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#1 Hell's March on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:53 am

A giant gate appeared in the sky above New York City. It simply was there for a minute, before slowly creaking open like a rusted door that had forgotten it could it even opened.

That was when all hell broke loose. With the gate open thousands upon thousands of dead souls of the damned and reviled, those too evil to be redeemed by Soul Society or Heaven, flooded out like a tide of darkness threatening to swallow the city whole. Within minutes the streets of the city were littered with violence and screams as people began fighting for their lives, fleeing for them, or hiding to wait for assistance from the Committee.

Lilith stood silently by the opened gate of hell with her enslaved butler Arturia and simply frowned. as was her normal expression, as she looked for the ones who would become her target. She nodded at Arturia as she crossed her arms and the butler, floating in the air beside her master, spoke with a loud booming voice filling the city with it, "Tremble all for your time has come. The bloodbath and the cleansing of this pathetic world commences. Pray to your pitiful gods and know that they will simply cower in fear of the one true master."

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#2 Re: Hell's March on Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:09 am

I felt it as it happened, and it was hard to miss. The shivers sent down my spine meant only one thing. The Gates of Hell had opened once more, but this time, it had to be close, considering that I was the one who sensed it. I tapped a button and spoke, a message which would be carried across all forces of the Committee. "Attention all recruits and members. Hell has opened. There is one progenitor whom I will be dealing with, the rest of them are your responsibility. Group up and send them back to where they belong. Dismissed."

With that, I grabbed my staff, hopped out the window, and dived directly toward the source of that horrid sensation. I'd find who was responsible there, floating in the air, quite possibly as arrogant as any one person could be. She stood with a figure in noble guard who I assumed was a subservient of hers. No matter, I'd have someone personally dismantle them both. [color=#da00da]"I'd like to introduce you to a new recruit of mine, He'll be your opponent. Have a nice night."

You know those times when it feels like Hell is breaking loose? That very same thing was happening right now, and quite frankly, I was thrilled. I'd been meaning to do something useful with my time, and putting the progenitor of sin herself back in her prison sounded like the most fun I was going to have for a while. "My name is Eun Shiba. Goodbye."

And with that, my fun was about to begin. With a nod, I dismissed Maki, and she kept a fair distance back with a smirk. I began by pinging as many of the windows and metal objects in the nearby vicinity as I was able to do, and this would be the first step to my victory. I fired off roughly 20 shots, each directed at a nearby window. Upon impacting their targets, all of them would halt, then I'd wait for my target to make a move.

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