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on Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:42 pm


Cero Espada
Cero Espada

In loving memory..

Rena Lisola CC of Gotei - Shinigami of Power - Status: Deceased / Killed in the Battle of Hueco Mundo while crippling the Espada alongside the might of the 13 court guard squads.

Rena the Human - Undying Soul - Status: Deceased / Killed in battle by Ika after having her identity discovered and having made it known to him that for her own reasons she was going to kill him and dismantle his organization.

May Kyoujaku Mystical Musician - Status: Alive / Wandering the world playing music for free or for tips, never needing substance, never needing to worry about life, simply being happy and carefree while occasionally helping those in need.

Rin Kyoujaku - Perfect Human - Status: Deceased / Killed after a duo mission with Accelerator before his break to Chaos (Not currently known information) via decapitation by Accelerator himself from behind.

Broly - The Legend - Status: Deceased / Devoured by Kaze Lisola for being too stupid to live.

Lilith - First Demon - Status: Deceased / Killed in battle with the Espada Selica after being weakened in an assault against New York City and Maki Kessho.

"Kid" - Radical Dreamer - Status: Invalid / currently in cryo-stasis courtesy of Yukari Hirai of the Espada.

Forsaken - Blind Fury - Status: Unknown / Last seen entering Menos Forest, where it is assumed she stayed or was killed, so that she could fight hollow daily.

Tara - Anti-Army Warrior - Status: Deceased / First supposed dead after facing Sla Yer, later confirmed killed by shinigami as she had survived.

Altima - Robotic Peacekeeper - Status: Deceased / First killed by Jin as a sentient robot lifeform, was later killed in a replacement bounto racial body by Graven Fel.

Michelle - Next Generation - Status: Deceased / Killed in battle by Legion during the Reclamation Efforts of Greenland.

Sla Yer - Berserker - Status: Deceased / killed by Accelerator after critically injuring Maki and forcing her to replace a few limbs.

Kaze Lisola The Blackwind - Status: Deceased / Killed in battle by Noziel Aran and Hagane Kokoro.

Valerie Song - Death's Song - Status: Deceased / Killed by Shion during a scuffle regarding missions and objectives that caused inevitable conflict to the two fighters for hire.

Mina Vesta - Magic Master - Status: Deceased / Killed by Reno for constantly annoying him by badmouthing Ika for being a moron and a failure as a leader. He got tired of hearing it.

Gar Rou - Old Master - Status: Deceased / Devoured by a surviving Tara while being distracted by upstart hollow with no respect for the Espada. Assimilated into her and fully died when she was slain.

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