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#1 Quill Elderwood (Done) on Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:52 am


Name: Quill Elderwood
Apparent Age: 25
True Age: 835
Sex: Male
Personality: Though his default personality is that of a feral ghoul from the fallout games, he still acts as though his mind is a combat genus. After going to his second form he regains his original personality before becoming a savage killing beast. His original personality is that of someone who honors they warriors code and but will not fight if it is a options. Out of combat in his second form he is calm and wise and would normally be around a group of animals. When he transforms to his 3rd form his personality changes to a more aggressive fighter giving no room is his opponent to move. Unlike his second form his 3rd form acts more like a berserk, using fear tactics more then any other form. when his is in his normal form he can regain his original personality while around any ally that calm him as their.


Height: 6'3
Weight: 264 LBS
Physical Traits: Though his appears isn't much he is a tall figure as well as skinny. His skin is a very pale white that was due to his death. The armor the he wheres is a combination of his two abilities but something had went wrong and not it is made of the same metals found in the weapons of the soul reapers. Quill's body is riddled wit scares both from battles between him a some soul reapers. The armor also shows some battle damage but from others like him. Blood stains can be see on his gauntlets and face plate. You would rarely see him without his armor off. The glowing parts of his armor are patches of his ability covering any exposed parts. His eyes are a blueish-green with a dark blond hair. There are some plaiting on his back that look like there was once wing like limbs would come out of them.


General Fighting Style: Feral
Strengths: endurance and durability
Weaknesses: Group attacks
Boosts: Strength

Ability Name: Hard Light and Dark Tools
Ability Description: Both Hard Light and Dark Tools act the same, using either light or darkness Quill can create weapons or obstetrical during combat. Depending on what kind of item he summons will depend on the cool down. They do have their own power that can be used offensive or deffensive, Hard Light can cause Flash Bang like blast, it blinds them both site and spiritual to get closer to the enemy or to get further way from them but takes 3 turns to recharge. Dark Tool has the power to teleport, close range it can be used once per 2 turns but when it comes to long range it means a leaving from the battle. Dark Reach is another ability with in Dark Tools bag of tools, dark reach summons a tendril that can bring him or others to him or be uses as a whip. Light clone transforms the light around him into two identical clones of himself, though it only can do melee damage and that much. Another tec is dark or light weapon launch which depends on the weapons, daggers only do 1 hit of damage but can be launched at the same rate as a pistol, sword/axes/spears can only launch 5 at a time having a 2 turn cool down, finally heavy weapons like warhammers/battleaxes/or greatswords can be launch 2 at a time and deal heavy amount of damage but its cool down is 3 turns. The final tec im going to mention is the Dark/Light Beast Armor, allowing the user to engulf himself in a armor made of either light or darkness, the armor looks like a monster from a game, it looks like this, .


Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakuto Name: Warriors End
Zanpakuto Call Out: Fallen zu meiner Klinge (translation: Fall to my blade)
Cero: Córnea,Doble, and Oscuras


Abilities: Sword Play, Summons a any kind of sword minus the power of them,it is just for looks nothing more nothing less.
Boosts: 3x boost to strength


Abilities: Berserk: Boosts 3x Strength and 2x Speed but make the users defense drops by 2x.
Boosts: Stamina


