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#11 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:50 pm

Red sighed as he stepped out and shook his head, "And here I was hoping to kill all three of you well before this could turn into a problem, oh well," true to his name he was wearing red armor bearing a white shield with a red cross on it and a standard looking sword with a cross for the handguard, seeming almost like some sort of priest or paladin, "But it looks like I will have to do this the hard way.."

He walked past Saria, not even giving her the time of day, and headed for the hollow who was holding the human, which was going to be the bigger of the three threats as he could sense the differences in their powers. If Saria disliked his plan he'd deal with her then, but assuming he made it to the guy holding the human hostage he'd smile and sound rather chipper, "You are looking for a shinigami? Well you have found one. Come along then and we shall discuss how best to send you back to the soul stream from whence you came monster."

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#12 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:41 am

As the little human in Calder's hand squirmed and pleaded he prepared to answer. However, Calder would not get a chance to reply to the human's request to not do anything crazy. Instead, another arrancar entered the scene spouting something about wanting to eat the human. Although watching this lower arrancar consume the human would be amusing Calder still needed him to flush out a shinigami. However, again before Calder could reply another arrancar appeared once more. This arrancar was different. She immediately placed herself between Calder and the previous arrancar. Then Calder was shocked at her words. She was directly connected to the Espada and the Cero Espada nonetheless. Calder mumbled under his breath.


However, the surprises would not end. It appeared Calder and this Saria Lisola noticed the presence of the shinigami at the same time. Calder smiled. This was incredible as Calder rarely showed any outward emotion. Calder squeezed the human tightly one last time before he spoke to the first arrancar.

"I tell you what. I've got what I came for, he's all yours."

Calder tossed the human with immense force directly at the first arrancar and turned to the shinigami just as he arrived in front of Calder. Calder listened to the shinigami give a shinigami's usual harangue and then swung his massive zanpaktou up over his right shoulder before replying. The wind from the movement of Calder's zanpaktou caused the air in the area to move outward radially clearing all debris.

"I'm very pleased you could make it shinigami. Hopefully you can give me what I'm looking for."

Calder raised his left hand and charged up a full Bala and aimed it at the shinigami. The shinigami was clearly on par with Calder if not slightly stronger which meant Calder couldn't afford to hold anything back. The fact that the shinigami was stronger was actually a good thing. It meant that the shinigami had a higher chance of having the information Calder was after. Calder would deal with the shinigami first and then figure out how to deal with the Cero Espada's guardian. Calder narrowed his eyes on the shinigami and fired his Bala waiting to see how the shinigami would react.

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#13 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:09 am

The pain made him go in and out of conciseness and once he woke up again he saw another hollow and two people that looked like humans but his vision was too blurry for him to make out l can't really move my arm or feel it he thought as he hung from his arm, when anyone spoke the words sounded muffled as he tried to keep himself from falling asleep again Cai really didn't know what to say or do as he was too out of it at that point. He had heard the bigger hollow say something about dumpling mething tlike that if it wasn't just his hurger getting to him "Hey put me down..." he muttered as he looked up at the hollow starting to come too just enough to look around and move his legs a bit.

Cai held his now broken arm tightly as he laid on the ground too afraid to look at the damage that was inflicted to his arm "Thanks...for the save man." he said using his blazer to cover his arm. He did his best not to fall over and pass out again it was like all the bones in his arm had turned to dust and with that, the young man made his exit as it was with the last bit of energy he could muster. "My head feels ...soo...Light." Cai stopped running just a few blocks from a hospital as he looked at his pruble and blue arm and collapsed in a ally way.

[Sorry for lack of color and stuff i'll do better.]

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#14 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:00 am

He saw that the strange human left and it made him sad cause he wanted to eat it but there was something more important, a shimigami showed up and a higher up was here as well. It said something about bringing back the one he was talking to, Quill said "Once we are kill the shimigami, im going back home, i'll come back for that strange one because his soul look tasty." he then step next to the one who was retrieving the other one or something. He then said "The name is Quill Fraccion to Yukari Hirai, it is nice to meet you." his other side said "Why are wes talking when wes can be killing and eating" "Sorry about that two sided coin here, don't worry about him he is basically harmless at this point" He then get ready to fight. He said last "Also i will help you take the other one back with us, chaos isn't good at this time, stirs up the pray and makes it harder to feed"

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#15 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:50 pm

The Human ran off, probably for the better. The other Arrancar decided he was going to go hunt something, and based off that energy Saria was feeling, she had a good idea of who exactly Quill was going to go hunt. Turning towards her Target and the Shinigami, Saria stared through them with reckless abandon.

"I will not interfere." Saria's orders were to bring back the Arrancar. However, she knew her own limits, and knew that the Shinigami here was much more powerful than her, and even slightly more powerful than her Target himself. If he were to lose the fight, The Cero Queen may be upset, but she also knew that the Cero Queen would not want her to be hurt, or at least at serious risk. Using Sonido to get out of line of sight, Saria sat down on a rooftop and closed her eyes, watching the fight that Quill and that Human were about to have, hearing the gunshots ring out, and watching the fight her Target and the Shinigami were about to have.

There was nothing she could do regardless, except sit and watch.

[Skip over me in posts. I will not interfere until the fight is over.]
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Lisola Blood [Passive]
As a Lisola, she has access to massive amounts of spiritual energy and spiritual power. Enough that she can use it to overcome most, if not all, physical deficiencies, if any, by supplementing it with her spiritual abilities. Her body is harder to injure because of that but once you bypass this "heirro" like defense she has nothing else protecting her. Saria's hierro is invisible, but when struck will flash in the nearby area with her reiatsu to signal that it's there so it doesn't just look like nothing stopped it.

