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#1 Jecht Eta-Naru on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:40 am


Name: Jecht Eta-Naru
Alias: Kenpachi, Sin
Real Age: 718
Phys. Age: 34
Gender: Male
Personality: [ESTP-A], the Entrepreneur
Although Jecht comes across as both crude and abrassive, he genuinely has a lack of knowledge in regards to social cues and subverts this ignorance with crass comments and blunt truths. While they may have a hand in feeding his ego, if he could come across as nicer to a person he would prefer to; instead of trying to be something or someone that he is not, Jecht simply lets his personality rub people however it rubs them, and is always willing to rely on his sword to do the talking for him.

Jecht is a gentle soul at heart, and given the option would generally prefer to take the peaceful way out of any solution. However, his ego manifests with an unwavering bravado and self-conceit, leading him to (when coupled with his inability to properly handle social situations) spark fights that were otherwise resolvable and brawl with people who have no reason to be fighting him. Jecht's complete lack of ability to analyze situations or ever take a step back from them fuels his fighting spirit, and though he's usually very level-headed, his actions are often blamed on a short temper.

As with any "standard" Kenpachi, Jecht holds fighting in a very high regard, and respects pure Strength above all else. Although he is a violent fighter, his actions tend to be for the best: he will without hesitation stop a fight if his opponent can no longer fight back, claiming that he is not interested in fighting weaklings, though in reality it is because he yearns for this defeat to strengthen them and for them to come back at a later time. He will even hold back in fights to make them last longer if necessary, but respects those who can defeat him at his full power more than anyone or anything else.

• Bold- Jecht is full of life and energy, and there is no greater joy for him than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas.
• Perceptive- Very few things escape Jecht's realm of understanding, even if it takes him a while to truly analyze what happened and its outcomes. Jecht picks up on nearly everything in his surroundings, from the obvious larger things down to small shifts in habits of appearances.
• Rational- Jecht is very practical and rational, and while he knows his limits to an extent and wishes to push past them, he will not let himself push too far at any given time, valuing his own life highly enough that he's not willing to simply throw it away.

• Impatient- Jecht moves at his own pace, and slowing down because someone else doesn't "get it" or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is not only extremely challenging for Jecht, but it's also infuriating and ignites his sometimes well-controlled rage.
• Unstructured- Jecht doesn't plan in advance; he sees a problem, he fixes the problem, and he moves on. He does not predict a problem six months in advance and immediately begin making preparations to fix it, but instead focuses on what's obvious and in front of him, taking it usually at relative face value.
• Defiant- Jecht will never be boxed in. Repetition, hard-lined rules, sitting quietly while lectured at- this is the antithesis of Jecht's lifestyle. He is incredibly action-oriented and hands-on, and environments like the Shin'ho Academy and meetings amongst the Captains are so tedious that they're mostly intolerable, requiring extraordinary effort from Jecht to stay focused long enough to not cause issues.


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 212 lbs
Physical Traits:

Accessories: At any given time, Jecht usually has an assortment of flasks on his person with different drinks in them, most often Vodka and Whiskey. Jecht also carries a pack of cigarettes and a windproof torch, as well as a cell phone packed with music, and a pair of wireless earbuds.


General Fighting Style: He's Jecht.
Strengths: Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Sensing
Weaknesses: Kidou(Cannot use any, cannot identify any), Unarmed Combat, Durability

Jecht creates a condensed ball of reiatsu, which he can either throw or kick at an enemy. Throwing is slower (cero speed) but more accurate, while kicking is faster (bala speed) but less accurate. Regardless, upon hitting anything, it will explode for a Gran Rey Cero damage in a 10ft radius from the impact site. Alternatively, Jecht can slam this into something in melee range with it still in his hand. This ability can be used once every 4 posts.

[不運の魅力]Fuun no Miryoku [Passive]
At all times, an aura of misery surrounds Jecht. This stretches to roughly 50 feet, but can be felt by those with average sensing skills as exactly that: an aura of misery. This has no direct effect in combat, but leads to bad luck quite often. This can be anything as simple as a glass falling off the table, or a gun misfiring and getting jammed. Jecht himself is not immune to this ability. (This is mostly up to the roleplayer's discretion as to what actually happens.)

