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#1 Velvet Velderine on Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:52 am


Name: Velvet Velderine
Apparent Age: 16
True Age: 16
Sex: Female
Personality: Velvet is a very determined individual who enjoys spending a lot of time figuring out how things work. Through her gifted sense of intuition and her love of mechanics and engineering, this allows her to make complicated machines and devices no matter how various the scaling. She enjoys to break the laws of known science and physics, though is a bit selfish with her successes. Most often, she's very reclusive and tends to keep the spotlight on herself, even when no one is watching. Her quirks fit nicely into her quiet nature. But that all being said, make no mistakes with her. One slip of the tongue and she will politely and delicately tell you she will rearrange your spine. Knowing her, she could and would do just that.

She's often seen lost in thought. Her brainpower is consistently spent in a state of fully-honed cognition where she thinks about how things fit together, how things work, possible synergies, and upper limits to what she can be capable of. Though her mind is not always set on mechanics and cyberfusions. Her mother is still a fond memory to her, despite past events. She will always be sensitive around motherly figures, and fatherly types, should she ever meet one.

In combat, her mind is focused on abuse of mechanical elements, especially that of her environment, her own abilities, and the weapons and abilities of her weapons. In her case, using her surroundings to her advantage is key, seeing as she has very little power of her own origin to use.

In private, she can be rather shy and a total sweetheart, though one may joke about this, given her public attitude. If mentioned as such in public, she'll deny it in a heartbeat and won't give any sort of gratification until the privacy and intimacy of close relationships are re-established. While she does have a taste for the fine arts and a diverse taste for them, her passion is still ultimately geared toward making her cyberpunk fantasy a reality. She does have a sense of justice and duty, but they both take a back seat to her dream.

Overall, Velvet is a quirky individual with plenty of kinks that may or may not need ironing out. If you're all up for that sort of thing, by all means, just careful with the tongue. Yes, that innuendo was intended. Who knows what you're getting into with this ball of sass, but she's cute, isn't she?

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119 lbs
Physical Traits:

Velvet has a very interesting body type and overall appearance, considering her personality. In the summer, she's often seen wearing a thick wool sweater despite the heat, in the winter, a thick woolen/fur coat to further emphasize her inability to retain heat. Her body is slightly thicker overall than average, and depending on the lighting, her eyes can appear a light chocolate brown, a faded pink, or sometimes (and this last part also has to do with mood) a starkly contrasted red. Her hair is short, but also heavily curled naturally, and has a softness to it that is too lovable to turn away from. The way she carries herself is similar to that of regality, but that may also be part of the fact that she sees herself as a 'god' in her own right of engineering.

General Fighting Style: Her fighting style is variable. It changes based on what is available to her, and the abilities and weapons she's taken data on before. A lot of her basic combat style is based on using the environment and it's data to make things happen. Her ability set is a learning one, and in the case of building a set of powers to set herself up for everything, she finds herself in a stat of constant revisitation, to keep looking for new ways to handle missions and battles.

Stats: Balanced. Her stats are even on all accounts to accomodate her Mimicry abilities, and no matter the type of fighting style she uses, her stats remain even.


Fullbring Item: Velvet's fullbring item is a complicated cybernetic visor that allows her to 'see' more than normal humans. After her creation of this, the powers sleeping within her awoke and attached themselves to this visor.

Fullbring Appearance:

Ability Name: Scan
Description: In her unreleased form, her primary ability is to see the material composition of any object, how it's put together if it contains multiple parts, data regarding what said object is capable of, and in cases of person, potential relatives, abilities, any weapons they may be carrying.

Ability Name: Metal Space
Description: This ability allows Velvet to separate the mechanical parts of any machine or combined object as quickly as possible via an invisible force. By extension, this allows her to move any object made of metal, but she cannot bend or melt any object in such a way. She can however, cut out shapes to be used for parts. For nitpickers, this does not apply to weapons of other players, or iron in blood. God.

