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7th Division
7th Division
The two stand (or sit) within a large room clad in white, which were not much to the contrary of the standards within the many rooms that befitted this establishment. She sought warriors for whatever means to an end were being constructed, and it would appear that Razial sought both power and retaliation for what had been done to his kind. Thus was the reason for these two persons meeting on this day. He had since accepted whatever came of joining their ranks, but had yet to bare the symbol that represents their organization, and even more so was the fact he'd yet to reach the full epitome of this 'evolution' that the hollow transcend. "What brings us here on this day?"
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Alicia stared at the specimen before her and sighed softly to herself, sure he was better than the last batch she had dealt with and would more likely be useful, but she missed the time where finding powerful souls was a dime a dozen simple, "We are here today to induct you officially as one of us.. It will be painful, pleasurable, Intense, and addicting, but you will emerge more might than ever before, or you will die as a failure who was too weak to be given the right to live."

Without waiting another moment she stabbed her hand into his chest with some orb looking object, it wouldn't hurt or kill him though as the orb would have allowed her hand to phase through his skin, she pulled her hand out and the orb now inside him exploded and with it engulfed his entire being in a white light.

He would live and be strong, or fail and die. Not all hollow were meant to evolve and this was an uncaring cosmos.

The result would inevitably be of his own making.
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