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#1 Calder Everson [Done] on Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:34 am

Name: Calder Everson
Apparent Age: 30
True Age: 900
Sex: Male
Personality: To put it simply, Calder is cold and calloused. His aptitude for empathy is non-existent which not surprisingly results in a lack of sympathy as well. Calder is generally quiet but incredibly intimidating. At his core, Calder isn't necessarily evil however, he will crush anything and anyone that stands between him and his goal including allies and friends. In fact, Calder is so goal oriented that he would sacrifice his life to achieve his goal.

Height: 12' 2"
Weight: 2000 lbs.
Physical Traits:

Calder is a giant. He stands over 12 feet tall and literally weighs a ton. Addtioanlly, Calders aitre is almost entirely monochromatic with tones of gray and black. He always wears a single outfit which has black fur around the collar of a black metal plated jacked. His pants are black as well with gray accents. For footwear, Calder always wears large leather booths that are a dark gray.

General Fighting Style:
Calder is a brute force tank. He always prefers close combat and direct physical interactions. Additionally, Calder attacks relentlessly. While this generally makes Calder's attacks sloppy it also makes them ferociously powerful.
Strengths: Strength, Stamina, Durability(Hierro), Reiatsu
Weaknesses: Agility(Sonido), Sensing(Pesquisa), Hakuda
Boosts: 2x All

Sealed Appearance: While sealed, Framkvæmdastjóri is a giant 6 foot long double edged meat cleaver. Framkvæmdastjóri looks rusted and neglected with tiny chips missing all over.
Zanpakuto Name: Framkvæmdastjóri [Icelandic: Executioner]
Zanpakuto Call Out: Neyta, Framkvæmdastjóri [Icelandic: Consume Executioner]
Cero: Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras

Appearance: Upon releasing Framkvæmdastjóri, Calder's body becomes plated in a matte black bone like material called Brynja (Icelandic: Armor). Additionally, Calder's right forearm becomes a dark gray ribbed cone. Each of the 8 ribs are razor sharp and the cone itself comes to a surgically sharp point.
Abilities Overview:
Framkvæmdastjóri's abilities focus on allowing Calder to take massive amounts of punishment and crippling his enemies to give him opportunities to catch and fight them directly. Framkvæmdastjóri accomplishes this by channeling Calder's immense reiatsu in different ways. Additionally, Calder gains access to high speed regeneration.
Boosts: 3x Strength, Durability(Hierro), Strength, Endurance, Reiatsu

Ability Name: Minnka [Icelandic: Diminish]
Type: Passive
Calder's Brynja is an incredible dense and durable material that channels Calder's reiatsu to reduce all incoming damage to regions covered by it by 10 percent. However, Calder's Brynja is not a perfect shield as it is made up of overlapping plates that have joints. Most importantly, Brynja does not cover Calder's facial area. Despite its weaknesses, Minnka compliments Calder's natural durability and his impeccable Hierro.
Cooldown: NA

Ability Name: Hindrun [Icelandic: Hinder]
Type: Active
Calder's Brynja becomes temporarily porous negating Minnka for the duration. In exchange, Brynja is able to channel Calder's reiatsu in increibly dense bands that loop from one pore back into another. The reiatsu bands extend out from Calder in a 10 meter radius. Inside this radius the reiatsu is so dense that it causes a 1x slow to speed and can even cripple some opponents. Calder himself is unaffected by the dense reiatsu bands.
Cooldown: 2 Post

Ability Name: Kyngja [Icelandic: Swallow]
Type: Active
Calder reverses the flow of reiatsu in his Brynja to purposely counteract his Minnka. This causes all incoming damage to be amplified by 10 percent. However, only 50 percent of incoming damage is actually applied to Calder. The other 50 percent is stored in Calder's Brynja and amplifies his next Cero based ability by 40 percent.
Cooldown: 3 Posts

Ability Name: Gjósa [Icelandic: Erupt]
Type: Active
Calder smashes the tip of his right arm cylinder into the ground and channels massive amounts of reiatsu underground. On command, Calder can erupt up to five bursts of raw energy upward. The bursts are 5 meters long and can travel for 100 meters. The number of bursts Calder releases affects the overall power of each burst with a maximum number of 8. Additionally, Calder must remain still to use this ability. This can apply the effect from Kyngja.
3-8 Bursts: Cero Damage
1-2 Bursts: Gran Rey Cero Damage
3-8 Bursts: 3 Posts
1-2 Bursts: 4 Posts

Ability Name: Hreyfihamlaður [Icelandic: Cripple]
Type: Active
Calder condenses a massive amount of reiatsu into the palm of his left hand before launching it at Bala speeds into the sky. The reiatsu travels 300 meters upward before exploding out into 200 rods that are 1 meter in length and 0.5 meters in diameter. These rods then fall randomly back down to the ground at Cero speed due to their density. Anyone, except Calder, struck by a rod has the full amount of condensed reiatsu dispersed throughout their body dealing Cero damage and reducing their agility by 50 percent for 1 post.
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Appearance: Calder's Brynja becomes a reflective black instead of matte. Additionally, 4 crystal orbs emerge from Calder's Brynja on his left arm. When inactive these orbs are a faint gray and red when active.

Abilities Overview: All previous abilities are retained in addition to the ones below.
Boosts: 4x All

Ability Name: Mylja [Icelandic: Crush]
Type: Active
Over the next 4 posts one orb per post on Calder's left arm activates and becomes red. After the last orb activates Calder bends his left arm and aims the orbs at a target location within 50 meters of him. The orbs then conduct Calder's reiatsu into a dense 20 meter wide pulse wave that moves forward at Cero speed for 50 meters. Anything caught in the wave is subject to damage equal to Cero Oscuras and forced flat to the ground.
Cooldown: None - Since it takes 4 posts to charge there is a built in cooldown.

Ability Name: Standast [Icelandic: Resist]
Type: Active
In order to activate this ability Calder must first take damage from an incoming ability. After damage, Calder's Brynja reconfigures the flow and compression of the reiatsu moving through it. This reconfiguration is a perfect counter to whatever ability caused the previous damage. As a result, Calder's Brynja can completely negate the damage from the technique that caused the reconfiguration. This reconfiguration can only occur once per thread but is good the rest of the thread.
Cooldown: NA - Once Per Thread

Ability Name: Meiri Minnka [Icelandic: Greater Diminish]
Type: Active
Calder temporarily amplifies the reiatsu in his Bryjna causing the atmosphere around him to drastically distort as the reiatsu permeates out from his Bryjna.  This enhances the effects of Minnka for 1 post reducing all incoming damage by 60 percent.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Calder recalls nothing during his time as a hollow. However, his first memories of being an Arrancar are of pure hatred of the Espada. He remembers them attempting to subjugate him due to his intimidating stature and power. This never sat well with Calder. Eventually, he was able to escape the grasp of the Espada by faking his own death. During his time in the shadows Calder forged his power into an unrelenting force. Now Calder vows to storm Las Noches and overthrow the current Espada to bring in a new group of Arrancar to take their place and nothing will stand in his way.

Roleplay Sample:
See Example Here

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#2 Re: Calder Everson [Done] on Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:35 am

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