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on Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:04 am

Victor liked going over to Tokyo, Japan to get games then translate them into English and using Min to voice what each character would sound like if they were from America or Ireland, but this time it wasn't the case instead a higher up asked him to go there and research some of the shimigami over there that are experiencing some strange behaviors. He hate working in Tokyo do to how loud it can get and the stuff there Victor wanted, not the strange models of anime girls there he found that stuff weird and only got figures of mostly monsters and robots/mecha suits, he planned on making real robots and mecha suits one day but some people frown on it like they think it is replacing them. Anyway he was suppose to meet someone at his LZ but no one showed so he wandered around Tokyo for a bit in physical form, it was also a great chance to test out his latest creation, i would let the user go into the physical realm without the need of a body and when the time for combat come it would not leave a body behind so no worry for that. Victor tried turning it on but i broke like a flaky biscuit, inside was a note saying 'Sorry Victor was using it to mess with some high school boys and it broke when i got back, I put it back to the way it works but don't know if it does, -Love Min P.S. Don't go running around with some tramp!' "God damn it Min." As he walks to some shady location a hollow is about to attack him and Victor doesn't know it yet.

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