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7th Division
7th Division
Billowing smoke fills a large quantity of the air above a portion of the Seireitei, which only further came to be exemplary among the cindering hulk encompassed by flames and piles of ash that had since come to become a notary imagery seared into the mind of Hitsuyona. "Damnit" He couldn't have helped but to felt some level of guilt following the pulsing reiastu signals that filled the air in what had soon to become a dauntless battlefield of what was clearly yet another invasion. The young man's captain haori fluttered aimlessly trailing his every waking step, and such a garment became to mock the entirety of his reasons for having taken such a role. Further placing fault would have done himself no good, but doing so gave some level of justification in having taken this particular day of all others to have joined in his very squad with their duties among the Rukongai.

His feet places violently against the bark of trees , which snap intensely with each forceful advancement as the man makes great haste to join his comrades whom had likely started to fall in a battle that had since begun. Discretion had most usually been the mans outlooks on most situations; however, it would have appeared that desperate times had called for disparity.

When the time had come that he exited any nearby forestry, this would only have made his urgency intensify more so. The beginning of the battlefield so to speak was nearing, and the soul could smell the level of cautionary tale that it foretold. His notrils were begrudgingly filled with a scent of copper and firewood, and such a sensory brought about a level of disgust to appropriately display his look of a solemn gesture.

Hitsuyona draws his blade forth with due diligence upon nearing the oncoming onslaught of enemies; yet, there seemed to be a certain level of calmness to the nature the he so hastily approaches this last 'stride' so to speak. The only thing preventing this Captain from unleashing his Bankai with intentions of bringing a hell wrath downwards to smite his enemies were a high potential of dampening his allies in the process.
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Seo had never really been one for fighting, to be completely honest, his days as the Captain of Squad 4 were quite peaceful. Perhaps that's why in all of his years he never tried to train harder, but it was too late for that now. With his luck he had just joined Ika and his group of chaotic fools within a few days of a war breaking out between them and the Gotei. Oh well. Not like he had anything better to go and do. Besides, this gave him a chance to sneak into the captain commanders closet and grab his Zanpakuto, the poor thing was probably lonely after all these years.

Once he was out of sight to those struggling he made a mad dash towards the last place he remembered the CC's quarters being hoping that not much besides the CC themself, had changed.
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Hagane was missing in action just as The War had begun. Several messages had been sent out to reach him, yet they were given no reply. You'd think the battle-driven friendly Giant would've been all over it as soon as all hell broke loose. It seems that fate had other plans for this very day. With Hagane's disappearance, Squad 11 was left without a backbone. That wouldn't really stop them however, as they would've simply fought harder to achieve victory. Still wasn't a good thing that a captain of Hagane's prowess was no where to be seen. What was more important than defending the gotei that had Hagane go M.I.A.

As for where Hagane was, the big man himself was in the Rukon district. What was he doing there? Well when The War had broken out, Hagane's first reaction was to make sure that the orphanage was okay. He needed to be sure that Mika was okay, and make sure that they all got out safely. However little did Hagane know the horror that would soon break his poor heart.

Breaking the door of the Orphanage off its hinges, Hagane made his way in quickly. "KIDS!!!!" he would yell and call out, but with no noise to be heard. He would check the place top to bottom becoming more worried as time went on. "MIKA!!!!!" he would yell in a distressed and sorrow filled scream. For a moment he heard nothing, still waiting for a response. Hagane's eye's began to water slightly, and for the first time he was genuinely going to cry. Until he heard a squeak, his name called softly and painfully. Hagane made his way as fast as possible to the source. Hagane found one of the rooms he hadn't checked yet which he believed the noise to have emanated from. He then heard a voice behind the rooms door call softly for him. Hagane was sure that it was Mika calling to him. Immediately he ripped the door down, and made his way into the room.

"Hagane" Mika said softly with tears running down her face, and a light smile as she saw her hero enter the room. Hagane looked upon Mika with sorrow in his eyes but with a smile of his face. She was deathly pale with dark circles around her eyes, as she lay on her bed. She was extremely sick, and Hagane already knew this without having to ask. Mika reached her hand out towards Hagane before she coughed, squealing quietly in pain as she did so. Hagane immediately made his way to her side as he witnessed this. He lightly grasped her hand and wrapped his right arm around her, as he pulled her into a hugging position. Hagane was unable to say anything as he hugged her, sobbing as he did so. Mika smiled as she embraced his hug.

"Where is everyone?" Hagane would ask, finally being able to speak a sentence. Mika's face would reflect sorrow as she said,"They're all gone". Hagane didn't answer, but the threads of his sanity began to split and snap away. Mika coughed, squealing in pain again as she did so. Hagane simply held her tighter in his arms. Mika continued to talk to Hagane, telling him about how everything happened. However as soon as she said one thing, the last strand of Hagane's mind snapped. The very last thing that she had said was enough to completely break poor Hagane's heart completely. He began to continuously say "I'm here" over and over again as he gently rocked Mika back and forth in his arms.

Abruptly he then placed on gently down and tucked her tightly in her bed. He then created a massive earth Colosseum around the entire orphanage. "I have to go for a bit but you'll be safe in here, and when I come back we'll leave this place together" Hagane said exiting the structure, a wide grin stretching itself across his face.

Mercy to be had upon whoever got in Hagane's way and mercy to be had the poor fools who call themselves 'Central 46'.


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