[天国の盾]Tengoku no Tate
Jecht can create a barrier around himself which takes the appearance of a raging inferno. For 2 posts, all Kidou or other energy-based attacks weaker than Hado 60 are absorbed by the barrier and restore Jecht's reiatsu and stamina accordingly; energy attacks weaker than Hado 80 (but stronger than 60) are negated, while physical attacks (even those augmented by Kidou) are unaffected. This has a 6 post cooldown, beginning when the technique ends. (For a visual on this shield, please see the image at the top of this post.)


Sealed Appearance: N/A- Jecht is in a state of constantly released Shikai
Zanpakutou Name: Sin
Call Out Command: N/A- Was once "Can you defeat Sin itself?"

Zanpakutou Spirit Appearance: [x] Sin takes the appearance of, most simply, a gigantic armored whale that floats around.

Inner Hollow Appearance: [x] Uniquely, Jecht's Inner Hollow takes the form of a Statue that stands at the edge of his Inner World. Whether this is a manifestation of his locking it away, the Hollow conceding to his strength, or how the Hollow chose to manifest, Jecht does not know.

Inner World Appearance: [x] Jecht's inner world manifests as a shattered arena, with a large platform in the center where Jecht stands, a small hallway in front of him with his Hollow's statue at the far end of, and Sin floating behind him. Occasionally, Sin cannot be immediately found, and is instead floating off somewhere doing things. The arena is in pieces, but Jecht can maneuver around them, and looking down will show a vast city surrounding a perpetually frozen explosion.


Appearance: [x]|[x] A very large sword most similar to the African Konda sword, Sin is an enormous weapon. The entire wepaon stands six inches longer than Jecht himself, giving it a grand total of 6'10" in length from tip to tip. As the handle is seven inches long, this leaves 6'3" of pure blade, which is 18 inches wide and 3 inches thick. The weapon hooks outward at both sides, and has three red markings on it, which are associated with the passive skill [Hollow Negation]. The weapon also has a four foot chain on it, which is normally wrapped around Jecht's arm, but can be extended outward to give Jecht more range to swing it with. Additionally, Jecht's entire left arm is coated in a layered metal that is part of his Zanpakutou, giving it defense. This is hidden under the sleeve of his outfit.
Boosts: 3x Strength, Endurance; 2x Stamina, Speed

Zanpakutou [Passive]
Jecht's entire left arm is coated in a layered metal which is part of his Zanpakutou, giving it a level of defense akin to a shield. This is hidden under the sleeve of his outfit normally, and is hidden under his scales in Full Hollow Form. Additionally, The sword of Jecht's Zanpakutou does not exist if he is not directly holding the weapon. If Jecht loses his grip on it, whether on purpose or on accident, he can immediately and with no wasted energy summon it back to his hand. Regardless of whether or not he is holding the weapon, Jecht's left arm is still covered in the metal armor.

[罪の飢え]Tsumi no Ue [Passive]
Once per post, Jecht can block an energy-based attack with his Zanpakutou, which absorbs the energy. For three posts thereafter, attacks from Jecht's Zanpakutou which connect with anything deal damage equal to the blocked attack. After three posts have passed, the stored energy fades away. This works up to Cero level, and can stack with itself otherwise. Jecht always knows exactly how much energy is stored in Sin, and exactly how long he has left before it will fade away.

[罪のブレス]Tsumi no Buresu
Jecht can, at any time, swing his weapon to release the stored energy from [Tsumi no Ue] along the arc of his swing, up to 100m away. This attacks deals equal damage to the stored energy, and has no cooldown aside from requiring Jecht to have energy stored in his Zanpakutou.

[罪の怒り]Tsumi no Ikari
All three runes on Sin light up, akin to having stored energy equivalent to a Cero. For 3 posts, Jecht cannot use Tsumi no Buresu, but his attacks are 50% faster and have the full energy of Tsumi no Ue having absorbed 3 Ceros, which is arguably his maximum. This ability has a 5 post cooldown, beginning when the effect ends.

[罪のエース]Tsumi no Ēsu
Jecht produces a chain at the end of Sin which allows him to swing it around himself, negating all attacks equal to or below Cero in damage, and dealing standard damage from being hit at full force from Sin [based on Tsumi no Ue], to everything within 15m of his position. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.

