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[Open] Arctic Metals

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on Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:42 am

Victor had sent Shade out to the Arctic to look for anything of interest, a week later she brought back with something could change the metals that make up most of the weapons in the soul society, but it might be rare,Victor was willing to take any risk to get as much metal as he could back to HQ. First he tested how tough it was, it took a direct blast from about 12 of the strongest people in the soul society, the that was a computer sim, either way it was dense as hell. He then assembled a team of who ever was willing to go with him, "OK We will be heading to the heart of the Arctic, it is winter time over there and virtually no sun light, but i will be bring a light beast I've been working on, you will also have a bracelet that will tether you to everyone else, if you stray off you will die, keep the bracelet on and don't get destructed, hollows will be down there and they are feral as hell. We don't know how many are down there but we know they attack in a pack and will pick off anyone who isn't strong or in a circle. There is only one spot we need to go and we have to travel by foot, for strange reason we can't warp over there so we need to walk from the shores to the center, though winter is still there summer in Arctic is one week away, if we are lucky we can get there before are enemies know whats there and send out someone strong over there and kill us all and also get a material for very powerful set of weapons/armor to use." As that happen he then said,"Get some snow gear ready and we will leave in 4 hours, if you don't show up then we are leaving without you, I don't care who you are or how strong you are, you meet me at the front gear in 4 hours and no buts."

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on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:04 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Kaede had heard the request that had came from the Gotei's R+D Department for some strong Shinigami to escort them on some kind of material recovery mission, as it sat there wasn't much on his plate right now, and he had volunteered himself for the mission it was good for him to get out of the Seireitei every once and a while. Kirou had expressed interest in joining, but Kaede had made it clear that it would be a bad idea for two main reasons. First being that it was still night time in the Arctic making naturally occurring shadows scarce, second and probably more important, Someone had to stay behind and keep an eye on Izanami-kun.

Showing up at the door of the R+D Department the red-haired captain had left his Haori in the office, and dressed himself in what looked like full punishment force gear instead, he didn't want anyone to know, at least not yet that a Captain was tagging along on the mission, he even created a ninjato to hang across his back to match the general appearance of the Seireitei's Ninja force. Introducing himself to Victor as Kai, he didn't bother collecting any of the winter gear that was packed, he wouldn't need it his own pressure would keep him warm enough to protect him from non-spiritually infused cold. Looking down at the bracelet that Victor had forced him to put on Kaede didn't care either way, it wasn't like he would truly get lost out in this mess, he was a tracker, while he may not be the greatest sensor around he could easily find this crowd of gatherers, and hell any hollow would be biting off more than they could chew if they attacked him.

As Victor explained that teleporting to the area they were looking for seemed to be impossible Kaede just shrugged, he didn't care he was just here as a guard. Standing and waiting where they were going to depart from Kaede watched the rest of the crew run for their gear and what not.

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on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:18 pm

Gael casually made his way towards where the dispatch team would depart from that he had volunteered for. He had his usual calm demeanor about him with his hands in his pockets and his shoulders relaxed. Gael was dressing for the occasion - as he always did. He was in human attire with a large tan puffer jacket with a fur hood, navy blue chino pants, and dark brown canvas boots. Of course, Gael was also wearing black gloves that were hidden within his pockets.

Gael quickly looked around to take stock of everyone that was there. The reiatsus in the room clearly pointed to another captain level shinigami being in the vicinity however, Gael kept uncharacteristically quiet about this fact. He had never been to the arctic and that's why he was here. He figured there was no better way to expand his knowledge about the arctic than to actually go there. Plus, there would most likely be documentation that would have to be recorded and filed.

Gael listened to Victor's briefing about what to expect in the arctic. Gael wasn't especially concerned about the hollows or the cold but instead concerned about what else might meet them there. He had a sneaking suspicion that the reason they couldn't warp directly to the target location, as Victor had mentioned, was due to some unseen force. He was pleased to know that another captain level escort would be with him in the event that they came upon something insidious. With this thought in mind, Gael leaned himself up against a nearby wall at a slight angle and examined the bracelet that he was given to wear as he waited for departure. He pondered how the bracelets would affect everyone's ability to fight in the event of a confrontation.

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