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#1 Mei and Kaiya Tribal on Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:38 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Mei  and Kaiya Tribal
Age: 18 (Mei) | 17 (Kaiya)
True Age: 18 | 17
Sex: Female | Female

Both of the girls are incredibly optimistic. They view the world as a wonderful place and believe it is worth protecting.

Kaiya follows her heart when doing things of all manners and her own gut more often than any fact presented to her whether fully proven or not where as Mei follows the facts and though is guided by her heart as well is more prone to making choices based on the reality of the situation than her own emotions. Not being clouded like her sister Kaiya when it comes to anger and such.

Kaiya is laid back and tries to enjoy everything in life to the fullest without becoming overly stupid about it. She loves having fun and seeks in within everything she does and Mei prefers to stay focused on her goals and shows to be more serious of the two sisters and usually the one in control of what both of them do as Kaiya see's her as the "leader" of the two siblings being the oldest.

Kaiya prefers to be in the company of others and is a very social person. She usually drags her sister Mei into social situations despite her anti-social manners. Because of her close bond with her sister she tends to get very uncomfortable when alone. Mei doesn't really mind being in social situations but doesn't prefer it..finding more solace in being alone and/or with her sister than the company of other people. As such she loves finding a quiet place to nap and relaxing.

Both girls are able to stand up for their goals and ideals even when they are afraid. They also show immense heroic, or even stupid, courage when one or the other is in danger more so than someone else but will generally help someone else anyways.

Mei is self-assured she knows her limits and strives to push them so that she grows. She tries not to seem overly confident however because she doesn't like it when people start mocking her or insulting her for being so knowing of her own ability. Kaiya suffers some negative self-efficacy and image, either feeling too weak, or too ugly, etc. Her sister constantly scolds her for this and continually tries to fix this problem but it still persists. It's not a major issue it's just there on a minor back burner manner.

Mei is the brains of the two. She is capable of immensely complex procedures and plans within a heartbeat and seeing through the deceptive plans of others quite easily. Kaiya is one who is easily tricked or deceived on the other hand though. This does not necessarily mean she is stupid but she is much more prone to falling for things than her sister.

The sisters are both caring and kind. They are often empathetic and like to take care of others. When it comes to taking care of each other however they are shown to be brutally cold to anyone and anything that threatens them in any manner and it can also be noticed that Kaiya prefers to be neat and organized, maintaining a controlled environment but Mei is often slobbish causing Kaiya to be cleaning their room quite often.

Character Appearance

Height: Both 5'3''
Weight: 89 lb (Kaiya) | 93 Lb (Mei)
Physical Traits:



Clothing: Same as above with the exception of both having nice matching shoes.
Accessories: N/A

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Mei prefers up close and personal combat while Kaiya makes plans and picks enemies off from a distance. While they have trained together to the point that they have almost flawless teamwork they can swap roles if needed for whatever reason, though their natural abilities still make this not the best idea.

Strengths: Stamina (Mei) and Reiryoku (Kaiya)
Weaknesses: Spiritual Power (Mei) and Physical Power (Kaiya)

Primary Stage

Ability Name: True Gamer Girls!
Description: Mei and Kaiya possess the unique ability to alter reality around them and turn the world they live in into a game. This ability is passive and is always active within a half mile radius around either of the girls. This is the source of their powers and they input alterations to this "source" using game controllers or handheld game devices. Such changes can include, but is not limited to, falling from a sky scaper not dealing any damage because they somehow always land on their feet, weird gravity existing under water, carrying as many items as they wish despite not having anywhere to put things or the items combined weight, and the famous double jump. Only GAME MECHANIC alterations can be made.

Ability Name: Ability List!
Description: MEi and Kaiya has at their disposal a list of powers below that they can choose from to aid them in battle. The girls are allowed two powers at one time. Each power lasts three posts. Twin Powers have a five post Cooldown.

Name: Power Suit!
Effect: User gains Samus Aran's power suit. Complete with bala firing gun that can charge into a cero power big bala (the latter being once a post) as well as being able to Morph into a ball and drop a bomb (four bala per boom) (three times a post) and fire an ice beam(one cero) (once per post)

Name: Flight!
Effect: User gains perfect airwalk abilities and the ability to propel themselves through the air at full speed with great maneuverability.

