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#1 Wolfgang Oisin on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:27 am


Name: Wolfgang "Wolf" Oisin
Apparent Age: 21
True Age: 30
Sex: Male
Personality: Though the personality of Wolf is that of a timid boxer, he is a little more then just that. Out of combat he is a loner keeping to himself not really talking to anyone but only if he is in a bad part of a area. This is due to him being bullied by people when he was little. Though his mother was very nice to me and try to support him as hard as she can so he is naturally willing to help anyone who need it. Most of the time he spends his time with orphans helping them out with homework or helping them get adopted cause he feels that everyone deserve a mother and father to love them and to give couples a child they can love. He only talk if needed.

During combat is a different story, he never talks during it. He also becomes more aggressive and keeps getting in his enemies face. His rage increases by a lot making it hard to fight with a skilled opponent or range opponents. He will disregard any pain he gets during combat and tanks though it like it was a minor cut. It is reckless for him to do it because his father told him to keep a level head, he does when he needs to.


Height: 6'8
Weight: 159 LBS
Physical Traits: Wolfgang has light brown short hair, his face looks a little like Sylvester Stallone in rocky which is favorite movie. Well its more like he looks a little like Rocky with short hair but the hair was so people wouldn't say anything about it. He has amber eyes with a sun like outline in the middle of the iris which looks like a sun with a black center. His skin is a lighter tone then Stallone, this is his natural skin tone. He is ripped due to his career, he is in the heavy weight class of boxing being about 231 Lbs of musical.

He has battle scars all over his chest and back from battles against hollows and some bat shit crazy people. He normally wears his combat gloves, jeans with a belt, a belt buckle that say Champ, a black t-shirt, grey jacket, black and yellow running shoes, and a hat with the word "Whatever" on it. He has a tattoo of a strange looking demon on his chest, this being tide in with his families history. He wears a necklace with his family cress on it around his neck. He also wears wears ring that belong to his grandfather on his right ring finger.


General Fighting Style: Wolfgang uses a style of combat that uses combo like attacks. Though most of it is punching, this style of combat was used in boxing at one point by wolf himself, it is very hard to get to a safe distance. As I said it was used in boxing by wolf himself and he kept a champion for about of 8 years. Many people try to find a way to learn it but no one cause even get past the first lesson in how to use it cause Wolf had tried teaching it. Any body type can use it and be powerful but for some strange reason no one cause learn it. The style is called Asura's Wrath which is also known as Titans Wrath because of the origins. It was made in China during that Tang Dynesty by Taoists Chun Irvine, it was later modified to use heavy gauntlets and explosions, though it is unknown why. The style was later taught to a man name Dan Oisin where he past down the style to his kid and so did they. While in combat, Asure's Wrath looks like a Kung Fu type martial art because Tao wanted to use Kung Fu without kicking so he made the style. The style does have some long range attacks, but only fullbringers can do it, Spear chucker with is similar in power to a Jūgeki Byakurai which looks like a spear of electricity  is being thrown, Dragon Breath which is similar in power as a Shakkahō which launches a flaming Chinese dragon at high speeds and finally Glacier Bomb which is similar in power as a Raikōhō, it launches a orb that explodes the same size as a large Glacier. The style of combat was also meant for deflecting blades from attacking enemies, though primarily used for the user to fight off his enemy if his weapon is knocked out of their hands. Wolf also learned how to uses any environment surroundings in combat.
Strengths: Ground combat, Environment usage, and defending against blade using enemy's
Weaknesses: very long range attacks, being underwater, and in air combat


Fullbring Item: Combat gloves
Fullbring Appearance:

Ability Name: Wolf Pack
Description: Summons 2 copies of himself that has 50% less power then the user does. (cooldown 2 turns)

Ability Name: Multi Tool.
Description: This ability changes Wolf's weapon into default weapon, this can change to any kind of veneration of a weapon or as a range weapon that deals small amount of damage if the firing rate is fast or heavy amount of damage if firing rate is very slow, it take spirit energy to fire. Fast firing is as strong as a Sho, while Slow firing is as strong as a Haien (cooldown 1 turn)

Boosts: Strength 3x, Speed 3x, Stamina 3x, Defense 3x, and Endurance 3x


Fullbring Appearance:

Ability Name: Tremor
Description: Causes a shock wave that can launch enemies in the air or can launch enemies with a single strike, this can lead to a devastating combo of attacks (cooldown 1 turn) (can not effect opponents that are to strong for the user)

Ability Name: Abyssal Chain
Description: A chain that launches from the wrist and can bring light enemy to user or bring the user to heavy enemies, could also bring the user to a wall when hit gets hooked. The design of the chain is similar to that to a hookshot. (range 30 meter) (can be used 5 times with a 1 turn cooldown)

Ability Name: Great Wall
Description:  Brings out a large barrier that can block incoming attacks but will shatter if the attacks is to strong.(Health 5 hits) (cool down starts when shield breaks)(cooldown 2 turns)

Ability Name: Hard shell  
Description: Increase defense by 50% for 3 turns (cooldown 4 turns)

