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#1 Zane Miata[Done] on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:11 am

Name: Zane Miata
Apparent Age: 21
True Age: 21
Sex: Male
Zane's personality compliments his abilities perfectly. He's a total hot head with almost zero anger control. He is irritated by the littlest of things and isn't shy about letting everyone know that he's lost his temper. Things that will set Zane off include: using the wrong tone with him, acting superior to him, being superior to him, stealing his jokes/puns before he can say them, taking credit for his work, and having to explain his joke/puns. The list is almost truly endless so its expected that 99 percent of the time Zane will be pissed about something.

Zane also likes to talk a big game making him one of the most arrogant people one could ever meet. Even when he is losing or doing poorly at something Zane will still make every attempt to highlight how amazing and skilled he is. This personality trait tends to make him feel abrasive to other people meaning that only people with high tolerances and strong wills can put up with Zane for any extended amount of time.

To go in combination with his arrogance is his loudness. Zane doesn't understand the concept of the decibel scale and essentially only has one volume he ever speaks in: yelling. The best metaphor to this is if someone spilled orange juice on Zane's caps lock key and now its sticky and stuck. If for some reason Zane isn't loud its a clear indicator that something is seriously wrong with him.

Despite all his flaws, Zane's fiery passion makes him an excellent friend when things get rough. He's always more than willing to have someone's back especially if what him and another are up against pisses him off. Additionally, despite his arrogance and temper Zane has no qualms about laying down his life for someone he truly cares about however, he'll make sure they know that what he is doing super heroic and still makes him better than them.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style:
Zane likes to get up close and personal when he fights. He loves to be inside the enemy's arm range delivering powerful and discontinuous combinations of attacks to cause large amounts of burst damage. Additionally, Zane excels at Hakuda allowing him to adapt to whatever opponent he is facing more easily. To further increase his offensive capabilities, Zane has the ability to fight at mid to long range when need be.
Strengths: Hakuda, Agility
Weaknesses: Sensing, Zanjutsu

Boosts: 2x All

Ability Name: Pyrokinesis
Type: Passive/Active
Zane is able to create and completely control flames at will with or without using his hands. Addtioanlly, Zane's flames are infused with his reiatsu upon creation making them much harder to extinguish. This is because the flames can consume Zane's reiatsu to burn even in the absence of catalysts, such as oxygen, or while under stress, such as if they exposed to water. Zane can also condense the reiatsu in the flames to make the flames act as solids. Such a flame are is called a Kotai-En (solid flame). Finally, Zane can choose which flame types to use for his abilities. Red flames can burn anything combustible, orange flames can scorch noncombustible materials, yellow flames can ignite any materials on their surfaces, blue flames can melt any non-organic/non-character materials, and white flames can vaporize any non-organic/non-character materials.
The damage listed below is from a standard flame that can be utilized for non-ability based attacks at the listed temperature range. Abilities using the flames and their respective temperature ranges have that damage stacked onto the ability damage.

|Flame Type|
|Bonus Damage|
Hadou 20
Hadou 40
1st Degree
Hadou 60
1 Post
1st Degree
Hadou 70
2 Posts
1st Degree
Hadou 80
3 Posts
2nd Degree

Ability Name: Ikari No Honō [Japanese: Fury Flames]
Type: Passive/Active
Every time Zane takes any ability based damage he builds Ikari (fury) stacks in the form of black circles on his right forearm. A stack can only be built once per damaging ability. After building 4 stacks, Zane can consume the stacks causing the circles to burn off and reset. As a result, Zane can use any ability, even ones on cooldown, without using any reiryoku. Any abilities used on cooldown have their cooldowns reset to the maximum number of posts. Additionally, only abilities with cooldowns of less than 6 posts can be used by consuming the stacks.

Ability Name: Kyōbōna Honō [Japanese: Berserker Flame]
Type: Active
Zane can use two flame types together on his next ability dealing the bonus damage from each flame type.
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Ability Name: Honō No Taihō [Japanese: Flame Cannon]
Zane creates an orb of fire with his choice of flames with a 20 meter diameter. Zane then compresses this fire down into an orb with a 0.5 meter diameter. Zane can control this orb and choose when to discharge the flames. Upon discharge, the flames erupt out in a beam with a 10 meter diameter and 100 meter range. Zane can stack up to three of these orbs without discharging them allowing him to discharge all of them at once or separately. Each flame beam deals Hadou 60 damage and applies bonus damage from Zane's flame choice on contact.
Cooldown: 1 Post - This cooldown regards when another orb can be made

Ability Name: Senkō Funka [Japanese: Piercing Eruption]
Zane builds up his choice of flames in layers on any area of his body or on a Kotai-En. This build up flames remains indefinitely until Zane chooses to discharge them. Upon discharge, the flames erupt in a highly focused form. This allows the flames to pierce armor, energy defenses and deal Hadou 80 damage. This ability has a range of 20 meters. Zane can stack Senkō Funka up to two times anywhere on his body or on a Kotai-En. The Senkō Funkas can be fired in unison or separately. Bonus damage from Zane's flame choice is applied on contact.
Cooldown: 4 Posts - Cooldown regards when another Senkō Funka can be prepared.


