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#1 Tatsuya Tsukihime on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:51 pm

Mei T

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad


Name: Tatsuya Tsukihime

Alias: Moon Queen

Real Age: 700

Phys. Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Tatsuya is not your typical Shinigami per say, considering the girl is rather young in appearance and in mentality (when she chooses so which is more times than most plus she's from the fucking moon), whereas most shinigami of her power can be seen as more sophisticated, serious beings. However, Tatsuya is rather soft, caring, sensitive, and can't exactly understand the essence of love due to the fact that she has never known real love. She, also, doesn't seem to be as intimidating as most others nor does she seem to make enemies simply due to the fact they are a different race(again.. she's from the god damn moon). Nonetheless, she still shouldn't be underestimated because she can become rather terrifying and serious when she needs to. Having a bit of a childish mentality gives the young shinigami an open mind and a sense of adventure, which may or may not be a problem in the long run.

Happy: Tatsuya can be seen as quite the chirpy and cheery young woman that can always be seen with a smile upon her features. As it used to be bright, it has grown quite light and slightly duller. This makes the young woman seem more approachable, calm, oblivious, and very innocent. Still, all the young shinigami wishes is to make others happy and wants to make others feel good about their place and feel welcomed in their squad. 

Outgoing: Being who she is, Tatsuya is completely outgoing to anyone who makes a good impression on her and she doesn't hesitate to speak, even if it seems to be random nonsense. Her friends, she believes in protecting them at any cost. She always wants others to feel open and free around her making them more comfortable. No matter what, Tatsuya would do anything for the people she deems special to her.

Childish: This blue eyed girl is definitely childish, which is obvious by the simple facts that the girl loves to ramble, roam, and is slightly energetic. Whenever she is around the very things she loves, her eyes sparkle with excitement. When she gets angry at someone, she'll give them the silent treatment, if they are her friend of course because she finds this is the most evil way to get back at someone. Being quite childish can also make her quite clumsy, if she feels safe enough to be carefree, she's more than likely prone to accidents, but can mind herself when she is in sensitive surroundings. Another tendency to add to her childish demeanor, is the fact that the small shinigami becomes rather disoriented when scolded or yelled at by other shinigami (I mean.. she IS a Moon Queen after all). In many cases, this can result in the young woman hiding away in her barracks. She can also be seen talking to the moon more times than not after she has found herself in a predicament, but sometimes it can be at random moments too. She doesn't really like to be told what to do.

Love: Tatsuya is not very confident when it comes to love, even though, she does happily give hugs very often. She sees hugs only as a way to show kindness to or cheer up her friends. However just as a young girl would feel, Tatsuya simply becomes confused by and is embarrassed by kissing, etc. The girl absolutely cannot understand such things and much of which she has never seen or heard of such as nudity. This also points to part of her childish mentality and the fact that she wasn't nurtured or informed growing up (Queens have more important things to do).

Bottles Up Emotions: Due to some of the above factors, Tatsuya tries to keep all other emotions bottled up inside. She wants to make others feel better without them worrying about herself. She wants to make others smile without them seeing her deepest feelings. The young woman also doesn't want to ask others for help due to her strong will and position. So, she tries to work things out on her own however, her emotions become evident after a while of trying to hide them. No matter what she tries, there is always evidence what emotion Tatsuya is feeling after she has held it in for such a long time. However, Tatsuya will still never ask anyone for help and will rarely ever see her break. Dont be fooled though, that doesnt mean she can't break in private. As she has spent more time away from her home, Tatsuya has begun to have far more nightmares and terrors leaving her slightly sleep deprived, yet she still pretends everything is ok.

Serious: Although Tatsuya seems to value her childish points more than her serious ones, that doesn't mean that she will comoletely abandon them. In order to work in her position, Tatsuya needs to hold a sense of seriousness to keep things secure, protected, and running smoothly. Once things shift out of line, become difficult, or become frustrating to the blue eyed beauty she will completely put aside all aspects of her happy-go-lucky ways to repair the damage or keep the damage from being done to begin with. Her seriousness is evident around all shinigami during times of meetings and such. Her mind can become highly focused and dull to anything but work relatedness.

