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#1 [Open] Bunny Kicker: Rebirth on Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:26 am

Cai Was more than glad to be back on his old stomping grounds, Harlem hadn't changed at all give or take a few new delis that popped up here and there "I'M HOME!!!" his voice echoed down the long tunnel he was standing in as a truck driver waited for him to move out the way. "Oh ya sorry man! But could I get a lift?" the truck driver gave a rather displeased sigh as Cai rushed to the front of the truck and hopped on the back and took a seat with his bag resting next to him while he pulled out his tablet from his messanger bag and played moble fighting game. The driver did his best to try and ignor the young man in the back of his truck but Cai just wanted to talk to someone as he hadn't talked to another living being for some time now "Say do you think I could stay over at your place for the night?" he asked playing with a long strand of hair telling him he needs a hair cut and really long shower.

Once thye arrived at the Drives home he gave Cai a well desivered look of anger as he opened the door allowing him to enter first "Thanks man your a life saver!" the young man rushed inside and and laid on the floor while still holding his bags as he never really lets his guad down even while asleep. By Cai woke up and found the drives bath room and gave himself a hair cut then showered, as he was taking a shower he felt a really strange power around the house Well bro thanks for letting me stay here for the night. is the thing he wanted to say to him if he didn't make his way back to the home he may have skipped out on.

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