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#1 Amarant Sumeragi aka "Red" on Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:49 am

Name: Amarant Sumeragi
Alias: Red
Real Age: 2517
Phys. Age: 15
Gender: Male
When Nicole is nearby, within earshot, at his side, or otherwise within range. His personality is almost a male version of Rena Lisola who's name is a link to her app ya bums.

Otherwise his personality is VERY reminiscent of Reno Kitsugi who's name is ALSO a link to his app you bums.

Essentially Nicole = Nice happy Red. No Nicole = Go die Red.

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style:  Amarant's fighting style is a mixture of several influences throughout his life time; as he was born in Sparda around 500 BCE, Amarant was raised a Spartan Soldier and died in the battle of Thermopylae. As such, when in Defense Shift, his fighting style is very Spartan-based, ala 'my entire body is a weapon, and I know how to use it'. When in his Speed Shift, his fighting style is rather Ronin-based, based on his time in Soul Society, using speed and grace to maneuver around the battlefield and position himself where he wants to be, in addition to attacking with a fluid motion. When in Power Shift, his style is Medieval European, simply overpowering his opponents with individual blows, akin to his time as a rogue away from Soul Society.
Strengths: Zanjutsu, Stamina with his secondary strength shifting based on "paradigm shift"
Weaknesses: Reiryoku with his secondary weakness being shifted based on "Paradigm shift" (Kidou = Reiatsu, Defense = Durability/Endurance, Speed = duh)

Personal Ability

Ability Description: For one post, he ignores the penalty of his current Paradigm Shift. This ability has a 4 post Cooldown.

Sealed Appearance: See Paradigm Shift below
Zanpakutou Name: Elucidator
Call Out Command: N/A this Shikai is constant release.

Appearance: Changes based on Paradigm Shift see images below and appearance.

[パラダイムシフト]Paradigm Shift
Ability Description: (He starts in Defense Mode by Default) There are three different modes of reiatsu that can be changed between; Speed mode, Strength mode, and Defense mode. He emits an aura of reiatsu that is color-coded based on which Paradigm is active: Blue for Speed, Black for Strength, and Red for Defense. For the speed mode he sacrifices defense, for strength he sacrifices kidou, for Defense he sacrifices speed. The paradigm cannot be changed for 1 post once selected by the change is instant once made. His clothing and arsenal change according to the shift as well with Defense being his default and his normal appearance.

Ability Name: Battle Healing (Any Shift)
Description: Every post Amarant recovers from half of the damage he sustained in that post. Though this does not restore his stamina it does make it harder to actually kill him from prolonged combat.

Ability Name: Aegis Seal (Any Shift)
Description: By placing a small amount of his reiatsu within a willing target, Amarant can activate a burst of energy which covers the target's body in his reiatsu and causes any damage they would have taken for one post to immediately be transferred identically to him. This seal can be activated once every three posts.

Ability Name: Spinning Shield (Any Shift)
Description: He is able to create a spinning half-transparent shield in front of him very similar to Shinigami's Enkosen kidou. In fact it is so similar that the only difference is this costs almost no energy for him to use as opposed to the kidou itself. It has a one post CD and can last one post. It is also able to block up to cero, but can do so multiple times. Anything stronger than a cero has it's damage mitigated by a cero's worth before reaching him.

Ability Name: Snake Bite (Any Shift)
Description: This ability consists of two hits with a sword. Due to the speed of the Sword, the two hits appear as if done with 2 swords instead of just one, and only one sound of impact is released with the skill. This can be used three times with a one post CD. The charges do not come back until all 3 are exhausted.

Ability Name: Vorpal Strike (Defense Shift)
Description: A powerful ultra high-speed thrust attack which has an extended range of twice that of the weapon that is being used with the skill. Allowing it to hit multiple people if they are close enough together. This strike hits with the power of two cero and has a two post CD.The speed behind the attack is so great that even if the user is physically blocked, it is unlikely the defender would be unphased. Barriers may also find themselves heavily damaged by this ability.

Ability Name: Deadly Sins (Strength Shift)
Description: This ability allows one to use their weapon in such a skillful and powerful manner as to disperse non-physical attacks with their own physical attacks. They can do this for one post before gaining a CD of four.

Ability Name: Starburst Stream (Speed Shift)
Description: This 16-hit combo comes as a flurry of steel and precision. The technique is so hard to pull off that it has a three post CD and the super speed used to perform the skill causes the blows to deal x3 more force on impact or miss than normal.

Boosts: See Paradigm Shift.

History: Red is a man of mystery and a blur of memory fragments unto himself. His earliest memory is that of the legendary Battle of Thermopylae taken place in greece so very long ago. The memory is.. foggy.. as if hard to recall. But his face in the midst of battle struggling to hold the Persians back is clear as day. Some might argue it is a mere fantasy on his part, but he has had it checked and it is indeed a true memory. The next thing he can recall, going as far back but not as far as Sparta, would be dueling to the death to reclaim the spurned honor of his family in japan as a samurai. He won, but was later killed in battle by an archer. Swirling through the mists of his minds memories we land at the last of the past lives before he became a shinigami and who he is now, he was a European Crusader taking the fight to the enemy in the name of god, which now when he thinks about it was a joke onto itself, but he doesn't let that bother him at this point.

After this. Perhaps several hundred years ago now.. He had awoken in Soul Society, unable to move on fully after having experienced death so many times apparently, and after a while learned he was just special enough to try and become a soul reaper, or Shinigami, taking the fight to monsters of evil rather than being a pawn of ignorant human rulers.

This was a role "Red" happily accepted for quite some time, but over a few decades after being out of the academy he came to realize that even in Soul Society, a place one could argue was the basement to Heaven, corrupted nobles and people in places of power still existed. He endured this knowledge for some time.. but on a mission to the human world.. he saw what was quite possibly a sign from the Soul king himself.. the chance to disappear from the world of shinigami entirely and make his own path. One uncorrupted by others. When his squad was killed by hollow. He didn't simply "let" them die of course. He had fought bravely to the end and was simply the last man standing, but the opportunity was too perfect for him to resist, he faked his demise to an almost guaranteed certainty and disappeared from the view of the shinigami realm for a long time.

Whispers would be heard of a skilled swordsman clad in red or black who defended others, but other than mere quick glimpses, none ever truly got a good look at him as he never stopped moving around the world.

His story was about to get more interesting however unbeknownst to him and this is where the story within Bleachstory RP begins for our unsung vigilante.

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#2 Re: Amarant Sumeragi aka "Red" on Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:28 am

Approved at 1-2, Akihiko Kirigaya....

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