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"Was this really happening?" The newly appointed vice captain of the fifth squad thought. It was a foolish question considering he was watching the living invade Seireitei. Still, the idea was strange; one of the realms intended for the dead was being invaded by the living. There'd be plenty of time for them to wonder Soul Society after they died themselves. That was of course assuming that those who invaded at this time weren't sent to hell as a consequence of their transgressions against heaven.

In any case, Shuuryou felt a certain level of unease at knowing what he needed to do now. He needed to fight the invaders. He joined the Thirteen Protection Court Guard Squads for one reason and one reason only; to gain access to their privileges; their privileges over nobles and their vast library of information. Fighting humans wasn't something he signed up for and he knew that the deaths of any would weigh heavy on his conscience. This would be the case even if it was deemed necessary.

It would appear that there was another that shared the sentiment. A younger boy, no older than fifteen or sixteen, fought along side the invaders. Though he was attacking Shinigami, he seemed to be intent on injuring them to take them out of commission. This was in stark contrast to his allies who killed relentlessly. Shuuryou wonder how and even if he should deal with this one. He decided that it was best to attempt to defeat him without killing him. Though gifted with supernatural abilities, he was still just a kid. It was better to take care of him sooner rather than later. There was a The longer he fought, the greater the chance that someone else in the Gotei Thirteen would attempt to kill him, or even worse, there was a chance that the kid may eventually kill someone else and forever mar his soul.

"Please let this end sooner rather than later." He muttered as he flash-stepped over to the teenager masking his spiritual pressure until the last moment. He charged straight on while lifting an arm and pointing his index finger. "Hado number 1, Sho!" He shouted, aiming at the youth's chest to thrust him backwards or at least throw him off balance. This would be the first shove of sorts to begin the process of physically separating him from the main battle and his allies. If the first shove didn't leave him at least winded if successful, the second one would. Still charging, Shuuryou launched himself into a flying kick aimed at the center of the teen's abdomen.
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Jun T

He felt the small rise in power before he saw them. Luckily Tegan was fast, and turned just in time to see a Shinigami using a hado one. He knew that spell...Jun had often used it in their spars. The brunette jumped back, avoiding it. Then had to jump to be on top of the wall to avoid the second one. He readied his black energy broom to take whatever the Shinigami was gonna throw at him next. Which ended up being a kick to his stomach. The fifteen year old blocked it, but due to being physically weak, he knocked down into the next hall. But not before extending a single black tendril to stab the Shinigami in the ankle. Getting up after retracting him, he stared at the Shinigami. "If you're gonna use hado least use it more creatively...otherwise you're gonna find it very difficult to hit me with it..."

He let out a barrage of black needles. Individually, they weren't that powerful at all, hell took a couple dozen just to knock out those low leveled Shinigami. But en masse like what he was doing? That could be troublesome, even for someone close to his power level. Hidden in the middle of the black rain were three black tendrils, also from the broom part, ready stab the guy in each shoulder and in one of the thighs.
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Though he didn’t intend outright harm with his kick, he did gain information. It was clear from the manner in which the boy blocked the kick made it clear that he was inexperienced in close quarters combat. His opponent would attempt to make this a long to mid range battle when he could. The fact that his kick launched him quite a distance despite his defenses alerted Shuuryou to his lack of strength. Avoiding the tentacle aimed at his ankle was as easy as twisting midair.

The human now had the distance he’d likely need to put up a proper fight. The way he spoke made it seem as though he was used to the ways of combat, and more specifically, used to fighting Shinigami. “If you’re looking for creative kido users you’re in luck.” Shuuryou said, more to himself than his foe.

“Hado No. 12. Fushibi!” Shuuryou said taking his zanpakuto in hand. He hadn’t bothered to draw it. Instead, with a quick flick of his wrist he fired a finely woven kido net. The threads of the bright orange net extended outwards. Normally the net was casts over a wide area to ensnare opponents. For this iteration of it, the muave haired caster shortened the range to accompany a space only slightly wider than his own body. The allowed for more threads to be spun with less open space for people, or in this case objects, to get through. Defensive use of destructive kido was only one way that Shuuryou's creativity presented itself in battle.

