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He managed to hitch a airplane ride after hiding within the cargo bay.

Trevor thought of jumping out of the cargo bay after his mission was completed still the sinner didn't know where he was going. He opens the door to the cargo bay and lands into a building without any deadly problems but a few bruises.. Then a nice cat start circling around with was pretty cute but throwing the animal off the building was better watching it smashed into a moving car's window. It slammed right into a local cafe killing a bunch of people this should be on the news as the helicopter was coming around. After getting a good look at it belonging to Channel Eight news something of a buzzkill. He was about ready to destroy the helicopter but looks at the high billboard and everything just stopped this place it's Karakura town. Just a matter of time before those soul bastards come right out of the shitworks and give the sinner a very bad day.

This might be a golden opportunity to play a vicious game with the soul reapers wondering if he could create someone that evil. Trevor needed to think about that some more creating a invisible magic cloak that completely blocks enemy senses something more a see through slasher. It was a beautiful idea to be silent, to be invisible and without nobody noticing it to be invincible that will be so perfect for killing victims randomly.

The invisible suit created demonic warps light around the sinner that objects, items surfaces behind him are visible. The other trait to the suit it confuses and enemy's senses making them believe the sinner is completely vanished this is going to be good. "Now..Who going to be my victim for today's bloodhouse special? Who is the lucky sonuvabitch for today?  Awww, How nice what a wonderful hero too bad about his new funeral tomorrow"

He jumps downward landing upon some trees using some acrobatic moves to make his way down even slower. Making his way into an alley getting his knife ready and then grabbing the man from the street and stabbing him repeatedly. The victim didn't even see his attacker as people where screaming for help as Trevor was running away nobody didn't even see him. This was wonderful the see-through slasher a perfect villain's name now that was his first kill attacking people at random bringing fear into the hearts of mankind. The first step to his anarchy was causing fear when they least expect it his next victim shouldn't be right now the sinner should stop and wait. He managed to steal the wallet right after killing the victim and now who was the new stiff for the hospital going to be today. "Hmmm, Some dude named John Wick.....Sucks to him right now doesn't it."

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