History: He had wondered around the world unable to talk with anyone. He soon became feral after a few year of wondering. When he transforms he regains his sanity but recalls of nothing he has done before it. Before his death he was a proud warrior, he also followed a code that sound almost identical to the samurai code, though he had never been to Japan nor had ever heard of it. Once he died he had dropped this code and became feral. Anyway back to the topic at hand, Elderwood had been married before he died, he can see her in some woman, this is strange because she had broken his heart by sleeping with a younger but weaker man. That same man fought dirty and killed him by throwing dirt in his eyes and stabbing Quill in the head, the adulterers were beheaded soon afterwards.
Side Notes: Quill can adapt in battle remembering each battle and each face he have fought. He can also use his spiral sensing ability as his sight if he is blinded. It also seem that he will try an imitate powerful moves, this imitating causes him alot of stamina when he try's to his version of it.
Roleplay Sample: It was a clear day, Quill was waking though what seemed to be a forest and then all of a sudden he sense multiple people, some stronger then others. Quill found that it was some sort of town, but the building to him seemed strange to him. He then warped to the location keeping to the shadows, it seemed to him he was in the living quarters to the weaker beings of this area. Quill then saw 3 of the beings in matching clothing, it seems it was 2 males and 1 female. It seemed to him that the two males were harassing the female, Quill did not care for them at the time due to his feral state so he pay no mind to them. But the female said something that got his attention, the woman said "YOU THERE HALT, WHO ARE YOU?!". Quill knew right there and then he was caught, he tried to warp way but the warp was to far so he had to run for it. One of them launched a ranged attack and got lucky by hitting Quill in the left shoulder, the slows down his movement. Soon he was cornered by about 12 of the strange people in matching cloths, and like the cornered beast he was he attacked them. They injured him badly but by the end of the battle he was tired and had killed all of them. HE then started to retreat back into the forest to recover what had happen to him. He could still hear some of the strange people looking for him, hunting him down for killing their allies. He had patch himself up using one of his abilities. Soon he was out of their range and was miles away from that place, he then found a cave to sleep in so his wounds may heal over time.

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#2 Re: Quill Elderwood (Done) on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:35 pm

They do have their own power that can be used offensive or deffensive, Hard Light can cause Flash Bang like blast, it blinds them both site and spiritual senses for 3 seconds though it has a 2 turn cool down.

Put a post duration on this, though the universal measure for time is still indeed seconds, it doesn't transfer over at all to Roleplay fights. Someone could literally just pick and choose the '3 seconds' that they're the least vulnerable and essentially fuck the entire ability.

Dark Tool has the power to teleport, close range it can be used once per turn but when it comes to long range it means a escape from the battle. When these's two are combined they make a 100% escape.

If someone really wants you dead, and they are stronger than you, you will be found. None of this 100%. Though we have this nifty thing called Sonido, you could still use this.

Light clone transforms the light around him into two identical clones of himself.

Elaborate. Are these 'active' clones? Do they mimic skills, movements, etc.? Or do they just freeze in place? Do they last a certain duration, or until killed? We'll need to talk about this one.

Another technique of his is the Eclipse cannon which combines both powers into one, it causes a massive amount of damage but will tire out the user very fast, it can only be used twice.

I knew my puns were damaging, but this I don't understand.
Clearly, if it's so powerful, it drains you, but not powerful enough to immediately put you out of commission, then it needs to have its power scaling defined. Is it Hadou 90 level? Stronger?

Hard Light also can heal him a restore health and stamina it only can used once and it takes up one turns.

Jeff has his opinions about stamina regen. We'd have to limit that. Also, what is health? You're either bleeding, injured, or dead here Razz Either way, you'd still have to post for that 'one turns', and at that point, you'd be better off saying that you had to stay still during that regeneration.

Sword Play, Summons a any kind of sword minus the power of them

I'm mostly just confused as to what this does. If it's literally just for looks, then go nuts.

Berserk: Boosts Strength and Speed but make the user squishy

Okay that's nice, but it needs quanitfying. say x5 Strength and Speed at the cost of forcing Durability to x1? (Considering, you'd be taking Durability from x2 to x1, and getting your already boosted strength up to x10 average.... this might need a side conversation.)

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#3 Re: Quill Elderwood (Done) on Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:21 am

Approved at 2-5. Happy darkinglight!

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#4 Re: Quill Elderwood (Done) on Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:28 am

Just a quick note, if you're looking to be tiered up more quickly than you would otherwise, RP with staff, and join an org. Have fun!

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