[罪の紋章]Tsumi no Monshou
Jecht can release a wave of energy following the arc of his sword once every other post. This deals damage akin to a cero, but only travels up to 20ft before dissipating completely. Jecht can use this regardless of how much energy is stored into his sword, but cannot store this attack itself.

[罪の頂点]Tsumi no Chouten
Once every 3 posts, Jecht can channel a wave of energy similar to [Tsumi no Monshou], in that it would be a Cero's worth of energy and damage, but instead of firing it off imprints it onto the sword. This also utilizes Jecht's [Tsumi no Ue] for that post, and cannot be used if that skill is on cooldown. This skill mainly exists as a way of letting Jecht buff himself up if he's not facing an energy user.

[罪の存在]Tsumi no Sonzai [Passive]
Jecht cannot access his Bankai under any circumstances. As such, in exchange, he has an additional multiplier on his Strength and Endurance, bringing them to 3x while Shikai is active. 4x while his Mask is active, and 5x in Full Hollow Form.


Appearance: [x] A matte black mask with several intricate red marks and lines encompassing it, Jecht's Hollow Mask is elegant but simplistic at the same time.
Boosts: 4x Strength, Endurance; 3x Stamina, Speed
Hollow Powers: Pesquisa, Hierro, Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero

Hollow Harmonization [Passive]
Jecht and his Hollow have seen each other's ways, and they do not fight or argue with each other to any extent. As such, Jecht can maintain his mask indefinitely, and can access Full Hollow Form at will, also able to maintain that indefinitely.

[罪の光景]Tsumi no Koukei [Passive]
Once per post, Jecht can see the outcome of any attack launched at him. He will instantly know if the attack is life threatening, if it will miss, or how to avoid/block/otherwise negate the attack. This only works on one attack per post, regardless of how many attacks were launched in the post; if someone were to fire off ten Balas at Jecht simultaneously, he could only know the outcome of one of them.

[罪の力]Tsumi no Chikara
Jecht focuses his energies and creates an aura around him, exactly 10ft in all directions, which follows him for the remained of the post, after which it stays wherever it was for two posts before dissipating. Anything other than Jecht himself within the Aura moves 33% slower due to the increased Gravity from the Aura itself. This ability has a 5 post cooldown, beginning after the technique ends.


Appearance: [x]|[x] In Full Hollow Form Jecht's mask melds into his body and augments it fiercely, covering him in scales and spikes. Additionally, Sin is wrapped in strange markings which seem to be the exact same no matter what angle you view them from, which glow lightly.
Boosts: 5x Strength, Endurance; 4x Stamina, Speed

[罪の貪欲]Tsumi no Don'Yoku [Passive]
In Full Hollow Form, Sin becomes coated in strange markings. The sword, in this state, absorbs natural reiatsu and reishi in the atmosphere, giving it a constant Cero level of energy absorbed into it. While this ability is active (aka, while in Full Hollow Form), Jecht cannot use [Tsumi no Buresu] to fire off the stored energy, but can absorb it with [Tsumi no Ue] as normal. Anything that Sin collides with takes a Cero's damage in addition to normal damage it would take, and this stacks with [Tsumi no Ue] as usual.

[罪の鎧]Tsumi no Yoroi [Passive]
While in Full Hollow Form, Jecht is covered in scales. These scales absorb and internalize reiatsu which would be put out, preventing Jecht from using any type of Cero or Bala, but augmenting the strength of his Hierro massively, to 4x that of a normal person's.

[罪の再生]Tsumi no Saisei [Passive]
Like most Hollows, Jecht gains rapid High-Speed Regeneration. Minor wounds take 1 post, other injuries take 2 posts, and limbs or other serious injuries take 3 posts. Additionally, once per thread, Jecht can immediately recover from an otherwise fatal injury regardless of what that injury was, but this disables his High-Speed Regeneration for the rest of the thread.

