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#1 Just A Little Experiment (Noz) on Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:59 am

She had attained a sudden urge to simply wreak havoc upon some poor unfortunate souls, however she wished for more than a simple soul or two. She wanted to ensue mass panick upon a greater population of individials, so she would choose randomly from a rather large map she had stolen from a poor, elderly man at a "gas station" as he had called it. Her needle had landed upon the unfortunate metropolis of Tokyo prompting a mere, "Pity," from the warm lips of a cold soul.

The lightning began to engulf the streets as individuals ran at the sight of exploding bulbs of light and energy crackling within the atmosphere. Balls of energy flew into large crouds causing bursts of electricity and the aguished screams of victims burning. Agony ensued the individuals unfortunate enough to sustain injury, but not death. Pain flooded beings and fear corrupted the hearts of those that believed in the "survival of the fittest". The sight had been completely interesting for the purple haired woman to take in. The very actions of the mortals had entrigued her in many ways considering they all seemed to act differently, yet all the same. Heros, murders, sacrificial lambs, hiders, and those that gave up. She witnessed the mang different interactions between specimens in but a matter of moments of her arrival. It was beautiful, it was majestic, and it was all because of her. Of course, she hadn't felt any sort of satisfaction from any of these actions, she simply felt that it was an instinct.

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#2 Re: Just A Little Experiment (Noz) on Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:58 am

Situation assesed. Objective locked. Arrancar, female, estimated to be high-ranking Espada. Alias? Well, I'd figure that out soon enough. I had a mission, to detain the one terrorizing Metropolitan Tokyo, assumedly around the Shinjuku area. There had been reports of theft, power surges, and unexplained damage to electronics. I suppose one could draw conclusions about what I'd be facing, but I saw no need to think over it. Upon reaching the crossroads in one of the main intersections, there was a woman standing up in an area where no normal person could reach her. She seemed to lick her lips in pleasure as she toyed with the lives of countless humans, clearly seeing them as insignificant. I would approach, point my gun at every window in the area, and fire, solidifying them all. It'd make for a nice surprise later. I'd also include any screens or anything metal in that square.

Then, my standard greeting for the opposition. "My name is Eun Yong. You have disturbed human lives. Good bye." While I had to at least admit this threat was much more beautiful than most of the targets I needed to eliminate, I felt nothing for her. Evil is as evil does, after all, and she was quite fitting for that type. Before I made any more movements, I'd give looks to the civillians, urging them to take cover.

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#3 Re: Just A Little Experiment (Noz) on Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:14 am

Her interest had only seemed to begin to dwindle as she searched for more ways to gather information on the adrenalin filled targets of her destruction. Purple orbs would catch sight of the many smaller looking individuals, nonetheless from the height she had attained which was unreachable by any sort of mortal, they all seemed that much smaller to her. However, through the chaos and distance the woman who feigned poor eyesight could clearly see a brave being who dared to challenege her strength. Of course, she felt no anger towards this small creature considering she felt no such emotions, nonetheless she couldn't simply allow such a lesser individual to interfere with her research material.

As the being approached, well as close as the mere mortal could come, the purple haired arrancar would stare with a blank stare analyzing his many movements and gestures. Wanting to be able to manipulate this one to gain as much information as possible from him, the arrancar would smirk as she had seen many opponenets do, "The name's Stigma... Akira Stigma. You're very quick to accept your fate aren't you? Goodbye indeed." Her voice had started off a bit dull, yet was molded into a tone of confidence and cockiness that she certainly hadn't felt for her heart was simply a delusion. She cared not what this being felt, what family he had, nor what his objective was. She truly wanted to test him and then end him.

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#4 Re: Just A Little Experiment (Noz) on Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:57 am

Witty as she was emotionless, I almost smirked, mildly floored by her apparent overconfidence. Though that smirk would have been the only reaction she'd seen of me since I'd shown up, she would probably see a little more with time. "It's a shame, someone like you is quite attractive. Unfortunately I have to put you down. Let's go right ahead then."

I'd begin by running in, blasting a single 3-bullet volley in at close range, then distancing for another 7 bullets. If any were to miss, they'd simply stop after passing her until I gave another command. I was planning on having as much fun as I could get out of this.

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#5 Re: Just A Little Experiment (Noz) on Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:29 am

Akira would tilt her head slightly at the returned smirk of the human male and consider her many options to return a look of expression. However, she couldn't quite pick one before hearing his words to which she decided to make her own small reply and test his devotion to this race of humankind. "Nobody is forcing you to harm someone like me," her empty voice would speak before watching him begin his attack by running straight for her. What a silly thing to do.

Akira would sigh realizing the only thing this individual possessed was a silly little human toy, or as they called them "guns", which was hardly a weapon at all in her opinion. She would spring into her sonido as the bullets came towards her, which were all a breeze to dodge with her speed not noticing that 7/10 had become frozen suspended in mid air. As balls of electricity formed themselves within the palms of her hands, Akira would stop in her tracks tossing one of the electricity balls hoping the boy would dodge it. If he were to be able to dodge it, the purple haired maniac would Sonido behind him, considering her speed was greater than his, attemtping to take out his spine with a second electricity ball as another formed within her empty palm. If dodged again, Akira could simply redirect the initially thrown ball to attack him yet again where he would appear.

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#6 Re: Just A Little Experiment (Noz) on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:23 am

She seemed to be trying to step down by means of flawed logic. So I appealed to her sense of logic in the same way. "Let's put it this way. I was paid quite well to come after you. I'd have no reason to not track you down." Aside from that, she didn't seem interested in avoiding a fight either. While she dodged most of the shots I'd fired so far, she also didn't seem to notice the trick I'd played. She lunged forward, rushing with two bolts of electricity in hand. Interesting. She launched one at me, but my eyes were on both of them. I aimed to dodge the first one at the last second, as it grazed my arm in the process. Thankfully, my awareness paid off. I was able to get into a position where I could get a physical blow with my forearm to her second bolt. The arm holding that one would be behind me, but I was ready for it. I wasn't sure if she'd release it, but for now it wasn't touching me. I fired off another round of 20 to her relative direction, with the same idea from before in mind.

The next question was what she was going to do with that bolt....

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