Boosts: Strength 4x, Speed 4x, Stamina 4x, Defense 4x, Durability 4x


History: When his mother was 8 months pregnant with Wolf, she was attack by a hollow, lucky for her she only got minor cuts and a shimigami was passing by at the time. When he was born he was taken to examine because he was born with a battle scar like mark on his back. They found nothing and gave him back to his mother, she named him Wolfgang after Mozart because that was her favorite kind of music to listen to while she did work. Wolfs mother was doctor while his father was a pro lightweight boxer. His father was known as the Lightning Fist Berserker. Wolf was picked on because of his strange birth mark, they say he was attack by a cat when he was born because he probably looked tasty, Wolf didn't have any friends at the time. When Wolf became 12 his father started to train him in Asure's Wrath, he learned quick and didn't use it as he would if he got picked on. By age 16 he had entered in a boxing competition with all the bullies that picked on him though most of his life, he beat all of him with no problem but when he faced the champion he got his ass handed to him on a silver platter. By age 23 he was in a heavyweight class match with pros, he did win the the title of champion and defended his title for 6 years. He then lost to a rookie around the age he started with, it was a even match but the rookie got lucky. He gave up his title with pride cause he knows that the rookie box for fun and to meet new people. The two became close friends, Wolf trained him so he would keep his title longer then Wolf had. Wolf did unlock his Fullbringer powers around the same time he became a champ, and his power grew after he befriended with the rookie. I should talk about his families history shouldn't I? Well the Oisin's were thought to be demons slayers a long time ago, the demon a Wolf's chest is called O skoteinós daímonas or the dark demon. Little is known about this creature, but Wolf believes that it will show it's ugly face once more. Anyway back to the present, Wolf works with other fullbringers but the do not know what his face looks like, he also works with the soul society but they are in the same boat as the fullbringers as well.
Side Notes: Wolfs Boxer name was the Lightning Berserker Wolf after his father's boxing name. Wolf wears a mask during his fights with hollows and others. He also knows all forms of boxing. All Tech have a two turn cool down.
Roleplay Sample: Some fullbringers saw Wolf without his mask on but they didn't know it was him as a fullbringer, all they saw was the legendary Boxer the Lightning Berserker Wolf. They ran up to him asking him for his autograph cause they are fans, Wolf did give them the autograph, but he saw a powerful hollow in the distance so he said "Sorry but i need to get back to training, sorry i could not stay and chat longer but need to train." He then ran off and got his mask, the hollow slammed him into a wall while he was getting his mask on, it surprised him. He got up and slugged the hollow hard, he then jabbed at the area where he got the slug in. The hollow tried to escape but Wolf grabbed its leg and slammed it back down on the ground. It tried to speak but all that came out was a loud scream of pain, that signaled more hollows to show up, Wolf changed his combat gloves into arm mounted steak drivers. He killed them one at a time but a heavy armored hollow had thrown him into some buildings, Wolf gets up and charge up a steak driver heavy attack. The heavy armor hollow charge, when it was 4 feet away from Wolf, he slugged it in the chest and the steak goes through the armor with a lot of force. The strike was strong that the steak went clean through leaving a lined hole. The other fullbringers finally showed up and they said "God Wolf, overkill much. I think these hollows messes with the wrong person. Hey why not come back with us and..." Before the fullbringer could finish Wolf left and went home to take a nap. "I hate hollows so god damn much, never giving me a break."

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#2 Re: Wolfgang Oisin on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:01 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
Ability Name: Wolf Pack
Description: Summons 2 copies of himself that has 50% less power then the user does, they can be detonate at will and will do 20% less power then the user. (cooldown 2 turns)

Assuming that they move and attack, the cooldown is gonna need to scale up to 5 posts. This aligns a bit better with the Gemelos scaling (which is the body double that moves). The detonation I'm assuming is by Wolfgang's command. I'm recommending a Cero-ish level of damage instead of a percent scaling because 20% of your power in a single explosion strikes me as overkill.

So before I continue, I'll state we've been over this, real strengths and weaknesses based on stats. What is your character good at, and not good at? In addition to this, just note that Tremor might be seen as an 'auto-hit' though I'll still allow it,
on the condition that if someone is clearly more powerful than you, they can physically 'nope' its effects.

Ability Name: ARMory

Denied due to bad puns. ;P

Ability Name: Reflector
Description: When Blocking, all range attacks can be sent back to the person who had launch it, this only applies to energy based attacks. Energy based attacks also can be reflected in a different direction, any homing attacks are not effected by this ability. (cooldown 2 turns)

First off, reflecting any number of ranged attacks is a definite nope. I can see allowing it for Bala, but nothing else.
In the case of 'reflection' abilities, save for those that aren't true reflection, the post cooldown should equal twice the cooldown of what you blocked.

Ability Name: Armor Piercing
Description: A ability that breaks though barriers, it has recoil that causes major harm to the user so it must be use sparingly, like could break a lot of bones harm. (cooldown 4 turns)

I'm fairly sure Jeff's made it clear in the past that he doesn't like 'anti' abilities. While I'm not so sure that I agree with the whole of that concept, I do agree that having an 'anti' meta would be bad, especially since taking it too far can break a few rules.
For now, I'd simply suggest that a measure of power be attached to this ability (such as Gran Rey/Oscuras) with a fitting cooldown,
thus giving you the ability to break through most barriers without having an 'anti' ability. I'm not going to approve of a 'breaks every barrier' ability. Though to be fair, potentially damaging your own skeletal structure is an interesting mechanic.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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#3 Re: Wolfgang Oisin on Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:08 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
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#4 Re: Wolfgang Oisin on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:14 am

Mei T

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Application Announcement:

This application has been without an update for nearly 10 months. Due to such it is moved to Inactive Section.


Yuki was here!<3
Noz was here too Razz
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