Ability Name: Optical Re-Structure
Description: This ability allows Velvet to take data gained from Scan and build an object based on that data. This allows her to make a rough copy of someone else's weapon, but with her personal touches. In this way, she can gain access to the weapon of another without ever touching it, so long as she's seen it once. This does NOT give her any abilities associated with that weapon.

Ability Name: Filtered Mirror
Description: Velvet can replicate a specific aspect of an ability, but can only store that one aspect per ability, per thread. Until it has a practical use, it is not included in the ability count (which the storage bin will have 15 slots for.) This includes usage of energy in the form of barriers, stealth, movement, or some other non-offensive ability. In some cases, this may include secondary effects, but only those effects (like a concussion, burn, or blind, etc.) She cannot have more than 3 passive abilities from her pool at a time. They will be listed in Released, and active regardless of form.

Ability Name: Weapon Fusion: Delta Process

Velvet can go over any of the weapon designs she has created before from other combatant's weapon data, and re-assemble a new model from parts lying around. This includes such machinery as cars, computers, and industrial mechanisms. This does affect the weapon abilities she's seen too. That being said, in a pinch, she can also 'machine cut' parts.

Velvet cannot replicate elemental abilities, even those of Light/Dark Affinity, and can only imitate abilities she's seen that are either defensive or utility-based in nature, or supply an additional effect. So for example, She could not augment an attack with fire, but could imbue the target with a second degree burn.

(Weapons may or may not be added to the sheet as they are obtained.)

TL;DR: Lowkey Fullbring mode is meant to be the basis of her mimicry. In most combat situations, she'll use augmented versions of those in Released..

Storage Bin for ability shards.:

No abilities downloaded yet.

Boosts: x3 to Reflexes and Speed.


Fullbring Appearance:
Velvet allows the visor to expand, covering her whole body as seen below.

Ability Name: Mirage Melodius
Description: Effects gained from her ability dump can be imbued into regular attacks, regardless of whether they are included in the ability pool or not. This is limited to one effect per post. All attacks made for one post will have the same effect. She cannot use the same affix twice in a row unless it's the only one she has.

Boosts: x4 to Reflexes and Speed.


History: An unnamed mother and her child were seen under attack from a mysterious skeletal being from the other side of the realm that they called home. Though the mother survived the attack, her father did not. For a time afterwards, her mother grew ill. The night for Velvet's birth was nigh, and at a crucial moment, her mother had a decision to make. Save the baby, putting herself at risk, or let the child die and guarantee her safety.

Against the advice of pre-natal staff, she chose to birth the child. And so the brown-haired, brown-eyed velvet was born. She lived, at the least for now. Though the mother did indeed live, there was a hole in her heart. both physically, from the attack of the hollow that fateful night, and emotionally, still missing her husband. Were it not for her beautiful baby girl, she likely would have taken her own life.

From the beginning, the young girl knew she was different, she felt something within her, but more importantly, where most girls were busy talking about cats, dogs and flowers, she spoke of mechanical intricacies that even adults had difficulty processing. She quickly from a young age learned to draw, to take things apart and put them back together. Her mother encouraged her, nonetheless, and to do as she dreamed of doing. While she was low-tolerance for the things that stressed her body, she allowed the child to flourish, seeing her passion for unconventional, yet beautiful things. She could see the intelligence and potential in her little one, and was proud of it.

Unfortunately, no amount of maternal love can stave off death, and as Velvet's 8th birthday approached, her mother succumbed to the hole in her heart, and died after a sudden heart attack. This was not as much a shock to our young Velvet as much a crippling and intense pain. She was now old enough to understand finality, death. The end of life. The loss of the one person that cared enough to support her lofty dreams was a heavy blow, and one that would shape her from then on. While she would somehow manage to keep herself well taken care of despite the young age, she would be harassed by other family members wishing to claim her and the financial benefits that came with her. She instead chose to try and learn how to keep house and live normally, keeping the court-ordered passing of her mother's assets and estate to her. She became more determined than ever, in memory of her mother, and also more withdrawn. Were there ever a reason lacking to leave the house, she would not, and would instead fiddle with whatever was lying around that she hadn't learned the mechanics of yet. She also began to take up wiring and electronics as well. In time, she'd develop a type of pre-cursor to cybernetic technology (different and more primitive than what the Committee has for use). She could combine computing parts into an internal bio-plastic that conducted electricity and create a see-through LCD screen that worked well.

