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#1 Just a little search. on Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:11 pm

Last Misaka knew Accelerator had found her in this very city, but then he up and left almost the next day. Thus, Misaka decided she would go and find him, possibly. The small child would run, skip, jump, and hop in that order after every other line on the sidewalk. She would look around at how big the placw was and how many people were in it. It was so much fun to watch the lights, the signs, the toys, and th- TOYS?! Misaka loved toys more than anything, except maybe chocolate milk. She would press her big brown eyes to the glass window of a toy shop. She already had many of the toys considering Accel got her so many on their last trip. She liked Accel. She wanted to stay with him forever.

She continued down the road, until she came to a small grassed over area with a playground! There were slides, sand, grass, climby things, and her favorite, swings! Misaka loved to go high into the sky and she loved to feel the wind blow around her pretty dress and hair. Misaka would smile as she climbed on forgetting how to make the swing go, and forgetting why she came here in the first place.

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#2 Re: Just a little search. on Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:42 am

Rinoa was just dancing around in the sky across the city for laughs really, when she noticed a lone child at a park just sitting on a swing by herself all alone. Concerned and worried thoughts rushed over Rinoa who immediately dropped out of the sky to land with a soft thud near the girl before de-activating her wings making them explode into white feathers that blew away with the next gust of wind. She approached the girl with a smile and did so slowly in case she had spooked the little one it was clear the woman wore a black sleeveless, possibly strapless top replacing her black sleeveless shirt under a blue vest that is long on the back. Rinoa was also wearing shorts that have a thin cut line on each leg on the front. She sported a miniskirt-like hip wrap too, with a holster that helds her gunblade; Vanishing Star. She also had blue pull-up sleeves and an armlet on her left bicep.. As she reached her she kneeled down and did a little wave, "Hi there.. What are you doing out all alone at the park miss? Did you get lost? Are you trying to find your mommy or daddy?"
(Sorry it's short but it'll get better later.)

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#3 Re: Just a little search. on Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:07 am

Misaka would try to move the swing on her own with no avail considering her legs were so short and she had no idea how to swing her legs. Brown eyes would look with determination for just a few more moments, until finally she had given up. The small brunette would sigh as she looked to the sky, however looking up was much more amusing than swinging anyway. She would watch as something flew around. It looked to be a bird, but it looked too big, unless it was a big bird. WHAT IF IT WAS A UNICORN?! Misaka would stare with large, brown, excited eyes before watching it come towards her. What was it doing?

Misaka would continue staring as the bird.. unicorn.. thingy.. came down and landed. However, it wasn't any of those things, it was a pretty lady! Her wings would burst into a bunch of fluffy feathers making the little girl worry about if the pretty lady was hurt, but would soon calm upon seeing she wasn't. Brown eyes would sparkle as the pretty womab came over and kneeled by her swing. Misaka was in awe as she listened to the woman speak, and would stay quiet a little while after she had asked questions. Then, Misaka would shake her head before taking a deep breath, "Misaka isn't lost, Misaka was here yesterday! Except, yesterday Misaka was with Assellerator (her pronunciation) but he went bye bye.
Misaka was looking for him, but Misaka saw some cuuuute toys! Then, Misaka found the park, esept Misaka can't get the swing to move. Have you seen Assellerator?"
The small girl would look to the woman with sad eyes before she would sigh.

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#4 Re: Just a little search. on Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:39 am

Rinoa smiled again as she moved behind the girl and started gently pushing the swing, "I'm afraid I don't know anyone named that, but how about when you are done playing at the park I help you go look for him huh? If we can't find him by nightfall I can at least take you somewhere you could wait and have fun until we do find him. How does that sound?" she continued to increase the swinging of the...swing. Hoping that the girl enjoyed going higher and higher, though Rinoa was of course careful enough to not put the girl into any trouble, "Can you tell me what he looks like? Anything about him? That way when we go looking I know who to look out for?"

If the girl told her she'd make sure to file the information away in her head, but she thought maybe she vaguely remembered his description from the committee for some reason.. but she couldn't place it and thus shook it out of her head, "Alright. Let me know when you want to do something else and we'll go do that alrighty?" until then she'd just keep smiling and pushing the swing for the girl while she kept being happy with it, making sure if she was asked to stop the swing she would carefully.

