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#1 [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:11 am

Calder needed to stir the pot. He didn't want his plans to stagnate but he also didn't want to be discovered. The Espada believe him to be dead however, he couldn't operate from the shadows forever. He needed to gather information. He had been in hiding too long and needed to know the state of the world. He figured he could flush out some low level shinigami and get him to talk. Calder walked down the main street in Karakura Town with each of his footsteps cracking the pavement and crushing cars. Screams of terror rang out as humans fled from an invisible force of destruction. With his right hand, Calder took his massive doubled-edged meat cleaver zanpaktou from his back and slashed through a building. Shrapnel flew everywhere. A piece hit a fire hydrant causing a watery torrent to spray and form a mist of chaos. Calder charged a Cero and prepared to level another building - the screams of the humans louder than ever.

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#2 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:44 pm

Cai bounced his way from rooftop from rooftop To think after today I'll be home soon and I'll be able to sleep on a nice warm bed. the memory of the bed in the house he left without even a goodbye letter filled his mind at the same time as the sounds of cars being crushed and people yelling in fear of something. "Why does it have to be Hollows!" so far the number of hollows that have shown up while he has been in this town has gone up. He made his way to where the chaos was going on. Oddly enough no Shinigami arrived as they normally did but who could really complain he could handle this solo if he really wanted to.

When he saw the hollow it looked different to him it was more like a really huge human that never left the gym What is this power? No way this guy can't be that hard to take down. for this to work he would have to make a plan or something to keep the damage to a minimum. Cai jumped off of a car that was just three feet away and kicked two blades of wind at his back that would more than likely just itch Calder's back if anything and if that got his attention he would follow up with pressurized airball to his neck. "Hey, big man why don't ya stop and fight me!!" he yelled landing on one of the cars he stepped on Jeez this guy must be one of those new types or what ever. the name was lost to time with him as he pulled out a small bag of dumplings and ate them all.

Abilities :
Ability Name: Aerokinesis
Description: This gives him the psychic ability to manipulate, control, or alter air molecules, wind currents, and control air to an extent with the mind. This allows him to create walls, bullets, slashes, and blasts of air. (Hadou 20)

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#3 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:07 pm

Calder didn't sense the incoming reiatsu as his own reiatsu was drowning it out. However, Calder did feel two small impacts hit his back. The hits were easily deflected by his hierro however, the reiatsu he was now sensing was not a shinigami's - it clearly belonged to a human. Calder turned with his Cero still charged only to see another incoming attack. The attack seemed a bit stronger this time but Calder raised his Cero to the incoming attack. In a flash of red reiatsu the attack was consumed. The Cero continued onward blazing just by the humans head kicking up his hair. The Cero smashed into a building behind the human completely destroying it in a maelstrom of destruction. Debris and dust filled the air as if a volcanic eruption had just occurred. Calder threw his zanpaktou over his right shoulder, with the force of this movement pulsing out molding the dust and debris into stable streams that emanated from Calder.

Calder examined the human before him. Clearly his reiatsu and abilities were well above that of a normal human but Calder was after a shinigami. Calder thought that perhaps the human might be able to tell him one's location or at the very least flush one out with his screams. Calder watched the human eat his dumplings before he spoke with his deep voice.

"I will oblige your request. You're no shinigami but I'm can help me find one."

Calder raised his zanpaktou above his head and smashed it into the ground sending several massive pieces of asphalt from the road flying at the human. Calder had to be careful not to kill this human if he wanted to gather any intel.

Abilities Used:
Ability Name: Cero
Power: Hadou 60 Equivalent
Cooldown: 1 Post

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#4 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:10 am

Cai couldn't help but feel just a little frighted as the Hollow fired his attack that just passed him What the hell is this guy made of? the question was a good one as he fell from the shock waves. "I have to say you are a lot bigger than all the rest. Man only if it was that simple man." hopefully, the act could by him some time as he bounced from the car to light pool and window while making sure not to get to close to him. Holy shit that was close! I gotta make sure that thing don't get crazy. he looked at his pendant and gripped it tightly "Shit I'm soo screwed if I even get close to him! But maybe?" he muttered taking over behind one of the store signs.

The size and power of the man were enough to warrant him to fall back but at the same time the safety of the people was slightly higher up on the to-do list "Hey big man what are you doing here and why are you looking for a shinigapi?" he asked using the chibi wings to send a gust of glass shards at him "I mean is it a hollow thing or just a you thing?" hopefully all the questioning would make him rage out and do something reckless.

Abilities :
Ability Name: Luna Wind
Description: Chibi wing sprout from Cai's back allowing him to fly and make strong guest of winds. (Hadou 41/Cd 1 post)

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#5 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:21 am

Calder watched the human scurry like a little ant trying to avoid being squashed. It was actually slightly entertaining for Calder to see a human move in such a way. As the shards of glass shot at Calder they glittered in the sunlight almost like shooting stars. Calder had to commend the human. He was wise to keep his distance from Calder. As the shards approached, Calder stayed still not even flinching. The shards hit him one by one shattering into dust against his Hierro. Based on the human's words, it appeared that he had never seen an Arrancar before.

"I think you're confused. I'm not a hollow. I'm an Arrancar."

As Calder finished his last word he launched his zanpaktou at the human spinning it as he let go. This caused his zanpkatou to rotate rapidly as it flew towards the human. The spin would make his zanpaktou act as a boomerang returning to Calder in an arc. Calder guessed the human would dodge and charged up a very weak Bala, by Calder's standards, and launched it at the position he believed the human would dodge into.