True Anger: Just because the girl is happy, shy, and childish doesn't mean that she doesn't get angry. It would actually be a pointer to someone that the young shinigami is actually quite the little hot head, which isn't true. It is quite rare to bring out the true anger within the girl however, there are ways to do such a thing. Tatsuya very much dislikes when others are being harmed within her squad, the Seireitei, or the Soul Society in general. On a more minor note, she dislikes when people are rude, she dislikes when people start problems for no reason, she doesn't like unnecessary killing, etc. When these things happen, she becomes quite angry and will do whatever she deems necessary, even if this means justice by death. She will also become highly terrifying when something she is bound to protect becomes endangered by outside forces.


Height: 5'1"

Weight: 115 lbs

Physical Traits: Tatsuya doesn't necessarily look like a normal young woman for there are many features that stick out about her appearance. However this doesn't take away from her beauty, it only seems to add to it. To many, she seems flawless in appearance; most girls would want to be her, boys wouldn't want to look away from her, and children always want to be around her. Some say Tatsuya could be a goddess, some say she could be a princess, and some say she could be an elf. Fantasy stories seem to revovle around her purely due to her appearance and composure. However, her favorite is when others say she could be a fairy and even better, the Princess of Fairies (considering it's true and it makes her think of home).

Hair: Tatsuya's hair almost seems too perfect to truly be hers but it simply is. The color is light blue, which has been compared to the sky on more than a few occasions. Its length is slightly past the waist, which is what most girls would dream theirs to be like, while others could only wonder why the young shinigami would want it at such a length due to the many probablilities of danger. Considering her hair is so long, it's quite the surprise when one finds the texture is rather soft and quite smooth. Of course, it takes quite the effort to make such a thick head of hair feel and look in such a manner. Nonetheless, the girl takes very high pride in her looks and always strives to make the best impression. Though sometimes, the way it looks may normally depends on how Tatsuya feels that day. If she's feeling quite lazy or just wants to be simple, it will either stay down or go straight up in some easy fashion: bun, ponytail, braid, etc. However in it's normal state, Tatsuya's locks can be seen with half of it braided on the left and right sides of her head in a halo fashion. In order to keep the braids strong and neat, they are always tied into a pony tail at the back of her head. The rest of her light blue hair, that hasn't been put into braids, is normally left down and straight as to keep everything flowing in style. Something must always be done to the young shinigami's hair because under absolutely no circumstances will Tatsuya ever leave her hair a mess.

Eyes: This girl's eyes are dark blue, which many times leaves them to be compared with water masses, such as sparkling rivers, clear lakes, or oceans. With every passing moment, the small girl tries to keep her eyes sparkling with wonder, happiness, or excitement. Nonetheless, she always seems to be able to become serious at a moments notice for any reason necessary. Also, it is very easy to pierce through her facade and tell what Tatsuya is feeling by looking into these beautiful blue orbs: when she is sad, they become quite dull, when she is angry, they seem to pierce straight through you, when she is scared, her eyes appear to be distant, etc. However one thing that will never be seen coming from those very eyes, is tears for Tatsuya had been taught, since she could first remember, that tears show weakness and are also a burden to others. Showing tears is asking for attention in her eyes, which the young shinigami finds very disappointing. 

Face: When others see Tatsuya's face, they might possibly think perfection. Her lips are smaller but they are a beautiful light pink color. Her nose is also quite small and short with a bit of a rounded point nose tip. Her cheekbones are said to be crafted by the most masterful of hands just as her jawline with doesn't show much, yet blends in perfectly to sculpt her face. Overall, her features are quite cute. Upon her face, a smile can normally be seen. It has been said that her smile could light the darkest corners and spread happiness to even the saddest of people. Her smile is also said to be brighter than the sun itself, however no matter how hard she may try to hide them, it's quite obvious what other emotions she may be feeling. Her whole being can be read simply by looking at her face, which may be one of her weaknesses.

Body: This little blue haired shinigami is quite petite with her height only being about 5'1" and her weight only being about 115 lbs. Her breasts are only about a B cup size placing them at a smaller than average size, yet easy to manage. Her skin is a light peach color that seems to tie all of her wonderful colored features together leaving her in a doll-like state of appearance. However out of all of her many appealing features, there is something that sticks out the most in all eyes about this very girl. Tatsuya ever since she could remember, has had pointed ears, which explains why many believe her to be a creature of myth. For example, most compare them to elves ears while others to fairies ears although, considering this young woman is a fairy, this blue haired beauty more so sees them as fairies ears.