The majority of the needles were captured. Those which made it through were swatted aside with his sheathed zanpakuto. Two of the three tentacles which he intended to impale Shuuryou with where caught in the net as well. The third one made it through, but didn’t make contact with its target in the way that the human teen had hoped. “Hado 11, Tsuzuri Raiden…” the vice captain said, touching the tip of his sheathed zanpakuto to the tentacle as it just barely tore through the portion of his uniform  covering his left shoulder. He had no choice but to admit that this was sloppy mistake on his part.

Yellow currents of electricity converged where sheath met tendril. They raced along the course of the lengthy black construct towards the person who made it.
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Jun T

Tegan let go of his broom, but let it hit the floor to negate the electric kido spell. " cousin had done something similar to this before..." Needless to say, he wasn't impressed. The tendrils retracted back, and the brunette picked up his weapon again, throwing his little kitten the guy. Which arced up into the air. "Tegan, you asshole! Don't toss me like this!" The kitten spoke in his signature lazy way of speaking while panicking. The boy seemed to have ignored him as the kitten was landing behind the Shinigami. "Sleepy Ash." In an instant, the kitten turned into a five foot nine human with a jacket with rags on it as a tail.

Kuro's hands turned into black energy claws and dashed to the Shinigami to hack him to pieces. It would be noticed that he had a chain coming from the back of his neck to Tegan's right wrist. The boy jumped up on the wall and fired more black needles in support of his buddy, who was more physically stronger than he was by a lot, and was fast, though not as fast as Tegan was. However, they shared power. But at the moment, Tegan was giving Kuro about 60% of their power, making him closer to the Shinigami's strength, while still leaving himself with enough to support him at range.

Kuro exact appearance:
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“What the hell?” Shuuryou thought as he watched the tiny kitten fly over head. When it landed, it’s speech surprised the Shinigami for only a moment. The transformation of the kitten, while surprising didn’t distract Shuuryou from the fact that it would likely attack him in this form. This was turning into more than he bargained for.

He sensed a huge plummet in the spiritual pressure of the boy as the kitten transformed. “Actually, it’s not a dip. This cat, this man, has the exact same feeling to his power.” He thought as he raised his zanpakuto to block the incoming attack. His eyes widened at the realization that this attack would have been enough to seriously injure him. As the energy from the clawed attack flared against his zanpakuto creating sparks, he reconsidered his decision to just knock the boy unconscious. "Maybe his soul was already lost and he’d killed before?" He thought as he embraced the force of the blow instead of using his own strength to completely resist it.

He allowed the attack to launch him through the air. He cartwheeled and twisted gracefully tumbled towards the ground, catching the dark glint of more needles along the way. With several strategic maneuvers with his sword arm, any which would have caused harm were deflects. When he landed there were a couple dozen meters separating him from both the boy and the newcomer. He shook one needle he knew he missed from his hair. "He's hoping to overwhelm me with the sheer number of attacks." He thought as he reminisced about his battle with the hawk and snake Hollows in Hueco Mundo. A slight upward curse grew at the corner of his mouth; it was a slight smile.

He then noticed the chain on the mancats neck leading directly to the wrist of his original opponent. The two were definitely connected. He’d heard about such fighters before but he’d never fought one before. "A Bounto?" Shuuryou said, more to himself than either of his opponents. As he contemplated his position in this triangle of fighters he began to realize that he may need to use more force than he was hoping.

He raised a hand and snapped his fingers. This triggered the kido net he summoned earlier to explode. The mancat was far closer to the kido than the boy it was attached to was, in fact less than a single meter separated it and him which almost guaranteed damage. He could assess the damage if their was any to determine what effect harming the summoned creature would have on the boy. It would also help determine the skill level of this newest threat. Thus far, it was apparent that he possessed a physical strength that may be higher then the boys. Though still not equal to Shuuryou's own, he could still prove troublesome.
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Jun T

Kuro heard the man as he walked just past the kido net. "Not quite...the experimentation that made me what I am today was based on them, though. But bounto aren't normally sensed by normal means..." It was the same, lazy way of speaking, but didn't say anything more. Then the explosion happened. Kuro walked out of the dust, dirty, and some of his clothes torn, but not a lot. He yawned lazily as Tegan giggled. "Kuro is like my doll in your aforementioned bounto, or at least I'm assuming you said like a bounto from Kuro's reaction. But unlike a doll, if you kill him, you won't kill me, but at the same time, it'll take a lot more than that to take him down." The power transferred dramatically to him, giving himself 80% of his strength.

