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Winderlin walked to his private training spot that he always went to. The walk was longer then normally since he knew what he was doing. He was getting into another training session. He was suppose to be meeting the great Rena of Water, well the nickname he gave her. Hopefully she could teach him something new and help him with his secret mist that only Maki and Sakota know about.

Winderlin went to his spot which was a really big open field with trees surround the area and a pond with a river flowing into it. This gave Winderlin his air and water advantage when it came to training and fighting. Now all he had to do was wait for Rena to show up......

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Reika sighed as she watched a man walked into the area from her perch on a large branch where she was laying patiently, This must be the one who Rena promised to train. She was gone, but part of her lived through Reika. That part made the cat woman want to finish Rena's obligations before starting her own path through this world, jumping down she landed with a soft and graceful thud behind the man and crossed her arms, "You would desire the control over that which gives all life sustenance yes?"

She looked him over as she circled him, "I can work with this. You are probably wondering who the hell I am and where Rena is. While these are valid questions, know that not only will I not answer them, but I will also work you like a dog until you have mastered what power you believe you have over that which cleanses all things throughout time. Water." She put a hand on her sword at her hip and waited to see if the man would object and try to leave. If not she would continue, "Before we get started on learning new things I will need to see what you can do on your own. Whether you need to use me as a target for this or not I don't care."

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Winderlin wasn't really sure what was happening anymore. He was told and promised training with someone named Rena but that person wasn't here. This other woman who looked really amazing was going to train him and it took him back for a minute. She kept talking and giving him some talk and then orders. He stared at her for a moment not sure what to do and what she meant but he inhaled and he assumed.

He walked back into the middle of the field and exhaled. He threw his arms around him making the pond empty and covering his body in water. He then made a sword and turned from water to ice and then gas. Once He did that he flipped forward and fly in the air with his wind and stayed there for a bit before using all the water around his body and making a follow slide. Once he landed on the ground he went to his second stage and caused a huge of water to form around him and follow him. He looked back at the woman looking at her to see what he should do next.

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"At least you know the basics of control then. That makes things much easier, tell me why do you wish to possess more knowledge of manipulating water?" Reika said as she pulled forth her zanpaktou and released it subtlety and quietly into her bankai state, controlling her own spiritual power so that it wouldn't bother the would be water bender in front of her. She raised the weapon above her head and caused several pillars of water to raise around her before freezing them and causing a dragon themes archway of ice to be formed around her, "Creative? Destructive? There are many ways water may be used.. what it is you seek."

She was pushed up and around the Archway she had made in a figure eight formation by a tide of water that had formed under her feet before leaving her sitting on top of the archway itself. She then snapped her fingers and caused the entire thing to burst into snow with herself just air walking and sitting on the air itself lazily, before making the snow breeze past the male harmlessly and disappearing into the distance, "We will push your limits and go beyond."

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Winderlin watch in amazement had this person did all these tricks. The person was also speaking and teaching at the same time. It was like a college course of teaching. It left Winderlin speechless and dumbfounded for a second. He was trying to understand how the person was able to move and make water like that. Winderlin has only made water to fight and move around in, he has never thought about pillars and dragons and stuff like that.

"To be honest I want to master my water and ice and wind in every aspect that I can. I've only made weapons with them. I would love to learn how to use my mist thing better and fight better with them but also I would love to move and become more elegant with them as well. I would like to be well-rounded with my powers." Winderlin said staring at the person with fire in his eyes. He was ready for this and couldn't wait.

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Reika landed on the ground with a soft thud and chuckled a bit, "To best use your power in combat requires combat experience itself. Record what you see, think on your feet, expand your mind to cover larger area's of creativity. Water is the most versatile element in the known cosmos. It flows and bends to the whim of the user. We shall fight until you are satisfied or too tired to continue for the day. Come forth with everything you are and rejoice that you will leave better for it!" Reika put the sword in her hand against her back and let a small glob of water form to keep it in place before putting both hands forward and "dancing" as she created two rings of water around her in a X while also creating four water balls which shot at Winnie and were followed by a snake of ice trying to bite down at his left leg. Reika stopped her "Dancing" at this point and merely stood there waiting while still surrounded by her two rings of water.

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Winderlin quickly reacting to the attacks that were being fired at him he formed his Ice shield around him as his ring of water also formed. Winderlin didn't think that this person would attack out of the blue but hey they did and Winderlin is going to have to roll with it. Winderlin then kicked his ice wall shield in several spots and turned them into ice spiked that were being thrown at him Reika. As that was taking place Winderlin also formed several Air slashes and one Water Jet and moved it so that it was zig zag it's way to Reika and hopefully strike with the rest of the attacks but Winderlin knew that it wasn't going to be that easy since this person clearly knew how to use their powers to fight someone. Winderlin was going to just have to think quicker and mover clever/

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