn't buy it. "You say you are justified, but in the end, you are no more than a mercenary, doing as you please. I, on the other hand, have people to protect." And shortly after I'd say that, he'd slam his fist into the ground, attempting to bring down the building to my right entirely. I quickly assessed the situation and devised a solution, though it would take some time. I slammed my fists into the building, using my ability to manipulate earth and stone to keep the building together, repairing the damage done with liquid silver that I created. It wasn't a perfect solution, but the building would remain intact more than long enough for those inside to evacuate.

I'd alert those on comms to assist in the evacuate, then chase after the sinner as soon as I could. He mumbled something about painting with human blood, and just so that he was aware he hadn't escaped his fate yet, I called out in his direction. "Painting is an art, but using others as a sacrifice for your pleasure turns such art from beauty to horror. Should another person die by your hands, I swear I will kill you, wait until you come back from hell, and kill you again!"

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#5 Re: [Battle] Bloodshed Moments on Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:55 am

The Satsui No Hado was about to wear off but the magic weapon creation was complete then picks it up getting ready. The so-called hero managed to save the building from falling that was unexpected, Perhaps with his magic the sinner can manipulate the metal but like before it will need some time.

He waited about ready to strike the sonuvabitch down until noticing something up close and personal. This person could be one known race and it wasn't human something else unknown his kind this full bringer The magic demon gun had targeting the guy and the sinner fired something of a trick shot making the hero believed the bullet was going after some father that was walking down the street. As the bullet was rushing down and innocent guy, Trevor was hoping the full bringer would fall for the trap.

But really this gun had a few tricks up when the full bringer finds out the truth it will be too late. "Well, How about that a nice father is going to have a good funeral tomorrow so sorry his daughters will be crying. The wife looks super hot down there maybe after this is all over this sinner might pay them all a good visit. The funeral arrangements will be done and I might just get a new family out of it." Trevor was trying to force the sinner hoping he would go after the bullet.

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