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#1 Recruitment Drive on Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:03 am


Alicia was no fool. She realized the weakened state of the Espada. She knew better than to leave her forces as they were, but to do anything about it would require souls... So she brought to task her most talented minds among her hollow minions and created methods to infect living humans to forcibly, and lethally, convert them into dead hollow souls for her war machine that she knew she would need to build to defend her new throne.

To that end she had chosen a place far out of the way but still packed with people. Greenland. though the population wasn't much compared to many places in the world. It was also an easy target to test her new conversion methods and start building her army back up from the damage the Shinigami have done over the millennia.

She had already landed with her small team in a town in the middle of the country named Qaanaaq. It was considered one of the northernmost cities in the world and only boasted a few hundred people. This would be the perfect test.

into the night she sent her minions, to implant the humans with a special hollow which would force their own souls to cannibalize and turn them into hollows as if they had died and been dead too long.

She simply sat on a rooftop and smiled as she waited for the inevitable screams.. this town was hers within an hour.. even if someone showed up to save these people it was too late.. The savior would soon find themselves in a den of evil..

Alicia's Den of Evil..
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