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#21 Re: [Battle] War, The Prelude. on Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:05 am


1st Division
1st Division
Akane tried her best to hold the blade in, though he outmatched her strength if only by a little bit. Slowly but surely he managed to drag the blade free. Before she could really respond to this, having become mostly numb to the acid at this stage, the second punch to the head would throw the girl back once more. Stumbling but barely able to keep herself on her feet. Only to be followed up be a beatdown by the vizard. Trying her best, she would mitigate as much of the damage as she could until it all stopped, she was allowed to stand once more. Only to see the hazed outline of the world going black around her.

It seemed that Ika had won this fight, as the kidou would close around Akane. Though as it covered her face he would possibly feel a chill when he noticed it wasn't one of surprise or fear. There was silence for just a moment, almost sealing his victory. Only for what should have been an inescapable tomb to shatter around the firey redhead, who was holding her zanpakuto over her head unscathed from his last attack.

"Hōken" It wasn't a loud phrase, and it didn't seem particularly useful to the girl, but nevertheless she would bring the blade down to the ground in a simple swing of her arm. It was now that Ika would realize he had done nothing to break Akane's spirit in all this, as a thin golden line would rush forth from the ground she had touched. Not dangerous by itself. But there was a peak in spiritual energy, something he would never have felt before now as the very skies themselves seemed to open up as a torrential wave of power would crash into the ground and explode outwards as it traveled down the line. And it was only moments away from destroying him.

Whether it killed him or not, she would be able to stand for a moment to watch the smoke settle. The golden reishi floating up like smoke to dissipate into the air before she would find it too overwhelming to continue. Crumbling to the side unconscious, hoping that this one final attack could end Ika Mazi and save the Soul Society. It was the least she could do.

Techniques Used:

- Transcendence: Defeated Kidou 90
- Hōken: Final Ability
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#22 Re: [Battle] War, The Prelude. on Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:37 am

Ika Mazi

The woman had been enveloped by the Kidou, and it at this point seemed that Ika had the match in hand.. This of course was a failure to comprehend on his part. He should have known there was no way it could be this easy, no way a Captain Commander would go down this lightly.. This of course was the building thought process, BEFORE the redhead proceeded to shit on his plans, "wh..what?.." And like that Ika slowly realized what had happened, she had just used sheer Reitsu to break through a fucking Hadou 90, she had essentially spiritually muscled her way out of a forbidden Kidou.. "That's quite the impressive feat there little girl, shame you're dead either way.."

It was at this moment Ika realized he had fucked up, he had gotten too cocky. She simply said the word Hoken and a blast of energy unlike anything he had ever experienced chiseled out a path from her to him in a straight line. The energy used up in this blast, the energy that radiated from it was unparalleled to say the very least, and he knew he couldn't tank it head on. He used Shunpo and Sonido in rapid succession, but the explosion could not be avoided. The right arm and right leg of Ika had been obliterated, his entire right side was a mangled mess as his ribs protruded from the rib cage sharply at different angles.. He sat on the ground and looked at the sky, thinking surely she had to be finished.. If not?..

He was. As he glanced up, mustering enough energy to devote resources to both High Speed Regen and Healing Kidou for his arm, he formed a leg for himself fashioned out of acid using his Serge-Kinetic Constructs.. It was a peg-leg, but it would do.. He saw her stand for but a moment, prompting a shocked look on his face, if one didn't know any better one might even think it was fear but.. that simply wasn't the case. Thankfully, she collapsed as well, and as Ika began to heal his mangled body for about a minute he limped over to her unconscious and barely breathing body, still clutching his ribs with a hand to use healing kidou, his arm had already regrown.. Now having two arms Ika would grab her Zanpakuto, and lift her head with with his, and right before he could run the blade straight through her skull?.. He was punched by someone, something. Something had sent him for a loop and in the midst of this he had dropped her blade. It and the girl were summarily scooped up and launched through a Senkaimon, who?.. Of course.. "Kokoro.. you bastard! Interfering in my affairs! I will end you!"

Kokoro smirked at Ika, scythe in hand.. He had already ascended to Bankai and was simply smiling at Ika by this point. "We both know you're not in a position to fight me right now, regardless of what you may want to think.. Though unfortunately.. It appears the Gotei isn't in a position to fight you either.. I am ordering a retreat. All Shinigami fall back to the Human World. This is a direct order, the Captain Commander is down. Retreat now. We will reclaim our home in time.." With that order Kokoro disappeared in the blink of an eye, seemingly to gather up the other Captains.. Ika crumbled to the ground, and tried to fix himself up.. This was not what he had been wanting from this at all.. Why wasn't conquest easy anymore, like the good old days?.. What a drag..

-End thread-


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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