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As Quill walked into the world of the living he thought to himself. "I had heard that the old king was de-throne and a Queen took his place, I didn't care who was in charge all I want to do is hunt,kill,eat and sleep. It was also a good chance to finally go to this Tokyo place to recruit more allies. Though it pains me to even bring more of those's assholes into this world,I was told i was one of them. Ill start with some 'high schoolers' strange name for students but it has been a long time since i last stepped into the world of the living." He then saw a world where everything was tall,bright, and loud. Quill kept to the shadows abducting anyone that was alone and unexpected about it. It seems more teenage girls were in this hunt but he did get a large hall of them. He then moved on to the hobos, he just killed them and then ate their souls to refuel himself for the long night ahead. He then found blood, but the blood was not in the physical form more like in a spirit world, Quill then tract it down to a badly wounded soul reaper. He grind at the site of the weak reaper. The reaper said "[colors=blue]Stay back Arrarncar or ill kill you where you stand[/colors] " Quill knew even at full power the soul reaper couldn't even hurt him even if he tried. So Quill killed him and ate him afterward. It was sour like expired ale.

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