Tegan zoomed forward, landing inside the hall and looked like he was about to strike. Only to disappear and leave an afterimage in his wake. But his power also transferred back to Kuro, this time also at 80%, making him hit slightly harder with his swipes. But he also added four tendrils made from the rags on his coat to stab out at him. Tristan, meanwhile, had moved behind the Shinigami, and sprayed a short dose of needles at him. Because he was focusing most of his power towards Kuro, the needles were weaker than normal. It was more for a distraction than anything.

Kuro was unusual...the only way to really defeat him aside from knocking out or killing Tegan was by destroying his head AND heart. Or cutting him up to little pieces...or blowing him up. But that was easier said than done.
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The newly appointed vice captain listened to Kuro even though he was undecided as to whether or not he could trust his words. "Why tell me anything, is this a distraction?" He thought the same thing when the boy spoke. Even though his sensing abilities were essentially average, the sudden spike in the the boy's spiritual pressure didn't go unnoticed by Shuuryou. The transformed feline's spiritual pressure dipped. Shuuryou was able to finalize the conclusion drawn from the earlier display of power transference between the two. This nonstop back and forth power fluxing was the most dangerous part of this whole thing. At any moment he could unintentionally let his guard down   under the mistaken impression that he was fighting the weaker of the two only to have that power suddenly increase. That would definitely give either of them the ability to surprise him with a potentially deadly blow.

He needed to figure out a plan and fast. For now, he believed that he had a good understanding of how the boy fought. Long distance fighters were the easiest to understand. This one used smaller attacks to hide larger ones but neither could be ignored. This doll however, was completely different. After their brief exchange he understood that the boy's puppet was a serious threat in close combat. He needed to figure out just how good he was before proceeding.

The boy's after image was convincing enough, but he forgot one thing that Shuuryou never took his eye off of. That thing was the chain connecting him to his summoned fighter. While a section of it was a part of the after image he created, the portion of the chain coming from his unarmed ally slightly jerked towards the real boy and he was headed in Shuuryou's direction. It didn't take long for Shuuryou to spot him. As the catman's power once more climbed, the boy's power plummeted. It would appear as though the boy hadn't factored in how his speed would suffer mid-stride by choosing to give power to his summons at that time. At the rate he moved at now, even Shuuryou could outpace him.

Shuuryou didn't simply stand idly by and give the boy the opportunity to get behind him, not at first. For the first time during this battle, he unsheathed his zanpakuto. He took his blade in one hand and held it firmly. He took the sheath in the other. As the two raced in his direction, he charged forward as well. He skillfully positioned his sheath for a strike at the boy's leg which was closest to him. With his skill with weaponry, his strength, and most important of all, the boys own running momentum, the strike to the knee would in best case scenario break or dislocate his kneecap and in worst case scenario create a hairline fracture along the kneecap.

He twirled both zanpakuto and sheath in preparations for the battle with the cat-man. Blade met claw. Sheath met claw. Blade met tendril. Sheath met tendril. The two parried and deflect blow after blow all the while Shuuryou hoped that it wasn't possible for the boy to make his summons anymore powerful than he was in this moment. The number of methods of attack and the strength behind the attack was nearly too much. Then he felt the first needle in the back of his right thigh. Then another in his right shoulder. Both of this prompted him to bend backwards and throw himself into a handspring. The acrobatic maneuver which followed allowed him to dodge the rest of the needles, but he felt shallow scratches from the cat-man on his right calf. Five identical scratches began mid-calf and ended just above his ankle. He hoped that he hadn't been poisoned.

He was at a definite disadvantage in such narrow quarters. At any moment he could be sandwiched between the both of them. He needed more room. He jabbed his blade into the floor and quickly pulled the needles from his body. "So wasn't expecting to draw blood during this fight." He said, plucking the two needles from his body. Each wound he'd received from the brief skirmish bled lightly. He began mumbling before leaping into open air.

