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#1 Riku Tomoshibi on Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:49 am


Name: Riku Tomoshibi
Alias: N/A
Real Age: 68
Phys. Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: A generally quiet boy, Riku tends to take the seat near the window and stare out of it the entire time. Just because he appears to not be paying attention, doesn't mean he isn't. He only speaks when spoken to or with those he knows and trusts well enough to consider them friends. But if you do manage to become friends with him, he'll go to hell and back with and for you. He's not optimistic nor is he pessimistic, but somewhere in between. On that front, it mainly depends on the situation. If the situation is bad, he'll keep his viewpoint to himself and try to avoid the question. If it's good on the other hand, he'll freely tell you what he thinks. If something greatly interests him, he'll generally comment on it, but typically just leaves it at that.

Having eight younger siblings and a constantly working father that was terrible at finances, Riku is a very responsible person and can always be relied on to get done with paperwork correctly and on time. He also tends to be organized, knowing exactly where everything is at, but doesn't complain about other's messiness. Also due to having so many siblings, he enjoys being around and playing with younger kids. He generally acts like the good older brother that's not afraid to get strict if you do something bad when around little kids. He'll also avoid profanity when among children.

Also due to having so many siblings, Riku is a very patient person and somewhat laid back. No matter if it's people he knows or not, as long as they're having harmless fun, he enjoys seeing people enjoy themselves and smile. When one person isn't among a group, he'll typically approach them and socialize with them. He feels no one has to be alone, believing someone should have at least one friend. Despite that belief, he has yet to make a friend in Soul Society.

One thing is certain, he will never be the aggressor, unless asking for a friendly spar. He is almost always calm, only getting excited if someone talks badly on his friends or threaten them. His mood is shown to others via his eye color, the darker it is the more frustrated, irritated, angry he is, with black saying he will either beat to near death or kill you. He will also stand up for what he thinks is right, typically standing up for others when bullied.

Riku is confident in his abilities and in everything he does, but tries not to get overconfident. While sometimes he fails at that, he will try to force opponents to go all out on him, more as a test of his own skills than anything. When sparring with those stronger than he is, he hopes the person will respect him enough to start at his level and work their way up, encouraging him to surpass his current limits. In battle, sparring, or training on his own, he likes to experiment with his abilities, often seeing what will work and what won't work the hard way.

Due to his looks, he is often underestimated. Even when he was human, Riku possessed nearly three times the physical strength he looks to possess. He takes advantage of this when standing up for others or against those just wanting an easy target, often proving their initial thoughts terribly wrong. While a skilled fighter, he will still suffer injuries, but won't let them overtake him until he is in someplace more private. He doesn't like to look weak after a fight, more out of personal pride as an older brother than anything.

He's intelligent and has a good deal of street smarts due to his past and his affiliation with hoodlums. He can pick a lock with ease. He's also a good tactician, making him a problem even for those whose abilities should simply overwhelm his own.


Height: Five feet four inches
Weight: 103 lbs.
Physical Traits:

While not particularly scrawny, he is on the small side...his great nephew is larger than he is. His eye color tends to be light blue most times, but the more irritated, frustrated, or angry he is, the darker they become, with pitch black being the point where he will kill you unless someone interferes. So it's easy to read what mood he's in by taking a look at his eye color, with the happier, more content, etc, he is the lighter his eye color is. His body build is a bit lanky and thin, but still looks to have some muscle, but again, he's still rather small. He is also ambidextrous, like most Tomoshibis. He is perhaps among the few Shinigami captains and/or officers who actually wears their standard uniform without any modifications. He wears his sword on his back.


General Fighting Style: When training someone, he tends to start at about where they are and work his way up, trying to encourage them to surpass their limits. Assuming he's the stronger one. Otherwise, he's flexible in his approaches, generally, but does lean more on the defensive side at first, letting his opponent choose their range. While Riku is better at close range than medium and long, he can dual someone at those ranges for a little bit, though his energy reserves aren't high enough to keep up with his high use of medium to high leveled kido spells.

Aside from that, he's a tactician that relies mostly on his kido and swordsmanship capabilities along with superior tactics.

Strengths: Brute Strength, Kido Expert (though requires incantation for Forbidden Kido), Fast Reflexes, and Extreme Durability.

Weaknesses: Speed and shunpo...lawl. It takes a while for him to get anywhere and it's unlikely he'll ever close the distance with speed alone in a fight. His energy amount cannot sustain his heavy use of mid to high leveled kido spells as well as his zanpakutou's abilities.

Ability Name: Riku's Pendant
Ability Description:  It aids in the allocation of spirit energy, more specifically, that used in kido. All kido that Riku Tomoshibi uses has a single post less cooldown. Like Bakudo 1-40 will have no cooldown, Bakudo 61-89 has a two post cooldown, etc. Not only for Bakudo, but also for Hado too. It also has a kido spell sealed with it.