Arrancar Prodigy [Passive]
Saria is gifted with many of the natural Arrancar abilities being taken to the extreme. Saria's Sonido is advanced, to where she can make two movements where anyone else would make one, giving her much greater control of her speed; Saria's Regeneration is advanced, to the extent that minor scratches are healed instantly, deep wounds require one full post to heal, and missing limbs require only two posts; finally, Saria's Pesquisa is unique insofar as it is constantly active, when coupled with her natural sensing abilities makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hide from her in any form.

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#16 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:53 am

The shinigami merely sighed in a bored manner as he raised his shield to block the incoming bala letting it disperse against his Zanpaktou like it was nothing, "Give you what you seek? The only thing a shinigami will give you hollow is a quick death.." which he re-iterated through action as he activated his snake bite skill causing him to strike at the hollow with his sword twice however due to the speed of the sword technique, the two hits appear as if done with 2 swords instead of just one, and only one sound of impact is released. Possibly causing the hollow to wonder what exactly just happened. This was repeated two more times before "Red" stood still and simply waited to see if the hollow would release into the "dreaded" resurreccion arrancar were known for or if the thing was going to die uselessly like the rest of it's kind were destined to do.

(Short post but I only had one small attack to deal with lol)

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#17 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:42 pm

Calder looked bored and displeased as the Shinigami delivered a typical pompous speech portraying the Gotei as Gods worthy of passing judgment on other beings. If they were truly Gods then their judgement would be absolute. However, given how so many had fallen to the hands of beings like Calder there were clearly just diluted, arrogant imbeciles that needed to be brought down a few notches.

"You Shinigami are all the same: pompous and dumb. One last thing. I'm not a hollow."

As Calder finished his words the Shinigami lashed out with a flurry of attacks that were clearly too fast for someone of Calder's type to really dodge or counter. Instead, he let his Hierro do his work for him. The Shinigami's attacks were mostly nullified however, 6 small cuts appeared on Calder's skin as blood barely trickled out of them. Calder touched his free hand to one of the cuts and brought his hand to meet his eyes studying his own blood before speaking.

"Impressive reiatsu you have there Shinigami. You actually managed to cut my Hierro."

Calder squeezed his zanpaktou extremely tightly with his right hand. So hard in fact, that it began to crack under the sheer pressure of Calder's grasp. From the cracks in Calder's zanpaktou leaked out purple reiatsu that began to swarm around Calder in a torrent as he spoke his release phrase.

"Neyta, Framkvæmdastjóri."

The torrent of purple reiatsu became a maelstrom that completely obstructed Calder from the Shinigami's view. As the purple reiatsu dissipated Calder stood covered in a matte black, plated armor called Brynja. His entire right arm was a dark gray 8 ribbed cone structure with a surgically sharp point. Calder pointed the cone on his forearm at the Shinigami and charged up a Cero before fringing it off with a stone cold demeanor. Calder wasn't intending to do much himself. In fact, he was going to let the Shinigami get close to him at which point he would attempt to hinder his movements with his Hindrun. This would make Calder's Brynja a porous material and temporarily negate his Minnka. In exchange, bands of incredibly dense reiatsu arcs would erupt from the pores in the Brynja with a 10 meter radius. If the Shinigami was struck by any of these bands, his speed would suffer a 1x penalty. This reduction in speed would give Calder the upper hand to then engage more offensively.

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#18 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:20 am

"A hollow by any other name is still a hollow. You really think you are any different because you copy our power?" Red said nonchalantly as he simply waited and allowed the arrancar to release, noticing the six small cuts healing in the process and simply not caring, "Is that it? Is that all the power you can muster?" now that there were no spectator's that Red intended to leave alive, his personality seemed to have changed. He was far less caring and aggressive, "You are not prepared. I will crush you abomination." his shield blocked the incoming cero, though he slid back several feet from the force of the blow, and sighed, "Try harder."

Bands of "something" came out to strike him and he just kept using his shield and sword to counter them as they came in. He felt himself seemingly slow down but considering he was currently in defense form and not speed form. He didn't see any reason to care.
"Come on then. You managed your little trick. Come and I will show you how pointless it really is." He stood there, waiting, undaunted. He didn't even bother making another offense yet. He saw no reason to end this too quickly after all. The hollow may have similar energy levels but that was where differences ended.

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#19 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:45 am

The Shinigami's harangue was getting very old quickly to Calder. It was obvious the Shinigami had accepted the teachings of the Gotei without questioning them whatsoever - simply taking them as law and absolute truth. Calder almost pitied the Shinigami but then remembered how irritating his speeches were. Calder watched as the Shinigami suffered the affects of his Hindrun. Calder's Brynja returned to normal reactivating his Minnka. It was obvious the Shinigami had some increased defensive capabilities in his current state however, Calder had a solution. He thrust the tip of his cone into the ground and pumped a massive amount of reiatsu under the battlefield and spoke while all this occurred.

"Copy? If that's how you see it then you must have a child's mind."

From the ground less than 1 meter in radius around Red erupted 6 bursts of concentrated reiatsu that were 5 meters in length and could travel for 100 meters. The bursts were all angled to cross a single point at Red's current location. Although Red's defensive capabilities were quite impressive there was almost no way he could guard from all 6 directions simultaneously as he was. He would likely try to dodge however, his current speed debuff would make this difficult. Despite the low probability of him dodging Calder had reserved 2 bursts of reiatsu underground just in case Red was successful at dodging . In this scenario, Calder would fire off the last two bursts from directly under Red as he finished his dodge during his recoil time before he could move again. However, if the initial 6 bursts hit Red he would fire the remaining two bursts at Red's current position for a follow up. Combined all the bursts would deal Cero level damage.

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