Looking down he could see other battles occurring in the distance. Choatic crowds ran about the compound. He could see unseated members of his own squad peppered in with other Gotei 13 members. They were all unseated members who just days ago looked at their vice captain with disapproval due to his age. They all looked up at him as he finished the chant for his next kido. Currents of brilliant blue fire flowed across his form and condensed at his blade. This was the first time any were able to see the mauve haired boy in combat.

Their past training at the very least serve to keep them from interfering in this battle. Such a move would place themselves and their vice captain in danger. Not that they would interfere, not for Shuuryou, not even if they did stand a chance. They would also know to discourage seated members from other squads from interfering and clear the area. Though their training told them to clear the area as well, they would stick around and view from what was barely a safe distance. They would likely say it was to create a barricade but in truth, it would be to see if Shuuryou could hold his own. It would be to see if Shuuryou was worthy of their respect. He paid them little mind after the initial glance.

"Hado 33 Blue Fire, Crash Down!" He shouted as he swung his zanpakuto. A wave of blue fire descended on the walkway he'd just left, and in turn, the teenager and his sentient weapon. Fire engulfed the walkway but Shuuryou knew the boy at least would depart before allowing himself to be seriously burned.

"I think I understand gist of both of your fighting styles." He would say once the dust settled and he set eye on his opponents. "I can't say that I'm not disappointed in the fact that I couldn't beat you as quickly as I'd wanted. I just hoped that I'd be able to save your soul." He held both zanpakuto and sheath to his sides and began twirling.

"Subete no mono o ugokasu no wa eikyūdesu, Itsumademo Kouhi Subete ga isshū suru, Tsuneni Kingu!(That which drives all things is perpetual, Forever Queen! Everything comes full circle, Always King!)"

Techniques used:
Spell Name: Sōkatsui
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #33
Spell Incantation: "All things in the universe that fly, that which names all, in the name of truth and temperance, dig your claws into the wall of sinless dreams!
Spell Effect: the caster extends his whole palm with his fingers extended forwards but only slightly apart before blue flame-like spirit energy flows into the center of the extended palm before firing a large wave of blue flames towards a target, without the incantation, it appears more as a blue fireball that rockets towards a target instead of a wave. causes a explosion on impact plus burn damage depending on tier of the target.        
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Jun T

Tegan wasn't expecting the Shinigami to go after him. Of course, he'd hoped Kuro would have been faster at reacting to so that his knew wouldn't be out of place...maybe fractured, but he'd have to X-ray that to find out. Then the guy had leapt up again and started charging up a kido spell. Kuro was already well on his way, and shielded the young boy. Leaving black plus sign of scorched clothes and skin spanning his shoulders, neck, including the part with the chain on it, and about four to five inches above where his tailbone would begin. "You alright?" The lazy furball asked.

"Yeah, just pop my knee into place like I showed might be fractured, but I won't be able to tell until I get back." The puppet withdrew his long, black claws into normal human hands and popped the knee back into place with a cringe on Tegan's face. both of them stood up, with the smaller teen testing his knee a little bit as the Shinigami spoke. Which the last part pissed off the teenager. His neutral, brown eyes darkened considerably, making Kuro actually step back a bit. "Uh oh..."

Glaring at the Shinigami, Tegan went on a tirade. "Save my soul? What kind of self-righteous bullshit is that? Did you even try to save the Vizard you guys made? Did you even try to talk out your differences with the Quincy? Did you even try to talk about how you treated the Bounto and aimed to understand where they're coming from or anything? You're a bunch of pricks who seemed to haven't learned their lessons yet. If you really want to be the good guys, learn from my cousin Jun Tomoshibi and maybe follow the example of Great Uncle Riku Tomoshibi if he's even here you self-righteous bastard!"

A little more power flowed to Kuro, giving him one hundred percent, symbolized by the chain glowing black and blue as well as Kuro. His four tendrils merged and formed black wings lined with blue as his claws came back. From those wings, twenty-six large, black spikes came out of them, and then was fired at the Shinigami. It was Kuro's only ranged attack, and he couldn't do it that often (2 post cooldown), but they hit considerably harder than the needles Tegan had been throwing out. The blue silver haired man rushed the Shinigami with a blur, aiming a swipe to the side, and a stab to the gut. Meanwhile, Tegan trying to get into a good position to flank him and transfer power more to fifty-fifty, but with how they were moving around and the enclosed space, that was proving to be exceptionally difficult. And so far, that wasn't happening. So for the moment, Kuro kept on him with swipes of his double edged claws with occasional use of his four tendrils, at one hundred percent.

