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#1 Sinan Durian on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:39 am

Name: Sinan Durian
Apparent Age: 25
True Age:35
Sex: Male
Personality: He's been a physical type of guy his entire life. He likes fighting, likes grappling and was the boxing captain in High School. He's known for trying to get things physical, as he's quoted to be saying, 'I'm not quite as mentally adept at storing knowledge.' He's come to terms with who he is, for what it's worth.

He's sort of like his last name. He's stinky on the outside, sometimes okay on the inside, and generally angry. This anger has stemmed from a childhood where physicality was the way to go through things, and anger was something linked to physicality from a very young age. It's how it slowly became a sort of violent guy.

He's known for being able to fix problems in the most simple way possible, if not a bit brash. Sure, it happens. Sure, he's brash and a sort of abrasive person. It's not like he has trouble expressing his emotions, though.

Height: 6'3
Weight: 160 Pounds
Physical Traits: He's a somewhat tall man with dark skin. His dark skin is a big thing on how you figure out it's him, since a lot of people with his exact skin color are a lot shorter than him. That's in his experience, at least. His experience in boxing gave him a strong upper-body, which has translated into his mid-thirties. The fact that he still boxes in day to day life helps him keep strong.

It's not that he has large arms. His arms are lean, and somewhat long, but they pack a lot of power with each punch for a human. He has a leanish body type for the fact that he'd always dodge inside someones reach, to try to beat them down with smashes and hooks.

He has a tattoo going up his right arm and down his back that's a Japanese dragon.  He often wears simple clothing, like a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He always wears finger-less gloves.


General Fighting Style: He has a tendency to box, as that's what led him to being at least somewhat known in the long run. He likes to close in and attempt to overpower the people. He has a tendency to depend on dodging the close strikes and trying to continue to overpower his opponents.

He has no experience from fighting on the outside, so if caught out there, he's completely fucked.
Strengths: Strength, Hakudo, Speed, Durability, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Weapon-based combat, Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Spiritual Control

Fullbring Item: Leather Gloves
Fullbring Appearance: They're normal fingerless leather gloves.
Ability Name: Dragon Has Claws
Description: His gloves, when he closes his fist, produce small claws that can cut people.
Ability Name: Iron Guard
Description: When Sinan puts his arms up in a guard, they glow faintly. This allows them to block something a tier higher than themselves.
Boosts: 3x Strength

Fullbring Appearance: His gloves extend to all the way up his arms, forming a sort of black coating.
Ability Name: Smashing Power
Description: When the user activates this ability, their attacks act as though their strength is one tier higher.
Ability Name: Dragon Punch
Description: The user throws a punch that extends through an energy projectile, which looks like a dragon in form.
Ability Name: Steel Guard
Description: They put their arms together, in front of them, and their arms connect together for a moment to guard attacks two tiers higher.

Boosts: x4 Strength

History: While his mother was pregnant with him, she survived an attack with a hollow. It’s unknown exactly when or how this happened, but what is known is that it happened. It’s also known that he had a fairly normal birth. He wasn’t really that odd of a baby. No stupid quirks, no nothing. He was a bit strong in his teenage years and on, but they atoned that to the stupid amount of time that he spent in the gym. That wasn’t entirely what happened.

Part of it was his fullbring, which when he found out he had it, had always practiced it. He never got very strong with it, partly because he rarely uses it in actual combat. He perfers using his own strength, as he doesn’t realize that the fullbring IS his own strength. He isn’t sure who gave him this power, but he just knows he has it and that he’s okay with having it.

As his life dragged on, he became a boxer, a professional one. He’s edging on in years, for being a human, so he’s boxing less and less each year, but he’s still undefeated, although he’s never gone for a championship. He figured it’s pointless if all he’s doing this for is to stay in shape and sate his want for violence within a legal bounds. He does, generally, stay within the rules rarely breaking them.

Though when he does, he does it secretly.

Side Notes: N/A
Roleplay Sample: He couldn't be assed to take this fight seriously. He was slipping in and out. He felt the blows slip past his head, and he could hear the anger in his opponents breath. He figured he should end this battle at some point, but what's the point when you could please the fans?

Sinan would dive under a right hook and move to behind his opponent and pivot, and as the man would turn, would rock him with a right hook. Once rocked, he'd smash the man with a massive uppercut into another hook, and as the man was staggering, he'd step back. It was a sort of disrespect before smashing the man down with another hook.

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#2 Re: Sinan Durian on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:51 am

Approved, 3-3.

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