Normal: Tatsuya will normally wear anything befitting a young lady or a princess, since her appealing features have gotten such a title hammered into her childish skull. Nonetheless, her outfits need to stay flexible and light due to her position within the Seireitei. These outfits can range from skirts and blouses to dresses of all different color. Her favorite colors to wear are white, blue, or silver however, the colors can very depending on what she finds cute or what she really wants. Most of the time, her outfits will hold some sort of skin tight material leaving room to move freely without the worry of snagging or showing off inappropriate sights. Most of her outfits include a strapless top, whether it be dress or shirt and a sort of pencil skirt bottom. Upon her arms, sleeves of skin tight material can be found that match the dress of her choice for the day leaving only the shoulder open. On her feet, she normally will wear a type of boot below her knee or no shoes at all. Being barefoot allows for the young shinigami to feel carefree and may also reduce the amount of accidents she causes. Tatsuya doesn't necessarily like high heels because she can't walk in them properly, which leads to more problems on her part and hurts her feet.

Night: Tatsuya's nightware can consist of a variety of things, however normally consist of a light materialed dress. The material must be soft or else she refuses to sleep in any sort of condition. However, she can be seen wearing a type of silk materialed shorts and a shirt to go with it when she wants to take a nightly stroll.

Formal: Tatsuya's formal wear very much depends on the state of the event considering the events may have a specific theme. Nonetheless, her formal wear is always a dress with flats or sandals, of some sort, again, unless the event calls for a specific type of dress. The color also depends on the event but her favorite color to wear for formal attire is white, blue, and/or silver. In the case that she needs to, Tatsuya may style her hair differently than she normally does. However, if the event calls for it, Tatsuya can be seen wandering around in her official shinigami wear, which she doesn't necessarily like to flaunt around in.

Tatsuya has one tattoo on the right side of her ribs and a scar across the left side of her forehead. The tattoo is a simple moon with the word "remember" written in cursive letters inside of it, however she isn't sure why considering it's been there all her life.


General Fighting Style: Tatsuya's fighting style really isn't all that fantastic when it comes down to it. She has a mastery over her Zanjutsu and her Reistu/Reiryoku, so her attacks normally consist of ranged and/or meele combat attacks. When it all comes down to it though, most of her abilities are used in a more defensive and/or refelctive sort of way. Tatsuya has very few abilities that she can use in a strictly offensive sort of way leaving her to want to stay further away. Once she feels her zone is threatened, Tatsuya feels a need to either retreat or go into a more defensive stance.

As she releases, Tatsuya's attacks/reflective abilities seem to become much larger, much flashier, and much more powerful. Her determination slowly rises with the few forms as they change and mold themselves. The blue haired female will protect whatever she can at all costs, even if it means the thread of her life has to become severed. Her heart is always looking out for her work, her allies, and her loved ones. Once those components are threatened, her sweet demeanor becomes vicious and cruel leaving anything on the table whether it be torture, death, or just simple incapacitation.

Strengths: Tatsuya seems to fully rely on her Reitsu/Reiryoku for all of her attacks making her quite masterful in using in. She also has a high amount of skill when it comes to Zanjutsu. However, being so small she seems to use her shunpo fairly well, nonetheless she isn't the fastest either.

Weaknesses: Tatsuya has never been the strongest considering her small body so her strength is where she is the weakest. Since she is so weak, Tatsuya seems to be very, very unintelligible when it comes to hand to hand combat leaving her overall weakness to be close combat.

I Can Light Bend! Considering Tatsuya's Zan is all about Light Refraction, even when sealed it can take light rays and reflect them to someone at a brighter power causing them to become 75% blinded for 2 posts with a 3 post cooldown.


Sealed Appearance: To begin Tatsuya sword is something to behold, bring both beautiful and incredibly deadly for her enemies. The sword is a standard Katana which is simply normal length. Her zanpakuto cannot be judged on its appearance of being another petty sword considering it doesn't look like "just another katana".