(ooc: Idc if you want to at least know your captain's name or not already, it's your choice. I would imagine so, since he was wearing his haori at the Squad 1 barracks during this. And is now fighting Accelerator. And it's snowing over where he's at.)
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His sheath and zanpakuto both glowed with an uneven, pulsating light. Their forms began to expand and bend. The light died when a pair of massive circular blades replaced them. In each hand he held a blade, their individual diameters nearly equal to his own height, were in each hand. The edges of his blades began to hum as the air moved across their sharpness. He stood atop the roof nearest his opponents looking down on them.

The sound of the knee cap being set back in place was somehow more audible than all the other sounds from the surrounding battles. He could hear the boy’s tirade. He took note of the passion in the young teen’s voice as he spoke, but had also hoped that one day the boy would  realize that his own feelings didn’t matter. He’d hoped that one day he would realize that it was the will of heaven that determined what was right, not the feelings of mortals. His words were valid in the context of the mortal world, but heaven’s will overruled all. This was something he learned years ago during his journey to hunt the Hollow that killed his mother. At that time he learned that not all Hollows were soul hungry fiends without conscience. Still, Seireitei had its duty, its part in the grand design. As unfair as it seemed, Heaven’s will was unchangeable. Though, for an instant he did begin to consider what heaven would do to someone like himself if he were to bring his own plans to fruition.

Shuuryou could sense the tremendous spiritual power that the catman now wielded. He didn’t want it to be true. Before, when he fought the clawed man at eighty percent his strength was just about equal to his own. It made it difficult to hold his own while also dealing with the long range tactics of the boy the catman was chained to. This was bad. “Or is it?” He thought as he remembered that each time the cat’s power increased, the boy’s decreased. He could sense, or rather barely sense and spiritual energy coming from this boy. It was then that he realized that this may be the opportunity he’d been waiting for.

The development of wings on that catman’s back let Shuuryou know that at the very least he alone with ascend to the rooftop to engage the mauve hair boy in battle. He would probably be leaving the boy on the ground so that he may continue to serve as a distraction by flanking the young Shinigami. Still, Shuuryou had to wonder what success someone with so little spiritual power could have. His previous attack had only just barely drawn blood. The sudden appearance of the large black spikes around the wings of the catman prompted him to action. After they were launched, the catman followed immediately on their tail. He would arrive right after the spikes with virtually no respite in between attacks.  

Again, Shuuryou lept into the air, this time he worked himself into a rapid spin before letting loose a single circular blade. It zoomed through the air towards the approaching cloud of spikes and the one who created them. It moved at frightening speeds. It hit the first spike, not quite striking at it with its edge, but instead hopping along like the perfect skipping stone on the surface of a lake towards the next nearest spike. It struck the next spike and then the next, each time slightly altering the path of the sharpened projectile it made contact with. It spun and zigzagged, changing the course of four of the several impaling instruments that were on a head on collision course with Shuuryou’s small slender frame. Further still, the momentum from each spike it collided with helped it to maintain its torque, assuring that its speed never decreased, its ability to successfully split its target like a buzz saw through plywood, was never hindered. Each time it hit a spike its course was adjusted, but always heading in the general direction of its true target. It flew towards the charging Kuro with so little room between its edge and his neck that one would swear that the fates themselves had intervened. It would appear as though the fates themselves prevented the round blade from beheading him by blessing the blade’s mark with a favorable gust of wind or some other unseen but assumably natural happenstance. However, the blade’s true target, was Tegan, the human male.

With little to no power saved for his own combat abilities this would surely be a repeat of the events that caused the injury to his knee. He could use his strange weapon to attempt to block the blow, however, with his current lack of power the spiritual pressure supporting its form wasn’t likely to pose much resistance to the blade on a bullseye path to his chest. Due to the fact that he discarded, or rather traded away his power, if the blade hit its target, he would likely be split in half, vertically, right down the middle due to the blade's perfect trajectory after completely clearing the catman. If this strike was successful Shuuryou could then begin to focus the entirety of his attention on the catman. Shuuryou lost site of the end result as Kuro met him head on.