Flavor text and physical description: A silver pendant with the shape of a circle. Imprinted on the circle is a western style dragon, holding onto an odd blue-grey gem in the center of the circle. Four claymore swords covers the gem in a plus sign style.

It was sealed with his mother's memorial, and disappeared when he became a Shinigami, as it was connected to him via a kido spell his mother used on him before she died.

Ability Name: Unknown
Ability Description: Warning, this ability is event only and player permission only. Use of this kido spell will put whoever it is used on out of commission. Forever. Unless site wide plot reset occurs. Two yellow seals show up, one above and one below. fifty rods of light comes from each seal, 25 on the inside, 25 out, and start spinning in opposite directions. The victim is in the middle. After 2 posts, the seals and rods constrain the target and goes into a completely different dimension, leaving no trace behind. It then sucks the victim's energy to continue powering the spell at a neutral rate (they recover just as much as they lost), keeping them there indefinitely with no way out.

Unfortunately, it's not without its downsides. Riku faints and his pendent gets a huge gash in the middle, destroying any effects it had. Riku also loses all of his memories and takes a huge power decrease for a while, where he is only 3-1 or 2-5, and no shikai/bankai/toukai to start with (and will regain those faster than his original tier). He wouldn't even know his own name.

When he faints, the pendent will leak energy. Miyuki, Riku's mother, will appear and explain what happened, reveal that she was the Kido Corps. Captain during Akihiko Iyou's time as captain commander before disappearing to be with her hubby, how she created the spell to some extent, why she created it, and imporing them to take care and have patience with her son due to the side effects. She would then disappear.

After this is used, he DOES NOT have his pendent's effect of lowering his kido cooldowns by 1 anymore.


Sealed Appearance:  A standard katana with a bright, light blue scabbard. The hilt is blue-grey. The guard is in the shape of a Templar's shield with a snowflake etched on one side of it and a lightning bolt on the other side.

Zanpakutou Name: Kettou Soshi

Call Out Command: "Spark and Freeze: Kettou Soshi!"


Appearance: The sword blade increases in size dramatically, the blade being four feet long. The blade's actual look is that of a mouse pointer, with the edges and two points closer to the hilt leaning towards it. The first foot is four inches wide, and at the widest point, the blade is two feet. The guard transforms into a rectangle. A chain comes out of the bottom of the hilt, connected to a two and half feet long total dagger. The hilt of the dagger is teal and is a foot long. There is no guard. The blade is in the shape of a diamond or rhombus, with the center being hollow, leaving two inches along the edge.

Abilities:  The arrow part of the main blade can be shot out at tremendous speed, though the range is only ten yards. A chain retracts the blade back to its original position. The chain connecting to the dagger can stretch up to fifty yards.

Raikiri-Electricity/lightning surges along either blade he chooses, increasing the offensive power of the blade. If the target is caught in the chains, they will be electrocuted for two posts. While being electrocuted, the enemy can still move and attempt to break free earlier but will be constantly receiving damage. If he is caught in the chains when he activates it, the electricity won't hurt him. Hierro and barriers are useless against the blades while it is active. 2 post duration, 1 post cd.

Hyouketsou-Ice blades are thrown at the target. The ice blades can range in size and power, typically the weaker they are, the more of them there are. Example: Riku can either fire a single, tree sized cleaver or fire fifty or so small shuriken. The ice blades can be fired from either blade or the chain connecting the dagger.

Rai-uki-An ice blast consumed by lightning is fired by either blade in various shapes. This attack is slightly variable, but is strong enough to incur either a 2 post cooldown or a 3 post cooldown. These versions are not mutually exclusive.

Boosts: Strength x3, reflexes at x3.


New Name: Assaku Kettou Soshi

Appearance: Riku gains a light blue, undecorative trench coat that is open. His shirt is replaced by a dark grey T-shirt. His hakama changes colors also to dark grey. His hands gain teal gloves. On his right hand, are four, dark blue lightning bolt shaped claws while on his left hand is a DVD sized grey snowflake. The claws and snowflake is on the back of the hand.

Abilities: Both weapons can increase their size, the claws can extend to the size of a katana blade and the snowflake to the size of a Spartan shield.

The claws can fire lightning bolts out of them, the faster they come at you, the weaker they are. The more powerful lightning bolts takes longer to charge and moves slower. Up to a cero oscuras in strength. All have appropriate cooldowns. IE Gran rey leveled power has 3 post cd, cero leveled no cd, etc.

The bankai also allows ice to be created anywhere, except people and their zanpakutou. The farther away he wishes it to appear from him, the sketchier the control is and greater risk of the attack failing. Because of that weakness, it is mostly used defensively.