[罪の力]Tsumi no Jinsei [Passive]
Every time Jecht takes any form of damage while in Full Hollow Form, his body becomes stronger and more durable. Specifically, every time Jecht suffers damage, his Durability is increased by 5%, up to a maximum of 100%. At 100%, or 20 hits, Jecht becomes invulnerable to all physical damage for 1 post. This technique has no cooldown, and lasts for the entire thread (or as long as he's in Full Hollow Form), but the secondary effect can only occur once per thread.

[罪の産む]Tsumi no Umu
Jecht can externalize some of his energy, creating 2 creatures that resemble Hollows. These creatures function at a tier equal to 5 below Jecht's (meaning if Jecht is 0-5, the Spawn are 1-5). This ability has a 4 post recovery beginning after all of the spawn are slain.

[罪の産む]Giga Gurabiton
Jecht's trump card, Giga Gurabiton is unique in such a way as it technically requires no energy from Jecht himself. In the event that Jecht has no other options, he can utilize this skill: From his sword, a massive pulse of energy travels at Cero speeds in all directions for 100 meters, dealing 2 Forbidden Kidou worth of damage instantly. When this ability is used, Jecht reverts to Shikai and loses all of his Shikai's abilities, as Sin itself uses the technique and must recover. This is Jecht's form of Fatigue for the thread.


When a Human child is born, the Doctors (at least, in the past century or so) will smack the child's rear to draw in their first breath. When Ketsu Eta-Naru was born, his father must have known this fact, because he beat the child. A Doctor would only smack them once, to get them to breathe, but Ketsu's father beat him every day for the first two hundred years of his life. Being a child in Northern District 80, colloquially known as the Zaraki District, was tough enough on its own, but Ketsu's father continued to find ways to make it more difficult for him. Finally, when Ketsu fought back, his father banished him and told him never to return to the Zaraki District. Abandoned and alone, Ketsu headed towards District 1.

During his travels, Ketsu met with a variety of people. Some would help him, giving him food and shelter for the night; others would attack him, trying to steal the few rations he had been given or stole when he needed to. Those who helped him were met with welcome warmth, and those who attacked him were met with death. When he arrived in District 47, Ketsu was confronted by an unseated Shinigami from the 11th Division who had been dispatched to Northern Rukongai to find him; Ketsu had made a name for himself, and word traveled faster than he did.

The Shinigami's name has been lost to history. They were never a particularly noteworthy individual, simply being a general Division 11 Shinigami. Doing the only thing he knew how, the Shinigami challenged Ketsu to a fight: If Ketsu won, he would be allowed to take the Shinigami's sword; if he lost, he would be escorted back to Seireitei to answer for his crimes. Apparently, murdering three-hundred forty-seven souls in Districts 80 through 74 wasn't exactly smiled upon by the Gotei 13. Ketsu, being the man he was, agreed to the fight.

Both Ketsu Eta-Naru and the Shinigami fought well. Ketsu had taken three blows to the chest, none fatal but all would permanently leave scars to remind him of these days, but with a feinted counter strike, Ketsu pierced the Shinigami through his chest, killing him instantly. Agreeing to the terms of the battle, Ketsu took the Shinigami's Katana; he also wrapped the Shinigami himself up, throwing him over his shoulder, and would bring his body back as well.

After a week had passed, another Shinigami arrived to see what was taking the first one so long. Upon seeing Ketsu carrying the Shinigami's body and sword, he at first assumed the worst and drew his blade to strike Ketsu down. When several of the spirits whom had been walking with Ketsu all stood to defend him, saying that the Shinigami had challenged him to a fair fight and lost, the second Shinigami believed them and took the first's body and sword, at Ketsu's request, to be returned to the Gotei 13 for a proper burial.

It was another two months before Ketsu had finally arrived at the gates to Seireitei. With just his name, he was immediately granted access into the Court of Pure Souls, and was escorted to the Captain of Division 11. The so-called Kenpachi, the undefeated master of combat, was a short girl with black hair in two long ponytails. Her name was Kuro, and she was also from the Zaraki district; she knew quite well who Ketsu was, what he had been through, and declared she would make an exception from the academy and simply grant him a seated position.

For three hundred years, Ketsu trained with the 11th Division, getting stronger on a daily basis as he learned how to properly fight, use his Zanpakutou, and manage his incredible strength. Being that he was rather unique, with a Constant Release Shikai, Ketsu never needed to practice with releasing it at the right time, like some other Shinigami he had heard about. Finally, when he felt strong enough, he challenged Kenpachi Kuro to a fight.

