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on Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:22 am

He sensed the reiatsu of the catman again plummet. He'd hoped this time that it was because he was going to return to his previous state. Then Shuuryou felt the resurgence of Tegan's spiritual pressure and knew that he'd missed. "But how?" He thought. He thought as his mind was thrown back to when he mentioned the name "Riku Tomoshibi". Come to think of it, that was the name of his new captain. The two had yet to meet but that couldn't have been a coincidence.  "Was this heavens will? Was heaven protecting the family of one of the captains?"

When the power levels of the two stabilised they were completely even. The good news was that the strength of Kuro would return to levels Shuuryou could deal with. The bad news was that the boy, Tegan, would likely once again serve as dangerous distraction. He prepared himself for the ranged assault that was sure to come from Tegan like every other time he divided power in this. He found it strange that Tegan actually charged him head on. This meant only one thing, he was going to attempt to help his cat made human get free. This gave Shuuryou ideas.

He didn't distance himself from Kuro. Now that Kuro was distracted with the kido spell, he would pose little threat. Instead, he began to maneuver around the catman, using him as a shield from the majority of the needles and the tentacle strike. The rest of the needles were swatted away in between strikes with his gold and obsidian circle blade. The first was aimed at the shoulder of the arm he first used to claw the bakudo with. Subsequent strikes were aimed first at the opposite arm and then random locations on his body.  

A stinging pain covered the freshly made scratch which caused him to wince for a moment. When he regained his composure he noticed the sudden appearance of three more cats. Assuming that they were an attempt to summon more catmen just as troublesome as Kuro he reflexively lashed out at them with a barrage of intricate and difficult to predict circle blade slashes. Given the close proximity of the cats to Kuro, if any of the detonated, all three of them would be swept up into the explosion.

Shuuryou would recognise the difference in cutting flesh and energy if any of the attacks landed on the cats and act accordingly, otherwise, he would continue to maneuver around the pair making sure to position himself between the trapped Kuro and mobile Tegan to take advantage of any potential openings. He would strike out at the wrist which chained Kuro to Tegan regretting having to use such force and something that could very well permanently scar the boy. His tactic would definitely make breaking the bakudo more difficult as they would be forced to pull their attention away from it and focus on defending against Shuuryou and their own exploding cats, less they be blown up along with their opponent.

Abilities Used:
Name: Forever
Effect: An ability held only by the golden circle blade.
This causes a sword cut to span on into forever. A simple cut on a surface which begins as something barely superficial will grow and deepen until the cut completely makes its way through what was in its path. For example, if the skin on an arm is cut, even after the blade is removed from that specific location the cut grows with each successful follow up strike, regardless of location. It may only break the epidermis but it will eventually cut through the dermis, the subcutis, veins, arteries, muscle, tendon, and bone before eventually cutting through those same layers in reverse, on the opposite side of the body part that was struck. This cut spans on into forever, or so long as Forever Queen is released. This is an automatic effect which only works on an active wound. So, for example, if an opponent's finger is cut, the cut on the finger will be the only thing that causes damage, even if that would ordinarily behead someone lands. This is most successful on limbs. Where the life force of a person flows the strongest (head, neck and chest) this ability is naturally resisted. In cases where the first slash lands on one of those areas most strong with life force, the wound grows along the surface, but doesn't penetrate any deeper than the original cut.

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on Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:05 pm


Kuro used his four tendrils to deal with the new attacks. Although, with the loss of power, a few did slip by, but had just enough to deflect the huge saw blade enough for them to not be too bad of cuts to his arms. Except the cuts after the first one didn't stay. They seemed to have compounded into the first. That was not good. But the tendrils were also weakening from the barrage of attacks, just barely starting to crack. They were strong, but they weren't strong enough to do this for long. Then came the kitty bombs and a small influx of power, bringing him to 70%. The three bombs exploded when the Shinigami attacked them, each one the strength of a cero, and caught Kuro up in the blasts, since Tegan wasn't going to be fast enough to get there before his attack. But it also helped him out of his little binding predicament. Finally free and the power between them split more evenly again, Kuro did an X swipe as Tegan drew a circle, leaving a black band of energy. Then that was fired from above the Shinigami, forming a type of laser grid. Another of his stronger attacks.

Kuro for his part looked liked he'd been through hell. Between his arms being bloody from the cuts, he was now missing most of his pants with burns and blood on his legs, the only parts left of his jacket being the four rags that acted as his tendrils, and half his shirt was missing with even more burns and splotches of blood. Luckily, there were only a few specific ways to get rid of Kuro, but that possibility was getting nearer by the minute it seemed.

