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#1 The Gay, The GIrl, and the Shopping on Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:18 pm

Winderlin wasn't really sure what to do today. He tired of training with everyone and really thought taking a break and relaxing was a great idea. He was traveling around New York City and was enjoying the sites. He walked in a couple stores and bought a few things here and there. He went out to eat and got hit on by someone which really annoyed the fuck with him. Even after he told the guy he had a boyfriend the guy kept trying to flirt. So Winderlin did what he thought best would work. Winderlin used his powers in secret and started to make rain over the guy's head. Winderlin laughed a bit as the guy got poured on but he kept trying to talk to Winderlin and he was getting really fucking pissed. Soon the restaurant started to get pour the people were confused at what was happening but Winderlin sat in his sit getting angrier.

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#2 Re: The Gay, The GIrl, and the Shopping on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:48 am

It wasn't often Akane had been afforded time to escape the endless paperwork and leave the Soul Society, but it seemed finally she had an excuse. It was meant to be some sort of meeting to get to know some of the people involved with the Comittee. However, as the young woman made her way towards the site she noticed something strange. A young man sitting opposite... something. Though the rain indoors may have tipped her off, she wasn't concerned about that. Instead, the captain commander would tap Winderlin on the shoulder "It might be best if you followed me" She nods, eyeing the 'man' before hopefully drawing Winderlin away, promptly heading out of the shopping complex into the back streets.

It would seem odd at first, he'd probably have no idea who she was or why she was leading him away from the people, but the stalker would follow them either way. It would be clear she was a shinigami at least, according to her uniform and the zanpakuto at her hip. Her reasoning would be made clear, as they made their way through an alley. It was over in an instant, neither the man nor Winderlin would be able to see what happened until it was already over. The creature that had been following them was a hollow with some sort of shape-shifting ability, which was shown as its human form faded to show its more monstrous form, but as it dissipated the girl would turn about, sheathing her apparently invisible blade. "Sorry for that... That could have been dangerous in the food court. Are you okay?" She may have been a little too careful, the girl had apparently handled it with ease.

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#3 Re: The Gay, The GIrl, and the Shopping on Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:28 pm

Winderlin wasn't sure what was happening. He was being dragged by this girl he never meet before but she seemed to know him in some way Winderlin thought. They were moving fast out of the area they were in as the man followed them. Winderlin knew what he should use his powers but couldn't and it was really starting to angry him. Soon the girl brought Winderlin into a alley. At that point Winderlin thought he was dead. This women was going to kill him and it was wrap. The man followed them in and Winderlin thought they worked together until a flash of light and then nothing, the man was going.

"I'm...I-...I'm fine. Where did, How did, Who are. Wait you are a Shini how did I not notice your clothes. Jeezus Maki would kill me if she knee I didn't observe my surroundings during a time like that. Listen thank you for the help." Winderlin said smiling at the lady he now actually paying attention to what she had and somewhat of her identify. "Wait! If you are a shini and he was...why did you drag me, what if I was a random human.... That could of been bad."

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#4 Re: The Gay, The GIrl, and the Shopping on Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:28 pm

As the hollow faded into dust, blowing away into the wind the young red-head would turn towards Winderlin as he sort of freaked out and began to ask her questions. She would allow him a moment to collect himself before smiling "Well, I didn't know. That hollow seemed to be targeting you, so you were the perfect bait!" She shrugged, it wasn't like the shinigami needed to be so secretive after all. Offering a polite bow, she would raise her head to introduce herself properly.

"My name is Akane Makishima, Captain Commander! Nice to meet you" She didn't tend to think much of her rank, and it would really show through here. "You really do need to be more careful, it's not like someone will always be around to save you." It was a little concerning that a hollow had been so bold as to follow them out in public like that, something she would need to make not of in future before something bad happened.

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#5 Re: The Gay, The GIrl, and the Shopping on Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:25 am

Winderlin looked confused as to what this person was talking about."I'm not sure what you mean be careful since I wasn't really doing anything to give off my powers and trust me you'll be surprised how well I can fight for myself." Winderlin said smiling but then his smile faded with more confusion. " Wait captain, that's a high position. why are you here?" Winderlin shook his head before he started to jump around.

"Never mind. This is can wait. I'm Winderlin Young, a member of the Committee, and amazing boyfriend to Jun. I know that last part doesn't mean shit but hey it's a great title. Well since you are here I guess you can help me with something?" Winderlin asked giving her a serious look. Shopping was going to be fun, once they finished killing for it.

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