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#5 Re: Just a little search. on Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:18 am

Misaka would watch as the woman moved from in front of her to behind her, before feeling a slight push upon the swing making her eyes brighten a bit more. She felt the excitement and anticipation tingle throughout her tiny body. She couldn't control the excitement, as she began to wiggle her tiny legs around in a frantic motion. Listening to the woman, Misaka would look with big, brown eyed and her head tilted back before smiling happily, "Misaka thinks that's a great idea!
Misaka likes to play, but Misaka has never had anyone to play with before."
Then, the small girl would begin to squeal with pure joy as the swing went up, down and back repeatedly.

As the moments flew by and the small, brunette's hair danced in the wind, she would hear the woman's voice again listening to her wish about Accelerator's appearance. Misaka would blink while thinking about it with her excitment turning into silence before she would begin to speak rather loudly, "Well, Assellerator has white hair.
Misaka thinks it looks a lot like snow. He also has really red eyes. Misaka thinks they look like pretty, shiny rubies! Uhm.. but Misaka doesn't know how else to explain him."

As the woman offered to stay and play until Misaka was ready, she would giggle and squeal again. She was so happy to finally have someone to play with, other than Accelerator of course. The tiny girl would swing for what seemed like forever, even though it had only been about twenty minutes before she would grow a bit bored. The small girl would kick her feet frantically again, while yelling, "Let's stop! Misaka wants to go walk around! Misaka is bored!" Her little body would wiggle hoping the swing would stop faster as she did.

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#6 Re: Just a little search. on Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:52 pm

Rinoa listened to the girl and giggled a bit as she enjoyed swinging back and forth, White hair and red eyes huh? Sounded very similar to a Tina who used to work with the committee before her death, shouldn't be too hard to locate someone so unique though, when the girl asked to stop Rinoa did so and once the swing had stopped, moved from behind it to the side, "Alright then Misaka. Let's head that way!" she said as she pointed down a street she knew would make them pass a candy store, figuring the little girl would enjoy that first before they started to search for Accelerator. Rinoa tried to see if the girl wanted to hold her hand as their walked, and if not that was fine, but she at least offered before starting to walk down the street with the little girl.

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#7 Re: Just a little search. on Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:56 pm

MIsaka was thrlled to have someone to hold her hand and walk with her, however the small girl had gotten all beside herself leading to her almost dragging the woman down the street with her. She woud jump oer cracks in the sidewalk, she would hop as she pretended to be the bunnies in the pet store windows, she would skip as she saw many other little girls doing, and she would simply pretend she was a super adorable princess being lead around by a bodyguard while looking for a prince. Her imagination had no limit, her energy never seemed to die, and her smile didn't fade. Big brown eyes took in every little scene she saw and her small ears took in every words the people around her spoke, however many of them would certainly be inappropriate but what coud you do? After a little while of walking, Misaka would stop, just as Rinoa had planned, to see the candy store and all its delectable treats within the windows. The small girl would stare with the widest eyes as she oo'd and ahh'd at the many colors and different style of candies. She knew it was rude to ask, but her excitement seemed to be skyrocketting. "Can Misaka go in?!" She would blurt out before covering her mouth. Her big, brown eyes beckoned to the woman as they seemed to fill with anticipation. Misaka loved chocolate: chocolate bunnies, chocolate turtles, chcolate milk, and just chocolate everything, however she had never had any other kind of candy before. What kind of sweet treats were in store for her today?

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#8 Re: Just a little search. on Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:37 am

Accelerator rounded the corner and used Rego-Kinesis to move the little girl back to his shoulder. "Misaka, where've you been? I've been looking all over for you, you said you were going into the toy store, I said I was going to get us drinks and I come back and you're gone.." Accelerator glanced up at the lady and his expression didn't really stand to change much, "Who's your new friend Misaka?.." It was a question more out of obligation than actual legitimate interest. Hopefully this wouldn't end in violence given she hadn't actually done anything to hurt Misaka, so for once, he hoped the situation would just stay cool...

He hoped.

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