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on Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:38 am

The dark aura which exploded from the cats the moment they were split in half sent shock a shock wave through Shuuryou's senses. This attack was going to be big. Maybe too big. This prompted him to summon the strongest defensive technique he had at his disposal. "Bakudo 81, Danku!" He said, as a dark wave of black energy surged towards him, completely enveloping Kuro in the process.

While most of the destructive force was stopped by the kido, some also spilled around the kido colliding with Shuuryou's sides. The areas of his body harmed by his opponent's previous attacks were met with a brief yet intense pain that overwhelmed his sense of touch as he was thrown back, flat onto the roof. His vision blurred for a moment, a combination of pain and the sudden drain to his reiatsu pool. Danku had begun to crack, but after setting eyes on his opponents he knew that he couldn't let his kido break just yet. Just like with his previous bakudo, he began his kōjutsu eishō technique while rising to his feet. His chant began repairing the cracks in his kido, strengthening it for the grid of destructive power in the form of a grid that was just launched.

Shuuryou stood in complete stillness for a while, contemplating. By trying to end this fight without permanently marring or killing the boy, he put himself at a greater risk than he would have by just trying to kill him from the start. This was the second time that the boy had used an attack which had the potential to kill the purple haired Shinigami. He breathed deeply as he came to the decision that if ending this battle without killing the teen put himself in harms way, then he wouldn't.

He was currently fighting with Forever Queen, the blade which promised a permanent death, arriving at this decision was not something that he took lightly. With new resolve, he twirled his zanpakuto and proceeded towards the two who dared invade heaven.

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on Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:51 am


Tegan and Kuro had also jumped on a roof to be on an even plane. The boy held his spear offensively, while Kuro was also in a stance. But the brown haired Tomoshibi was shaking. This wasn't a spar. This wasn't a torture room. This Shinigami wanted to kill him. Or didn't, but had the resolve to do so, despite pushing the boy to going this far. Suddenly, his lack of actual combat experience became very real. But it seemed things were coming to a head further off, where there was a snowstorm happening and Ika and their captain commander was fighting...though the two were far enough to not interfere with each other. That was interesting. But that came to a head sooner than he thought. The boy was nearly knocked on his ass when the captain commander had launched a super powerful attack, only for Ika to have dealt with it.

Then came the order for the Shinigami to retreat. Sighing heavily and with relief, he switched his spear into a broom. "It's been a learning experience for Kuro. I'm a man of my word. I won't attack any retreating Shinigami. You can watch me if you want, but unless I'm attacked further, I'm not gonna do anything. Your choice." And with that, he'd stick to his word and not harm anyone else. Unless of course, he was attacked.

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on Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:31 am

Shuuryou froze in his tracks. He couldn't believe the order at first. The death gods were being forced out of their head quarters by these invaders! To make matters worse, the order wasn't coming from the Captain Commander, but from the captain of the science division. Something must have happened to the Captain Commander Akane. Then again, this could be some type of trick. The invaders could have only gained access to Soul Society with the help of a Shinigami. Something about this just didn't sit right with him. In any case, if the Captain Commander was alright, nothing would stop her from stopping the order to retreat if she didn't want it. She was the  most powerful, most capable Shinigami in all of Seireitei.

Then the thought hit him, now was the time to drop out of a fight he didn't want to enter into in the first place. He could instead, use this opportunity to gather information on the noble houses. That was his reason for joining the Gotei 13 after all. He jumped down from the roof, flash stepping to the circle blade he threw earlier and sealed them both. He was no longer interested in his trembling opponent. It was time to focus on his true goal.

At first, he was concerned that there were no orders to come from Captain Riki, but then realized that the lack of action was likely due to his being too busy with his own battle. He could use this opportunity.

He sheathed his zanpakuto and extended an arm. "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens." Once the kido's automatic ritual was complete, he spoke to every member of his squad, including his captain. If the captain disagreed with his orders, he was free to disregard them and substitute his on. "We have no choice but to trust that the order to retreat is an official one." he began. He divided his squad into groups of various sizes, each what he estimated would be sufficient to help squad four move current patients as well as collect additional casualties, begin the evacuation of the mid and outermost regions of the Rukongai, escort Central 46 members to the human world, and finally, the smallest group which he would personally lead. This group would evacuate the noble families.

-Exit Thread-

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