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#1 [Open] Soul candy on Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:15 am

Quill knew that if the army was to become stronger he would would have to find more souls for them to feed on, so he got a hollow that transform souls to candy. He would kill the person and the hollow transform them but he had to find away to have the hollow not to eat them. But there is another problem, the hollow can attract shimigami's like a moth to flames, so Quill will have to cause a massive distraction for his plan to even work. He had heard a war is starting to break out which gave him the chance to gather up some souls so they can either regain strength or make the grunts they had stronger. He started in china which had a very large populations so no one would ever miss them, but that didn't mean shimigami's that aren't fighting in the war. But still food must be collected for the army.
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#2 Re: [Open] Soul candy on Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:14 pm

Jun T

Reo showed up in his black clade uniform. China of all places, a hollow attack...and in the middle of a war...damn hollow. Drawing his white katana, he started to go to town on the masses, slashing, hacking, punching, and kicking hollows into dust. Damn things didn't have the decency to slink off and lick their wounds in Hueco Mundo. The Vice-Captain of Squad 1 covered ground quickly and defeated the small fries with ease. Someone had to be commanding them. The short, five foot 2 silverette tried to use his senses to find the culprit. And he had a small possibility. An arrancar. That was usually a good sign. Using shunpo, he hurried to where the guy was. And attacked from above, swinging down with everything he had. Reo was physically fast and strong, so if he hit, he'd hit like a truck.

Reo's Standard Outfit:
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#3 Re: [Open] Soul candy on Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:49 pm

Quill saw that the hollows where being slaughtered by someone stronger them him, he knew that it was a sign of a high ranking person. Quill made a portal to the HQ and  sent the hollow through, once it was through he closed it, it would be sometime before he could up it back up so he had to fight it. He sent a clone in his place and hide, once the the person showed up it seemed that the person cut the clone in half though he could of been wrong and nothing happen to his weak clone, so he made sure he could fight it without any one butting in, so he killed his weaker back up and send them to his food realm where he store food for later due to combat. He then activate his Light Beast armor to increase his speed, he then charged up his speed some he can start some hit and run attacks on the enemy.
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