"No." Her words rang clear through his mind. No? Was she even allowed to decline the challenge? For centuries, if not millenia, the Captain of Division 11 was always the Kenpachi, and a new Captain was always promoted through defeating the previous Captain in a one-on-one fight. For her to say [i]no
, though? Ketsu believed it to be a statement against his power, but in reality Kuro simply disappeared that night. She was never heard from again.

When Division 11 had no Captain, the fangs of the Gotei were scattered as though their heads were cut off. None of them knew what to do, all of them wanted to be the new Captain, and it took the combined effort of two separate Captains to gather and calm them all down, over the course of a week: Kokoro Nashi, of Division 12, and Sakura, of Division 2. With those two Captains keeping all of Division 11 at bay, they organized a non-fatal tournament to decide the new Captain of Division 11. Ketsu Eta-Naru won that tournament, defeating not only every other challenger, but at the same time.

It was Sakura's idea, though Ketsu wasn't sure if Kokoro had agreed in truth, but all two-hundred of the challengers fought in the same arena. With Division 4 and the Kidou Corps on standby the save people who were close to death or approaching it at light speed, Ketsu Eta-Naru was the last man standing in the arena. He was cut, beat, bruised, burned, frozen, and shocked; he was absolutely devastated, in terms of damage taken, but he didn't even seem phased by it. It was clear he was in pain, and felt it, but it was more of a nuisance than an actual bother.

The day after he became Captain of Division 11, and therefore the Kenpachi, Ketsu Eta-Naru met an unseated Shinigami from Division 4: Kira de Grey. The two had a similar sense of humor, and Kira's abilities and personality were a stark contrast and compliment to Ketsu's own. Together, the two of them brought a child into Soul Society: Kaitou Eta-Naru. The day of his birth, Kira requested that she be granted permission to retire from the Gotei 13, so she could raise her child in peace, to which the Captain-Commander agreed.

It was less than twenty years after Kaitou was born before Kira's fears proved right. Three Vasto Lordes attacked Soul Society. To dispatch them, the Captain-Commander sent 3 very well trained and powerful Captains: Kokoro Nashi, Sakura, and Ketsu Eta-Naru. When the three Captains arrived, each agreed to take on one of the Vasto Lordes, since Kokoro and Ketsu could tell that they were all about equal in power. The fight lasted for three hours, all six fighters pushed to their limit, before it ended abruptly.

Ketsu went to attack his Vasto Lorde, but was met with the armored fist of Sakura's Vasto Lorde; Kokoro's Vasto Lorde joined into the assault as well as Ketsu's own, and all three of them got in a few attacks on Ketsu before they disappeared into a Garganta. Unaware of how else to respond, Sakura and Kokoro returned to Seireitei and told the Captain-Commander what had happened, who told Kira that Ketsu had died in the encounter.

Ketsu woke up in an infinite, unending white desert with the moon beating down on him. The three Vasto Lordes were all standing around him and circling, as though they weren't sure what to do. As the Kenpachi stood up and began to recover, the Vasto Lordes ran away while he was approached by a wolf-like man with white hair, save for a single blood red spike that lazily drooped downward. The man never introduced himself, and to this day Ketsu does not know his name.

Ketsu Eta-Naru was dead. From this day on, he would be known as Jecht. Whether he kept the Eta-Naru or not was up to him. While his Zanpakutou's name was Sin, and Jecht has his manifestation of him correct, the wolf-like man pierced his heart and said that soon there would be more than one spirit in his mind, and that it would take time to get used to. With that, the man left, and told Jecht to go East if he wanted to seek him out.

Unfortunately, when you're stuck in an infinite white desert where the moon seems to always be in the same spot, you don't know where East is.

So, Jecht simply traveled in a direction. He encountered several hollows who attacked him, recognizing that he wasn't one of them, but they never survived long. After sixty years, Jecht finally understood what the wolf-like man meant. There was another spirit inside his soul, one who reeked of Hollow energy, but it seemed to simply be a statue. Jecht found a cave where he could block off the entrance and stay safe, and meditated so he could speak with Sin and the Hollow.