Riku could also summon a temporary blizzard/lightning storm around a hundred yard radius of him. If he moves, the storm won't. The lightning bolts cannot be controlled, but if they hit, it would be the equivalent of getting hit by a Hado 60 spell. The temperature is also subzero and will slow down anyone not him up to 60%. Riku is uneffected by the cold temperatures. Lasts five posts with a ten post cooldown.

Boosts: His Shunpo ability dramatically increases, x4. His strength and durability are at x5.


New Name: Mogami Kettou Soshi

Appearance: Riku gets a grey hoodie and jeans, losing the trench coat. His feet are also tennis shoes, also grey in color. His hoodie has cyan snowflake designs adorning it on the front, and on the back a complicated dark blue lightning bolt like design.

Abilities: Shield Summon: Riku can summon a huge Spartan-like shield. It is as strong as a toukai blade.

Sword summon: Riku can summon a normal katana looking like his sealed form. Just as strong as a toukai blade.

Snowing: A Passive ability where it is constantly snowing. Not hard, just very lightly. This is within 300 yards of him in the sky. The trick is, he can make a snowflake the size of a baseball explode into an ice ball with spikes. He can only do that to six of them at a time (per post), and they're often too spaced apart to completely surround the person for an ice spikey death (impossible). They also drop like a ton of bricks. The snowflake must be baseball sized and they only expand in size to that of a basketball. Temperature does dramatically lessens as well, down to 0 degrees F.

Storm strike: A lightning bolt the power of a cero crashes down on top of his opponent.

Ice Manipulation: Just like in Bankai. He can then control the ice spike balls with this as well.

Electralysis: From his palm or sheild, he can fire out a type of invisible, but easily sensed even by those that can't sense worth crap, electromagnetic rings up to 25 feet. It can slow down and repel an attack no stronger than a Hado 73 and no bigger than him. It can do the same to a charging attacker, though might scrap some skin off if their hierro isn't decent or something and they can be any normal-ish size (no one over 7.5 feet tall and weight 500+ pounds can be pushed back. Slow down maybe (and that's a strong maybe), but not pushed back). In a more concentrated form, which he could adjust on the fly, in exchange for the slowing down and knockback, it gains range and damage potential, acting like a much stronger Byakurai, like if that spell was closer to that of a 60s leveled spell. 2 post cooldown, no matter which version is used, 3 if both are used in the same post, which is possible. But not like, one version one post, and then the other one the next post.

Electromagetic field: A Passive ability that is within a foot of him. This basically allows him to use various metallic objects as a type of railgun. This cannot apply to spiritual weapons bound to the soul, but can effect general items that can be bought. Like the sword/vibrosword and even custom equips (as those are not bound to the soul unless stated). It does not effect bullets that are fired at him, only things that are swung/thrown at him. But if they're physically strong around his tier, he can only slow them down, not stop it. Otherwise, he can use a coin as a railgun should he choose. But only things he can smack away or lift normally, too.

Blizzard: Temperatures dive to negative 25 degrees F, slowing down those that can't stand the cold (excluding Riku) up to 60 percent. The snowing becomes much heavier and wind picks up dramatically, visibility is only ten feet with normal vision. Anything past that is shadow at best. The occastional baseball sized snowball becomes more common, but is also more easily sensed if he chooses to make it into a ice spike ball. The snow also becomes a type of sensor for Riku, making him uneffected by the decreased visibility. This can last 5 posts with a 10 cooldown. Then it will return to the normal Snowing ability.

Rai-Uki phase 2: A combination of ice/snow and lightning blast that's as strong as a hado 91. 5 post cooldown.

Boosts: Strength and speed x6. Durability x6.


History: Riku was born on the West Coast of the United States of America, to an American father and a half-Japanese mother. He lived a relatively happy childhood, being the oldest of nine total kids. At age eight, he could see spirits with absolute clarity. Riku's mother noticed this and decided it was time to teach him about the supernatural world. Not even two months later, Riku was able to manipulate his spirit energy. From then on until her death during childbirth with the last of Riku's siblings, Riku's mother taught him how to fight, both martial arts and swordsmanship, and even kido spells. She also taught Riku the Japanese language among other house hold chores, including finances and cooking. Before she died, she gave Riku the odd pendant he now holds, saying his father gave it her as a marriage proposal and that he should give it his girl when he finds one.