In time, she sought out more knowledge, more materials, and most importantly, more gadgets. Thankfully most of what she bought was unwanted and broken, considering she could bring any device back to life with the right care. As her experiments intensified and focused, until finally, she came up with superior technology (some of which rivaled and surpassed what the Committee has now). This includes her special cybernet visor that she currently wears. Though it only started as a way to identify people based on facial recognition, and to see both telescopically and microscopically, she eventually made it capable of much more. As this was the project of hers that she poured the most love and care into, this was when her powers began to awaken. The visor glowed, and transfigured from a clear, plain plastic, to a glowing blue cyber-enhanced visor, which would be her companion from then on.

From then on, her powers would grow, and the first thing she'd notice was that anything electronic, mechanical, or with a structure to it would call out to her, particularly anything metal. And as she became more attuned with her powers, she made her inventions faster, until she realized there was no reason to keep striving for perfection. She simply felt that she was already there. At the age of 16, now, she has a working OS on her cybervisor, including a file system capable of large amounts of storage, instantaneous tranmission of data, instant scanning of target's specs, and much much more. That being said, the first thing this was used for was to save every picture of her mother that she could find. Secondly, torrenting of course. She had the space for it, as well as the protection.

Eventually, her powers would truly see their first use after her most recent experiment, the careful connection of her nervous system with her visor. She would find no difference, as if they were connected the whole time. Disconnecting the wiring, and finding there was no damage, she stepped confidently out of the house, as if something was calling her. In truth, there was. She felt a surge of energy, something different and new. As she walked towards it, two presences... no three, would be there. two she recognized, but the human there was new. The... wait. was that a monster?

"Stay back. That's a hollow. Since you can see it, I'll talk with you momentarily... but for now, be safe." The white haired, magenta eyed woman would say.

At least, that was her intent. The hollow however, would instead target Velvet.

"You. You were the reason I died. You still live. He didn't get to live. Why? WHY?" The distorted voice echoed outward. It was familiar to Velvet, and took her a fair length of time to realize why. "That's... that's what happened to you, mom?"

The girl would ball her fists up. Conflicted, clearly. Then the white haired woman stepped in front again. "Listen kid, I'll explain. That is likely your mother, if she knows you. However... not the same one you knew. Her soul collapsed and became like this. If you let me handle her... she'll be safe, and will be able to rest. Then I'll teach you how to do the same thing. That way, you can help other people that have to go through this kind of thing."

The young girl nodded, and watched as in two quick strokes, the woman had crushed the body of what used to be her mother's Hollow. It was impressive work and something she could learn from, so she copied the data of her weapon, as well as scan what she could of the woman's powers.

It wasn't much, but it was a start. She reached out for a signpost and pulled it up, holding it exactly as Maki did. The woman took notice and smiled. "So you're a copycat. That seems to be it for the most part. My name's Maki Kesshou. What's yours?"

"Velvet. Velvet Velderine. You know, I can't believe I'm saying this, but you actually... kinda remind me of mom. Thank you for doing what you do."
She'd bow a little, but also would follow the woman as she began to make her way back home. They'd stop for a bit to eat, then arrive at the Committee halls to begin the paperwork. Our story begins there.

Side Notes: Basically, this character is designed to be an experiment on balancing a mimic character properly. In this instance, It'll all scale based on progression, but ultimately have upper limits. With mimic characters in the past, the issue was that there really... were no upper limits

Roleplay Sample: If you don't know who I am..... Bitch I'm fabulous.

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#2 Re: Velvet Velderine on Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:16 pm

0-5. approved. As with Kaede depending on WHICH powers are copied your bin of 15 may be decreased to maintain balance. This will be watched the same manner as Kaede's app. Razz go nuts tool.

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