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#1 [Open] Boston Feast on Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:40 am

Quill did not want to hunt for his master's master anymore so he went to the new world he had heard about, he looked around seeing large building and made from a strange stone that mold to the building. It was as if humans made a man made stone that can be made and molded like clay but does not require heat to become stone. Then he smelled souls, some who think they are still alive and it seemed to him that this Boston area did not have hollows here like they could not live in this place. Quill made sure to no soul reapers were around, there was not so he went to a location that was filled to the brim with souls, it was a normal school with students going in it, it seemed it was morning over here but felt like night to him. So he then activate his dark beast armor and slammed his head into it. The souls ran around like bugs and he made more souls appear, so he started to gorge himself with this feast of souls. They all had a strange taste to them like a fruity or a chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. What ever it was, it was tasty and he wanted more.
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