Riku's mother died when he was twelve. In her will, she wanted him to have her diaries, which detailed teachings of more kido spells, finding one's zanpakutou, additional information about shinigami, hollows, and other such things about the supernatural world and Soul Society. Every day from then on, even for just fifteen minutes, he practiced kido spells and other training, even attempting shunpo, though he failed most times, he kept trying. Later on, he had asked his father if she was formerly a shinigami, which he only responded with a smile and shrug, saying "Who knows?" With her death, however, came with dramatic consequences. Not even a month earlier, their health insurance dropped them from their plan. Their hospital bill and funeral put them deep into debt, forcing Riku's father to work extended hours to pay it off as quickly as possible. Riku also took on two to three part time jobs to pay for utilities and other bills. Despite working late nights and often sleeping in class, he still did well in school.

He cared for his siblings since their mother died, including raising the youngest. He passed on some of his mother's teachings about the house work on to the next eldest, a set of twins. Despite the hectic schedule he had, Riku always made time to play with his younger brothers and sister and helped them out with homework and the like.

When he reached high school, Riku chose to go the school closest to the middle, elementary, and dare care schools that his younger siblings all went to. Unfortunately, that high school was well known to be a place for delinquents. His seminar class was the rowdiest of them all. While not necessarily having the worst individuals, it was definitely the worst. Riku had always slept during that time and no one bothered him. One day someone decided to make that mistake. Riku brutally beat the guy and several others that jumped in to help their friend, only stopping when no one else came up to challenge him. He didn't came out unscathed, he was pretty sore for about a month and a half, but everyone gave him more respect and learned not to underestimate his physical strength. It was during this time that those that picked on the weak learned his name.

It was also during that time when he made several friends among the delinquents. While they were still delinquents, they did better in school because of Riku. They always knew they could rely on Riku for backup if need be, finding that out when they were captured by a rival group. Riku showed up suddenly in front of them and disarmed the leader and broke his neck. That was one of the few times he had used kido outside of training and only the second time successfully performing shunpo. Most of his friends couldn't believe their eyes and never questioned him about the kido spells or how he just suddenly appeared there.

When he was sixteen, Riku died in a noble way. When walking home from school, he met up with the eldest set of twins and their friends. But they were getting picked on by several gang members and thugs. Naturally, Riku did not stand for this, especially since it was his brothers in harm's way. It didn't take long for Riku to knock out the first thug and started on the rest, telling his brothers to leave. Unfortunately, one of the thugs had called for backup. While His younger brothers and their friends made their escape, more and more gang members showed up to kill him. By the end of it all, every gang member was either dead, dying, or severely injured. Some had parts missing from them. Riku stood over his body, satisfied he went out with a bang and that his body was still in pretty good condition all things considering, even with the bullet holes and stab wounds. What was odd to him though, was that his pendant stayed around his neck.

He stuck around for awhile, overseeing everything. To his surprise, the eldest twins could see spiritual beings with perfect clarity. He finished detailing the house work for them and was glad their debt had been paid off just two months prior. He then approached his father, who then showed Riku he had spiritual powers himself. After saying how proud he was of his son, Riku's father said good luck and to remember that "The right way to go, is your own way to go" and to "Think with the brain and feel with the heart." Riku then passed on.

Riku arrived in Soul Society without much incident, settling down in a somewhat rundown district. There, he policed the area with ease and maintained a strict training regimen. When he entered the Shinigami Academy, he excelled, and was known to be something of a genius. As such, he graduated early, having spent only 30 years instead of the normal 50. At age 68, only a couple years after graduating from the Academy, he became captain of Squad 5.

Side Notes: Bleach Era X transfer
Roleplay Sample: Riku patrolled the streets of Karakura Town, trying to find a certain hollow that’s been causing a little too much trouble to be a normal one. He got a few glares from a few people that could actually see him, but they stayed away. That was fine with him, Riku didn't want to stay too long in the world of the living.

He soon found the spiritual pressure of the hollow he was hunting. Riku started running towards it, using shunpo a few times. When he got there, the hollow was about ready to lunge and chomp off some high schooler's head. "Hado 4: Byakurai!" A white blast of spirit energy exited his finger, heading towards the hollow. The hollow jumped back. Riku used shunpo to get in front of it and stabbed the creature in the mask. What Riku failed to notice was a couple of spiritual bows aimed right at him.

A blue arrow zoomed past him. "We could of handled that hollow without you, shinigami." Riku turned around to see a trio of Quincy ready to fire on him, as well as a couple of other students clearly glaring at him.

"Apparently that hollow wasn't as strong as we thought. Sorry to disturb you." Riku bowed respectfully and turned to leave when another arrow went past him. You've got to be kidding me. "Bakudo 21: Sekienton!" A red cloud formed around him as he used shunpo to get away as hundreds of arrows were fired at the cloud.

After retreating to an abandoned alley, Riku opened a Senkai Gate and entered through it. Once back in Soul Society, he went to Squad 4 to get his feet and legs patched up, as a few arrows managed to hit him there.

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