Name: Super Strength!
Effect: This ability doubles the user's physical strength. Shocker right?

Name: Invisibility!
Effect: This ability acts like Bakudo no 26 Kyakko cast from a kidou master. With the exception that it lasts until the first attack made by the user of the power and does not give away the user's location if they charge power for another attack. This ability cannot occur more than once per three posts and reactivates immediately upon it's cool down ending.

Name: Mega Armor!
Effect: This ability increases the users endurance by double and grants them a advanced Heirro ability.

Name: Freedom!
Effect: This ability removes friction and air resistance from the user of this power. It also grants, to counter the fact they now can't move, the ability to propel themselves with energy.

Name: Rings of Protection!
Effect: This power generates one "ring" every post which is displayed as a number on the back of the user's hand (Max of seven), regardless of if they have gloves or not it shows through. Each time ANY normal attack hits the user of this power one ring is lost. Anytime any attack or ability no greater in power than hadou no 40 hits the user two rings are lost. Anytime any ability of no greater in power than cero hits the user three rings are lost. When the user has rings they do not take "actual" damage though they are still physically effected as though they had, yet no wounds would appear, however if the number of rings removed would normally bring the total to a negative the damage they take is reduced by half but actually deals damage to their body this time. Any ability stronger than a cero hits the user this ability does not activate. Negative numbers do not exist for this ability. All negative numbers reset to zero.

Name: Critical Hit!
Effect: Once per three posts any attack made by the user of this power has it's damage dealt doubled. This abilities CD does not begin unless a blow is landed that causes it's effect to occur.

Name: Power of Speech!
Effect: With this power anything that the user says becomes a physical manifestation of that word in the english language. So "Talk" would manifest T. A. L. K. into a reality from the user's mouth. Each letter is as strong as steel. Each word is hurled forth at the speed of cero. Each word explodes upon contact with anything for 1/4th a cero for five feet.

Name: Sound of Chaos!
Effect: When this power is activated one target is afflicted with a curse that causes them to hear a mass of noise within their mind for anywhere from one post to eight posts (Depends on if user swaps targets). This is meant to distract them alot and make it hard to concentrate but other than this it does nothing. The target that is "afflicted" can be changed every two posts and everything about the person turns red for the duration. The jumble of noise is as follows.

Name: Ninjutsu!
Effect: With this ability the user becomes capable of Ninjutsu (Naruto). The CD's and power are based on Jutsu's Rank. E and D ranks are considered no stronger than Hadou 1-40 and thus have no CD. C and B ranks are considered no stronger than Hadou 41-60 and thus have a two post cooldown A and S ranks are considered No stronger than hadou no 61-80 and thus have a three post cooldown.

List: This is not limited to just these but Staff requested references.

  • Name: Body Flicker Technique
    Rank: D

  • Name: Decapitating Airwaves
    Rank: D

  • Name: Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
    Rank: C

    Name: Water Release: Gunshot
    Rank: C

  • Name: Earth Release: Earth Spear
    Rank: B

  • Name: Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands Technique
    Rank: B

  • Name: Leaf-Style Dance of the Crescent Moon
    Rank: A

  • Name: Chidori or Rasengan
    Rank: A

  • Name: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
    Rank: S

  • Name: Flying Thunder God Technique
    Rank: S

Name: Transmutation! (Twin Power)
Effect: With this power the user is able to turn any physical object that isn't soul infused into something else. This means the user could touch a car and turn it into a sword. or touch a brick and turn it into a car or even a pebble into a giant steel wall. This ability does not work on elements or pure energy. Things transmuted in this way, regardless of what it is, have their durability altered to that of folded steel even if that weakens the object. A pebble cannot exceed the size of the girl using the power. A brick cannot exceed double the size of the girl. Anything else cannot exceed the size of a house.

Name: Super Saiyan! (Twin Power)
Effect: This ability negates the boosts granted to the girls and then increases all of their capabilities by 500% as well as gain moderate Hierro. This causes their hair to become spiky and turn golden yellow as well as be covered in a golden yellow aura and turn their eyes blue. Both become capable of bala and cero similar attacks at will as well as one Gran Rey Cero beam attack per girl. (Weaknesses for each girl still applies so Mei would be more melee and Kaiya would be more beam attacks)

Name: Dance Dance Revolution! (Twin Power)
Effect: This ability causes dance dance revolution pads to appear underneath the feet of every enemy and trap them in a immensely powerful barrier so they can't get off the pad. This ability lasts three posts. This ability deals one cero worth of damage in total each post over time to each "Dancer" who fails to dance the dance perfectly. For the laughs, thought it doesn't hurt them, the girls also get trapped in the same manner and dance to the same songs.