Sin and the Hollow never recognized the other. When Jecht would speak to one, the other expressed confusion; who was Jecht speaking to? The two were in opposite directions, and since Jecht always turned to face one or the other when speaking, it seemed like Jecht would (at least to one of them) randomly turn around and answer a question which was never asked. Jecht, his Hollow, and Sin all seemed to have no real quarrels with each other, though the Hollow and Sin had very different ideas as to where Jecht should be going with his training.

Sin wanted Jecht to keep practicing, mastering what he already knew, and becoming known for it if they could ever get out of this perpetual desert.

Jecht's Hollow wanted Jecht to learn new abilities, new tricks that he could use and practice while learning more, to never stop increasing what he knew until the list was so expansive he could always fall back on it.

With two very different ideas being forced into his soul from opposite angles, Jecht had to separate the two for a while. Jecht was curious about the Hollow's idea, since Sin's was what he had always listened to, and they agreed to work together. Sin still didn't recognize the Hollow's existence.

As they left the cave, Jecht was greeted by the very same Vasto Lorde who'd attacked him in Soul Society. Immediately, he said yes in his mind, and he felt his body being taken over. He was sitting in the sidelines, watching as his body acted without his input, being extremely feral as it dodged attacks, took certain ones to get other attacks in exchange, and very nearly effortlessly defeated the Vasto Lorde, decapitating it as he bent down and drank its blood.

Jecht was, immediately at that point, sold on his Hollow's abilities.

For the next Century, Jecht wandered aimlessly about Hueco Mundo, slaying any Hollows he came across and practicing not only with Sin, but also with his Hollow, learning to balance the two for true mastery. He felt like there was more he could learn but that nothing was coming, until his Hollow told him the secret of melding. By giving his will utterly and completely to the Hollow, Jecht learned that he could attain an even higher level of power. Since the Hollow had nothing against Jecht himself, though, he would always be listening to Jecht to call out for control again, and would have Jecht's best interest in mind.

Figuring he was already in Hueco Mundo and nothing else could go wrong here, he agreed.

Jecht's first transformation into Full Hollow Mode was disgustingly beautiful. His muscles swelled up, his body grew, even Sin responded to the energy growth and grew accordingly, and he roamed Hueco Mundo for another hour in this form, effortlessly slaying several hollows at once due to the sheer power coupled with his own fighting skill and the Hollow's fighting instinct. Jecht knew that the ability to accept his Hollow completely was powerful, and stated he'd only use it if he needed to. The Hollow, understanding Jecht's worry, agreed to it.

For decades, Jecht broke that oath on a regular basis, using the form whenever he could so he could work with the Hollow and retain full control while in it, and after 32 years Jecht finally seemed to harmonize with the Hollow, and was able to use both the Mask and the Hollow's powers at will with no penalty or lack of control. He spent another few years aimlessly wandering Hueco Mundo, talking with Sin and the Hollow constantly, until he felt something incredible fairly far away.

Being absolutely certain of the direction the reiatsu had come from, Jecht rushed towards it as fast as he could. The battle was long over before he finally arrived though, given that he was so far away, but there was no doubt about it: Soul Society, and the Gotei 13, had been here.

Finding no surviving Shinigami, Jecht looked for the Arrancars instead. He found one, a blond who was on the last edge of her life, and asked her for a portal to the Human World. She muttered something about "It's Air" as the portal opened and she died. Jecht stepped through, nearly blinded for a moment at the vivid bright lights of Los Angeles, and cracked his neck as he sealed off the reiatsu he could, knowing the general laws of Soul Society's impact in the Human World, but when he was seen by everyone he figured that things had changed in his time away.

Regardless, he had a new mission: Find someone, anyone, who knew what to do next.

For whatever reason, he happened to find someone right there in Los Angeles: A suave man with blue hair named Avon de Grey, who took one look at Jecht and gave him a set of instructions. He was to find Ika Mazi and tell him that he was sent by Avon. Jecht, of course, recognized the name de Grey, but the man didn't look at all familiar, so Jecht simply assumed that Avon was another member in the de Grey bloodline which Kira was a part of.

Jecht found Ika within two months, and the rest... as they say... is history.

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