Boosts: 3x All

Ability Name: Kimera-En [Japanese: Chimera Flames]
Type: Passive
In Zane's secondary stage, his entire body and anything he is touching become completely engulfed by orange flames. Kimera-En augments Zane's basic movements with the orange flame type causing all physical strikes from him to deal additional damage equivalent to Hadou 40. In conjunction with this, opponents physically hit by Zane's Kimera-En are set ablaze and take Hadou 20 tick damage each post for 2 posts. This can refresh any number of times so long as Zane directly contacts an opponents with Kimera-En.
Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: 3 Posts

Ability Name: Honō No Haka [Japanese: Flame Tomb]
Type: Active
Zane super heats everything around him within a 15 meter radius. This deals Hadou 85 damage to any opponents. Zane is unaffected by this ability. Bonus damage and environmental effects from Zane's flame choice are applied on contact.
Cooldown: 4 posts

Ability Name: Inferunosaikuron [Japanese: Inferno Cyclone]
Type: Active
Zane creates uneven air currents resulting in the formation of a tornado/cyclone that is 100 meters tall and has a tapering diameter that starts at 1 meters and expands up to 25 meters at the top. Zane then injects his choice of flames into the cyclone causing it to become a fiery inferno. Zane can control the cyclone or let it move on its own. Enemies struck by the cyclone take Hadou 60 damage and and take Hadou 30 tick damage from burns every post for 2 posts. The cyclone lasts for the duration of the post that this ability is used.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Currently unknown IC - will discover soon.

Zane grew up an orphan and got bullied a lot. He was targeted so much because he was the youngest at his orphanage with the next closest child being several years older than him. This of course caused Zane to build up a tough exterior and act out. His bullying is also what made Zane's fuse so short. Zane's temper was so bad in fact that he would often scare of would-be parents by yelling at them for taking too long to make a decision about adopting him. This kept Zane in the orphanage despite his desire to leave.

When Zane was 8 a group of bullies at the orphanage were having an extra bad day and decided to take it out on Zane. Despite Zane's ferocity and will to fight their numbers and larger sizes led to him getting kicked around for several minutes before something happened. Zane's anger was enough to awaken his spiritual powers that were not surprisingly based on fire. Zane had no idea how to control his power and severely injured one of the bullies sending him to the hospital for several months. Now, Zane's life would be changed forever.

Zane spent the next 2 years in the juvenile correction system and learned how to control his power. Additionally, Zane's newly found power allowed him to be as tough and strong as he had always envisioned himself. He ended becoming a protector of the weak while incarcerated, defending those who couldn't or wouldn't defend themselves. However, Zane always scolded those he helped when they thanked him. He would always tell them to get strong so he wouldn't have to waste his time protecting them. In Zane's language this meant: "I've been where you are and becoming stronger will help you get out of this place so you won't need me to protect you anymore." After his two year sentence Zane was supposed to be released back into the orphanage system but easily escaped off into the world to find he own path. He never had parents and he figured he didn't need them.

At the age of 10 Zane meant an old man who wasn't afraid of him or his abilities and instead saw great potential in Zane. He offered Zane a place to stay and training at his dojo in exchange for Zane's help maintaining it. Of course, Zane wouldn't show any appreciation and insisted that the old man actually needed him and that Zane would be doing a favor by joining him. Despite this, Zane felt thankful for the old man's kindness.

Over the next 11 years Zane helped the old man maintain his dojo and learned everything about the martial arts that he possible could from him. All this knowledge combined with his natural ability allowed Zane to excel at hakuda and resulted in him actually teaching classes at the dojo. Eventually however, it came time for Zane to venture out into the world once more to continue his journey. He told the old man that he'd see him again in the future and not to die before then. The old man smiled and sent him off knowing full well how much he actually meant to Zane.

Recently, Zane has been searching for others potentially like him that he could join to further increase his abilities and make something of a permanent home. However, Zane's attitude has made this hard for him thus far.
Side Notes: Looking for at least tier 1-3.

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#2 Re: Zane Miata[Done] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:02 am

Approved once all fixes are made at 1-1

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