Name: Ultimate Telekinesis! (Twin Power)
Effect: Working together and being forced to stay within ten feet of eachother, the two girls become capable of perfect telekinesis. Allow them to lift even entire two story houses with just a thought. As well as entirely deflect ranged attacked from them. This power takes up ALL Ability slots for the girls which means if they choose this power it is the ONLY power they both have activated. This is not energy manipulation. In order to attack with this power they must hurl another object using this power to propel it. Objects hurled can range from their running speed up to bala speed depending on the size of the object. This ability cannot negate any final moves.

Ability Name: Toasty!
Description: This ability is passive and occurs no more than once every two posts. Which this ability is activated a random male with random appearance appears directly in front of each "Target" that Kaiya has and tries to uppercut them while saying "Toasty" As soon as the uppercut hits or fails for any reason the male is gone instantly as if he teleported. His strength is considered on par with this app's tier and is an actual strength (Since he doesn't exist outside the sole purpose of this So this will hurt most people.

Ability Name: Level Up!
Description: Every three posts of combat this ability activates. This abilities effect stacks and the effect is lost once the thread is over. Each time this ability activates Level Up! appears above Kaiya's head in rainbow colors and she gain a 10% boost to her capabilities for a max of 50% (Which means 15 posts).

Ability Name: Hacks! (Mei) and Game Over (Kaiya)
Description: Using their controllers they both gain a unique effect within reality. Mei alters reality and causes computer monitors to fly at any one foe by the dozens with the durability of Zan steel and move at the speed of bala (They can still be destroyed but it is difficult) and Kaiya causes one massive explosion equal to Gran Rey Cero in power that expands 150 yards with the target's original location as the middle of the blast radius. These abilities both have a three post cooldown.

Second Stage

Ability Name: Customization!
Description: This ability is passive and allows full access to primary powers while in final stage. This ability allows Kaiya to alter her appearance to anything and any means she can think of as long as it came from a game already created as well as create game equipment. Her creations cannot exceed that of the game parameters from which they came and cannot exceed durability of Zan steel. Automatic Weaponry is not allowed due to forum rules.

Ability Name: Bonus!
Description: Every five posts this ability activates. The first time this ability activates hadou no 90 is cast on one "target". The second time this ability activates it causes a cero oscuras to be fired from the sky down upon one target. The third time this ability activates it causes a giant demonic hand and arm to appear from a dimensional rift that is as big as a two story house and has advanced heirro and it tries to hit/slam/crush any targets in range. After the third use the ability resets back to the first use and the cycle continues. This ability is passive and happens no matter what the girls are doing, as long as they are IN combat.

Ability Name: 1 Up!
Description: This ability activates every six posts. When this ability activates Kaiya and Mei are healed physically for 25% of the damage on their body. This does not restore energy.

Boosts: Speed x 4

Back Drop

Background: Nothing really happened for these girls for most of their lives. They were born normally..had a happy family.. had a wonderful sisterly bond with each other, though they are secretly lesbians for each other, and went to school normally as well all the way until high school's second year for Mei and It's first year for Kaiya in which their powers awakened while playing video games, something they had done throughout their life at a hardcore level, and..ironically enough..their bond with each other made their powers similar with one another.

However in the resulting explosion that occurred because they hadn't yet realize how to control these new found powers..they lost their house and their parents. who happened to be the only family the girls had because their parents had been cut off for getting married without either families blessing. Fortunately they both came out unscathed themselves..and after the obvious moment of grieving they both decided, mostly because they were in fact lovers and partly because they were sisters, that they would keep pressing forward together and never leave each others side.

Unfortunately they were both still in they had to find a way to balance school and manage to get a job and find a place to live so the journey of the two lover sisters begins!




Dance Dance!

Random :3

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#2 Re: Mei and Kaiya Tribal on Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:56 am

Approved at 1-3 just because. Go beat up jeff.

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