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#1 Lilith on Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:03 am




Name: Lilith
Apparent Age: 25
True Age: ???
Sex: Female
Personality: Lilith is mute, which makes her seem very cold and distant, while not false, it is far from "all" that Lilith is when it comes to her personality. She is highly intelligent, quick to adapt to new ideas and information, and can even solve complex puzzles relatively quickly without much effort. She is apathetic however. She does not care or feel for others problems or emotional states and is unaffected by emotions of her own. She seems to be effective and efficient in her fighting, graceful but deadly yet otherwise shows no other real attachments except odd and even possibly lewd actions against her "Butler" Arturia.. whether it's twisted satisfaction or actual emotion is unknown.


Height: 5'9''
Weight: 149
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Lilith is a Blademaster of the highest degree. Her grace and ability with a blade is unheard of in most places. She is a melee tactical warrior who does not fear using speed and power to dice up opponents. She analyzes quickly and changes what needs to be done in response almost as quickly. Despite having one eye almost always closed, it still works and she can use it nor does it being closed seem to hamper her ability to fight.
Strengths: Zanjutsu
Weaknesses: Hakuda
Boosts: X4 Strength, Speed, Endurance, Durability, Stamina, Reflexes.


Ability Name: Eternal Butler
Description: Dragged from Heaven and shackled in service to Lilith is the once proud soul of Arturia Pendragon, at least that is what she claims, as an immortal and superhuman butler. She has no combat abilities or weapons, and serves Lilith's whims without fail or complaint. Unlike the below summons, who follow the below rules, Arturia's tier is the same as Lilith's and is always at her side. She is more of an RP tool and less of an actual combatant however. She might throw a fork at you at 90 mph.. that's about it.

The Rules of the Summoner: Each of the below summons have a four post CD, last two posts, do not share CD's, but cannot be summoned simultaneously (Only one summon at a time.) Each summon is 3 tiers lower than Lilith and Lilith's own power is not effected by summoning these beings. They share Lilith's strengths and weaknesses and are sent back to hell when defeated or the timer is up.

Ability Name: Hellish Mystic
Description: A ranged combatant specializing in demon magic. Mel is able to cast spells similar to kidou of a shinigami just with hell energy and follows the same rules, CD's, and limits of kidou. Any attack of defense spell made by mel also get limited to that "category" of CD, and such.

Ability Name: Demonic Twins
Description:  Two flying speedy melee combatants. Edgar and Aera use their Daemon Edge to form white bone-like giant cleaver swords and fly around the battle to do quick attacks together. They are capable of firing a gran rey cero blast-wave from these weapons once per their summoning and must do this attack as a team for it's full effect.

Ability Name: Knight of Oblivion
Description: Captured during his "collecting" a male named Gilgamesh, from which part of myth is unknown, is shackled to Lilith's command and fights as a six armed weapons master with exotic swords of power from different places, times, and even dimensions. He is slower than the Demonic Twins but has greater skill and power and of course fights as a Tanky Melee Combatant.

Ability Name: Projected Blades
Description: Lilith is able to fire copies of the "blade" of her long Odachi at an opponent like an arrow. She is able to fire dozens at a time but must swing her weapon to create them. Unlike her weapon however these copies can be destroyed with great enough power and parried aside. She does not have control over them once launched.

Ability Name: Disaster Sword
Description: Her sword creates astral copies of itself as she swings and launches nine attacks in one swing from various angles. This ability is 75% more effective against shielding abilities or techniques. This ability has a three post.

Ability Name: Judgement
Description: Lilith calls down a giant two story blade from thin air in the sky to land at the target location and explode for the power of a Cero Oscuras. This ability has a 6 post CD and hits an area of 500 feet. Lilith and her summons are immune to the blade explosion damage.

Ability Name: Zantetsuken
Description: She can quickly swing at near instantaneous speeds once per nine posts. This attack can happen at any angle, position, or maneuver regardless of Lilith's current position, angle, or any current actions. However this move cancels any other actions going on in the process. So she can't double tap using this.



From the fires of hell was forged a warrior, a sentinel, whom all demons, sinners, and hellish wraiths would bow before in fear, reverence, and loyalty. Lilith, the first Demon, slowly re-made from her fall countless eons before. Awakening in the pit she rallied the forces of hell and began a campaign against the worlds of light for centuries upon centuries with vicious savagery and merciless brutality. When all seemed lost and victory was at hand. A Lord of the light walked forth, unable to be stopped by the horde, and slew Lilith where she stood like a child standing against a moving train. The hordes were routed and the victory scattered to the nine hells as quickly as it had been reached.

That was countless times ago, Forgotten to even the eldest of souls.

Lilith, slowly reforming herself within the pits of tartarus, never forgetting, always craving more, willed her body renewed. Despite Hell slowing this process down in an attempt to keep her bound to the realm she was deemed to belong in. She endured. Forcing her body to regenerate and return to her spirit so that she could once again begin a hellish war. She stepped forth fully renewed after a time of this constant struggle against the Will of Hell, and with her awakening the realms trembled in agony and fear, for even if none existed who remembered her.. the very cosmos remained the same that she had ripped asunder so long ago and it was afraid..

It was time to spill blood once again.

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#2 Re: Lilith on Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:09 am

Ika Mazi

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Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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