The sword is actually incredibly sharp and has a point so fine it can cut human crafted steel with ease although if it is an object of affinity then that is still durable. The blade of the beautiful sword is pure diamond, although it isn't crystal clear diamond. It is spiritually-enhanced diamond which has a blue tint to it making it a transparent blue shade in colour.

Her hilt and guard is something to behold as well, the guard is in the shape of a crescent moon and is a pale silver colour instead of traditional gold. The handle which extends down to be wieldable by Tatsuya with both hands, there is pale blue cloth that extends down the handle length but has seven different gems imbended in the handle until it reaches the bottom. The gems are listed in descending order: Ruby, Orange Beryl, Golden Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Amythest and Obsidian. These list the colours of a rainbow which represent the light refraction element of her resurrection.

Zanpakutou Name: Hikari

Call Out Command: Bāsuto (Burst)


Appearance: Hikari is broken down and forms in the atmosphere as a cloud of rainbow colored dust leavinga shimmering look to it, however Tatsuya's appearance doesn't change.


Fairy Dust! When Tatsuya releases her zanpakuto an explosion of tiny fragments are released with a shattering sound leading the way, these fragments are extremely small blade fragments which are no larger than dust but another catch is that the dust sized blades reflect the lights which give it the appearance of "Fairy Dust". However, this Fairy Dust is far more dangerous, harmful, and can't make you fly no matter how much faith and trust you put into it even when it's mixed with her reitsu. (Spoiler alert: Until mixed with Tatsuya's Reitsu they're harmless and aren't even solid.)

Fair-l-y Beautiful Defense (Da Puns):
Any attack launched at this beauty can be intercepted by a mirror formed from the many "fairu dust particles" filling the air. They soak in the attack and quickly redirect it back towards her oppenent. The cooldown of this ability is double the cooldown of her opponent's attack, however if ther isnt a cooldown to copy, the cooldown becomes once per post.

Fairy Bright: Tatsuya can form up to three normal sized mirrors on the battle field anywhere she wishes. From one or all of the mirrors, Tatsuya can choose to launch a cero level light energy blast. This can only be used once per post.

Fairy Brighter: Tatsuya forms a mirror 20ft tall and 10ft wide that can produce a light energy blast at a Gran Rey Cero level. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.

Fairy Dusty: When she needs to, Tatsuya can solidfy the small blade fragments around her to use against her opponent. The blade fragments can surround the target and shred them to pieces.

Fairy Stab Stab: Once per post, Tatsuya can form up to 3 spears from her blade fragments which can be shot at her target from anywhere.

Reitsu/Reiryoku x2


New Name: Yosei Hikari

Appearance: Yosei Hikari's appearance simply stays looking like rainbow dust, however Tatsuya's appearance seems to change to that of a fairy, as she grows wings, which are only used for aesthetic purposes. She also seems to change clothing from whatever she is wearing to a purely silver dress with multiple layers of ruffles, a tiara, and also leaving her with no shoes.

Abilities: That's A Fairy Fucking Awesome Mirror: Once in Bankai, Tatsuya likes to let you know "you done fucked up" leaving you staring at a 50ft tall mirror that's 20 ft in width as it glows forming a massive ball of light energy within. Once released, a beam of light energy engages the target at a Cero Oscuras level of "Oh shit". This ability has a 4 post cooldown.

Reitsu/Reiryoku x3


New Name: None

Appearance: None


Boosts: None


They say that when a baby first laughs a fairy is born leaving Tatsuya waiting a very, very long time to be risen from the beautiful Moonflower, Morning Glory. The laughter had been heard from the palace, where no royalty resided due to their recent departure to the place known as Earth to the fairies. The palace had 2 very special rooms inside, which could be heard throughout the white, rocky ball in the sky. The first room was the room of voices, where the fairies could hear everything happening from the planet of Earth, the heavens, and the darker places as well. The second room was the room laughter, which was always loud enough to hear the next coming of a fairy, however it had to be from a very special baby. A very sepcial baby would only form the most special of fairies, which would be born upon the moon. This seemed to only happen about ever hundred years or so. However, this time the laughter could be heard throughout the kingdom, which hadn't happened before. Nonetheless, the kingdom hurried to the Morning Glory to witness and excite over the new birth.