Spikes tore sections of his uniform just before claw strikes grazed his sides. This time the wounds were slightly deeper than the superficial one the catman landed before. The damage from this attack was one that would require an unknown number of stitches. While several spikes were launched, not all of them required such extravagant moves for dodging. He spun and flipped his remaining blade about to deflect them and parry Kuro’s stabbing attempt. He moved like a serpent around and through his bladed hoop using its shape and his size to their utmost advantage in sublime expert combination.

“Bakudo Number 61, Rikujōkōrō!” Shuuryou shouted, quickly pointing at Kuro to launching the six rods of imprisoning light spell at point blank range mid-dodge. Though more powerful than ever, the change in the catman’s appearance did add one disadvantage; the added wings made for a larger target. A larger target, and such close distance definitely increased Shuuryou’s chances of striking with his spell. He would use the kōjutsu eishō technique to empower the spell if it landed.

Techniques and Abilities used:
Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #61
Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
Spell Effect: The caster points his middle and index finger towards the target before a spark of light emits from the tips of his extended fingers, forming six long but thin rods of light that shoot rapidly towards a target, slamming into their midsection and keeping the arms to the sides, this also paralyzes anything not connected by the rods, parlaying the entire body in the process. (two post cool down)

Name: Always
Effect: An ability held only by the obsidian circle blade.
This causes the original damage caused by this blade to recycle endlessly, or at least until the zanpakuto is sealed yet again. A blow caused by this will reapply damage over and over again. It does this by repairing what is destroyed by the first blow. When the repair occurs, it is as though the wound never occurred. All signs of damage are gone. There is no physical damage. It may seem like a useless ability in terms of battle applicability, however it's perfect for use against those with well developed healing factors. Due to the fact that the ability and the cut are dealt at the same time, it repairs damage it causes before a target's healing or repair factor has a chance to act. This happens at regular intervals. The cut is dealt in one instance, and then in the next, it is undone and all of the conditions which were in effect before the cut return to the exact state they were in before the cut happened. This ability does more to hurt the psyche than the actual body. Even if a killing blow is dealt, depending on the state of the wound when shikai is sealed, someone may walk away completely unharmed despite being slashed to ribbons during the actual battle.


((OOC: It would make sense for Shuuryou to know his captain IC even though I’ve never RPed with him because captains choose their VC and they aren’t just simply paired with one another.))
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Jun T

As if Kuro was gonna let that giant sawblade get anywhere near his master. The puppet used the wings to knock it off course via a hit on the back end as Tegan dived to the opposite side. That was a very neat trick, but they had neat tricks of their own. Tegan looked around. He thought they couldn't fly in the Seireitei. Then he noticed it and facepalmed himself. The walls weren't down. Their sneak attack had completely stopped that from happening. Tegan took to the skies like a witch on her broom. The Shinigami seemed content at aiming for him. At least partially. The catman was caught in the kido spell by the right ankle, and slashed at two of the rods with his claws, destroying them. However, as the guy chanted, the stronger they got. Kuro destroyed one more so he could actually move a little bit, but the other one was becoming a pain. He needed time.

Time Tegan gave him via transferring a more 50-50 split and sprayed en masse black needles at the guy while closing the distance. Followed by a tentacle strike. Then the boy's broom changed forms entirely, the end making a spear with an open end on the side. Kuro left claw surged with power as he overcharged for a swipe at one of the rods and then with the other claw to finish it. Two more to go. The boy let loose with three puppet like black cats with the power of a cero. Those should keep the guy occupied as the duo concentrate on those rods. The bombs would explode on contact, but could also move to avoid incoming attacks and they did home somewhat at the guy. Hopefully that kept him off just long enough to get rid of one of them before they had to face him for his next trick...

(OOC: Sometimes. I don't think Kisuke chose to keep Hinoyi or whatever that demon chick/child's name was. Even so, you were VC before he was captain. I was kind of hoping for more of a reaction...I mean, you are fighting one of his great nephews who mentioned him by name. XD)
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