Abilities Used:
Ability Name: Bala
Damage: Hadou 40 equivalent

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#6 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:36 am

Seeing the glass turn to dust was not something he liked at all "Wait but then if your not one whats an Arran thingy you re then? Cuz it sounds like the same thing?" it felt like he was really getting to know Calder from their small talks but the time for talk can wait until the battle was over Shit nothing I do hurts this guy but I gotta take him out, Cai jumped on top of a light pool and used it to launch himself at the giant while using the air around him to make sure that he landed a solid hit on his knee's. The moment that he would hit Calder assuming he didn't move or anything Cai fell to the ground unable to move What the hell did he not even feel that at all? the question was something that he had never stopped to ask himself when fighting some bigger than him. All of his hopes were put into ending the fight as fast as he could so he could get whatever info he had and leave it but the current standing was not in his favor at all "Hey man why attack this place?" he asked.

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#7 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:41 pm

Calder watch the human as he continued to dance around on his pools of light. At the very least, Calder thought the human was acrobatic. However, the human then charged at through the air attempting to land a strike on his knees. This would have been a reasonable tactic if the two were on the same level however, Calder knew the attack would not phase him. Instead, he stood still allowing Cai to land his attack. Calder then watched as the human fell in agony to the ground unable to move. Cai then asked him a question and out of pitty the Arrancar responded.

"I told you, I'm hoping your struggling will flush out a shinigami. I'm in need of some information from one of them"

Calder reached down attempting to pick Cai up in his left hand only. Calder planned to squeeze the human a bit and test how strong his bones were.

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#8 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:03 am

Cai still didn't understand as to why the Arrancar even bothered to tell him anything it was like he wanted a toy to play with until he got want he wanted, Man I should have called for back up or something other than fighting him alone he thought still doing his best to try and get back to his feet to no avail. He tried to use the wind to lift himself up but nothing worked it was like he was in space that blocked his powers from working Shit...this does not look good a thought that he tried not to keep in front of his mind. Fear took hold of him as Calder picked him up by his arm "Hehe hey man lets not do anything crazy now..." he felt as if he was going to die but it was much worse than anything as the Arrancar applied pressure to his arm he did his best not to let out a yell for help but all that came out was cries of pain. Cai punched and kicked at Calder's hand in hopes he could break free as the feeling in his arm started to fade the more he tried to get free.

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#9 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:06 am

Quill warped into the area cause he was helping out his master at last moment and could come till now, he didn't want to let others know he was here so he gets into his dark beast armor and start to catch up with the others. This is basically his free time, since he had nothing to do for such a long time but to wander around in a dumb dessert, this was basically the only fun thing he could do without his master master would care about. He then saw two people fighting, it seemed like another arrancar and what seemed to be someone who was able to fight it, but not as good. The thing looked tasty and he was hungry and haven't tried anything like that person before, but the Arrancar seemed stronger. He would land near them and say "Hello, nice night for a hunt isn't it, do you mind if i try that one you are hunting at the moment, i have not tried anything like it yet and i would be glad if you share it with me." He said all this while in his Dark Beast armor. Though he left before cause he remembered that he wanted to try something while he was here so he left the others to it.


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#10 Re: [Battle] Stirring The Pot on Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:35 am

Karakura Town. A place full of natural reishi, one of the first locations where Humans began to see spirits and souls. The short red-haired Arrancar stepped from her Garganta as it closed behind her, immediately sensing her target. If he was openly causing panic and mayhem... well, the Cero Queen gave the orders. She was to bring him to Los Noches, regardless of whether or not he agreed to come. Sensing his power, though, the redhead wondered if she was in too deep here.

She had never questioned an order before, however, and she certainly was not about to start here. She closed in on the location of the Arrancar she was after, though she knew not his name (she never knew their names), and sensed several other above average reiatsus near him. Was he in a fight? That could, potentially, help her case. Still, she'd have to gauge the situation before stepping in.

When in visual range, she saw her target holding a Human in his hand and another Arrancar who had just warped in and dropped down in strange armor said something to her target, though Saria could not hear it. Figuring he would attack her target, Saria decided to step in, using Sonido to appear in between her target and the Arrancar who had just showed up.

"Step away from him. He is under the protection of the Cero Queen." Her voice, much like her eyes, were cold and emotionless, stating facts rather than opinions. An observant eye would see no Zanpakutou anywhere on the girl's body, and despite her being much smaller than her Target, she could tell she was stronger than both the human and the other Arrancar. "Come along, Shinigami, I know you are there. Stop hiding in the shadows." At the moment, it looked like Saria Lisola and her target would face off against the Human, the other Arrancar, and the Shinigami.

Hopefully this would end well.

"My name is Saria Lisola, Guardian of the Cero Queen herself. You should introduce yourselves as well, so we are aware of what to place on your Gravestones." The complete apathy in her voice would highlight the seriousness of her taunting the three oncomers.
technique log [click to open]
Lisola Blood [Passive]
As a Lisola, she has access to massive amounts of spiritual energy and spiritual power. Enough that she can use it to overcome most, if not all, physical deficiencies, if any, by supplementing it with her spiritual abilities. Her body is harder to injure because of that but once you bypass this "heirro" like defense she has nothing else protecting her. Saria's hierro is invisible, but when struck will flash in the nearby area with her reiatsu to signal that it's there so it doesn't just look like nothing stopped it.

Arrancar Prodigy [Passive]
Saria is gifted with many of the natural Arrancar abilities being taken to the extreme. Saria's Sonido is advanced, to where she can make two movements where anyone else would make one, giving her much greater control of her speed; Saria's Regeneration is advanced, to the extent that minor scratches are healed instantly, deep wounds require one full post to heal, and missing limbs require only two posts; finally, Saria's Pesquisa is unique insofar as it is constantly active, when coupled with her natural sensing abilities makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hide from her in any form.

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