They waited for what seemed like mere moments before the flower began to bloom, however it was so bright that individuals had to look away as they shieled their eyes. When it was over, a beautiful little girl would pop out with the whitest of dresses and a small tiara upon her head. She would look around to see the many fairies staring at her leaving her with a shy wave and smile. Before she could figure out what was happening, they all seemed to fall down and bow their heads to her. She had no idea what they were doing or why they didn't wave back. What had she done? Were they sad? Was it naptime? Within moments, fairies were running to her side lifting her out of the flower, giving her gifts, moving her towards the dark, dull castle, and cheering in unison. Blue eyes looked around a bit overwhelemed, but nobody had time to explain to her yet. As she stepped in the castle, the building began to glow and become very lively again. What was happening?

For many years after, Tatsuya had learned the ways of a princess and how to govern her people. She had been sent across the moon's surface to meet her people and people thats were from other kingdoms, however she had also been tasked with listening to the Earth and keeping its harmony. They were Earth's protectors sent down as the world needed balance. For the longest time, things had been running smoothly, bright, and grand. Until, the moon had broken out into a war of its own. The dark fairies from the dark side of the moon had begun to attack many of the kingdoms from the light side leaving their Moonflowers descrated and dying. They poisoned the roots and as quickly as they came up, they vanished leaving kingdoms on rubble. Tatsuya had sent many of her bravest fairies to guard the flower in her kingdom and guard the broders leaving a gruesome fight to ensue outside of the kingdom leaving Tatsuya to deal with them on her own. Little did they know, she certainly was the strongest of the rulers. The moons surface had rose to create a dome of lunar rock around her kindgom shielding her poor fairy people from the dark attacks of the vile enemies. As dust from the surface had risen and began to shimmer in the sun's light, chaos ensued between dark forces murdering her guards. From the army of fairies the "dark realm" had sent, none of them survived swept up in a storm of lunar dust and torn to shreds by lunar rock all simultansioulsy. The flower remained safe and Tasuya's touch had replenished the many other flowers that had been harmed from her neighboring kingdom. From those days forth, Tatsuya was believed to have been born to rule the moon itself to become queen of the moon. Nonetheless, she still refused to reciprocate actions onto the dark fairies for she had greater things to do than search for revenge nor did she think she was any sort of queen. She was simply a princess born to rule and protect the people she devoted her life to.

Many many years after that problem had been solved and the moon had once again retained balance, a war would break out between the heavens and unknown dark forces from places beyond the Earth leaving the princess in distress at what to do. The heavens would be in shambles soon if she didn't help their predicament, nontheless she was forced to remain on the moon as her people feared her leaving. Once it was over, the heavens had dealt with many, many casualties and they needed help beyond what she could imagine leaving her saddened that she hadn't gone sooner. So, Tatsuya had been sent to Earth, however she would keep in contact with her people leaving them an army capable of protecting them for many years to come. They would listen to her voice and she would listen to their prayers for her.

From the moment she set foot in the heavens, Tatsuya had nothing but her ears and her beauty. She wandered around the heartbreaking area which they called "Rukongai" not realizing the many troubles she would have to face. She would find herself becoming hungry for the first time ever, she would find herself poor, she would find herself alone, but she would also find the best information on how to get to where she was needed. Tatsuya would find herself rolling through the academy working her way to the top rather quickly with many many flaws, however she emjoyed every moment of it. She enjoyed the heavens, she enjoyed the angels, and she enjoyed how they also watched over the people of the Earth. What she didn't know was how bad off the Earth truley was or how badly it hurt them. Tatsuya wasn't supposed to let the people of the heavens know who she is nor did she plan to tell them for they might not understand. Blue orbs never planned to see what she did, however she dug deeper into matters anyway. She learned more about the heavens. She learned how to become one of them. She learned how to blend in. She learned the beauty and the heartache. She learned what she needed to do and how she needed to help. She had nevee imagined under her watch that the beings below her would ever find themselves in such an unbalanced state. Tatsuya was going to help regain balance between the worlds, if the rest of her life was spent within the heavens.

Side Notes: Nope

Roleplay Sample: Mei

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#2 Re: Tatsuya Tsukihime on Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:08 am

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