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#1 Razial Voughe [Done] on Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:00 pm


7th Division
7th Division
Raziel Voughe
Race l Hollow [Vasto Lorde]
Gender l Male
Real Age l N/A
Apparent Agel ??

Physical Description l
Img -->

[Omitting extreme details to physical appearance due to image]

Height l Six Feet, One Inches

Weight l 166 LBs

Voice l His voice is of a low pitch, and accompanied by a few other tones semi delayed, making it seem as though 3 people speak at once. This pitch is rather prideful and commanding, making one to assume they hold a position of power and feel acquainted with such. This voice is powerful and demanding.

Stance l His posture is most usually stiff and nearly uniform, arms either crossed, or falling to either side of himself. His head holds a position that would look down upon others though, not seeming to be that of a soldier who were awaiting commands. He has a calmly demeanor like he isn't worried about anything in the slightest, far from being tense. Also, his tail appears to be in a constant form of motion, unlike the rest of his body.

Aura l When afflicted by emotion, or otherwise driven to the extremes of any particular feeling, the hollow's reitasu can almost take a physical form. This is to say, that a red aura similar to a thing mist appears around the man, most specifically protruding from his mouth.

Personality l

Judgemental l He feels as though he has some godgiven right to bring judgement to any and everyone, at least in some sense for most situations. Perhaps by questioning ones motives for doing a specific action, or deciding if they have the right to live as a lesser being. This also extends to judging ones worth as an ally or foe, whether they are worth his time.

Decisive l He is keen to making a decision, and not faltering from what it is he may have chosen. This doesn't mean that a particular fight or action is absolute and must be followed through should he state it; rather, if he decides the statement of an opininon or desire it isn't to change.

Unrelenting l A man who dislikes change to his way of life by any means of the term. One should not do something that would be against his core values or intentions, as this would likely cause resentment, and in some cases, and outright instantaneous disapproval.

Stubborn l He can not usually be swayed from his way of thinking, and doing so is almost always like talking to a brick wall.

Dillusional l While he might apparently be a Vasto Lorde, he almost views himself as a deity or demi-god in terms of purpose. He feels as though his beliefs are absolute, whether all or none may agree, and in some senses finds himself to be ever-lasting.

Battle Information

Fighting Style lHis fighting style in close quarters combat makes use of defense to become an offense in most cases. In this case, he has literally made hierro a weapon as well as a shield, forming it from an extension of himself to become capable of blocking/attacking. The tail on his backside is also not for show, as it is known to deflect attacks, and pierce his foes.

In ranged combat his true expertise shines, allowing him to make use of reiryoku based attacks. He prefers launching projectiles at his enemies from afar, and keeping a safe distance, even though his hardiness is a force to be reckoned with.

While he wouldn't be too terribly concerned at keeping a distance from a noticeably weaker enemy, he takes note to attempt to keep away from those that are particularly stronger. He has no wish to see just how strong his hierro is against the devastitingy superior enemies.

Strengths lEndurcance, Stamina, Durability, Hierro, Cero/Bala

Cero - Raziel's cero are significant due to the fact that they appear to be constantly in motion, as if they are 'vibrating' in a circular motion. More so, he seems to be capable of launching these cero with less 'charge time' than most, while not hindering their particular power in the process.

Weaknesses lSensing, Reflexes, Hakuda, Zanjutsu

Boosts l All

Ability l Hierro Mastery

Description l He has mastered Hierro to such an extent, that he is capable of not only hardining it beyond that of a normal hollow, but physical replinishing and growing his hierro as an extension of the self. Being able to form his hierro beyond himself allows for them to become basic weapons and defensive shields of sorts. IT can even make his appearance change as if he 'transformed' to some extent.[Blocking powerful attacks shares a cooldown on his hierro equivalent to their strength. IE: a 5 CD kidou causes his hierro to be defensively on cd for 5 posts]

Abilityl High-Speed Regeneration

Description l Allows Raziel to regenerate from most any wounds, except vital organs such as the brain. Repeated usage of this ability comes with a price though, as doing so would bring a great strain to the body itself and renders ones capability to fight as a whole.

Vasto Lorde

Abilities l

Core Concept l Raziel's Reiastu itself has evolved alongside himself, and became a dynamic of his ever-changing judgement and longful desire to move forwards. The Hollow's Reiastu can influence his surroundings, most usually the air, causing it to forcefully vibrate violently. This allows for instability to the point of immense friction, which can shatter objects and cause the oxygen within a limited area to spontaneously combust.
[100 Meter range Hard Limit]

Spontaneous Combustion l Further elaborated, Raziel focuses on a particular area no larger than 5 Meters, causing the oxygen to ignite and explode before allowing a constant flame to emit from the surrounding area. Persons who leave the said area can escapes these flames if effected. Can cause up to Second Degree burns, which would partially inhibit those not capable of greatly ignoring pain.

Rupture l If he himself, or his extended Hierro touches an area of an opponents body, he can send vibrations through anything directly beneath the surface of the person(s) body, which vauses blunt force shockwaves that can potentially rupture organs or cause internal bleeding.

One Become Many l He is capable of splitting his herro or cero into two through vicious vibrations, allowing it to combat the attempted escapes of his opponents. The size of these attacks would essentially be split in half, but their strength would remain essentially unchanged. [Doing so to cero causes explotion radious to be half as large]

Through The Looking Glass

History Memories of ones past is few and far between for Raziel Voughe, as his recollected existence is fragmented from the vast amount of souls he once consumed. The hollow once had a sure remembrance of his former self, but once assuming the form of a true gillian, lost any true sense of self he once had. During the evolution from Menos to Adjuchas his mind had been damaged, due to the variety of souls whom fought inately for control of the body it would soon evolve from. He has since become the epitomy of a multi-leveled existence, as his prior self became lost within the many he has become. He is no longer one singular entity, but an overal representation of all of those who became one within the body.

IT's memories didn’t become collectable until assuming the form of an Adjuchas, and has since regarded most past actions as non-noteworthy, which consists of several altercations ending in the death or consumption of it's rivals. There have however been a few notable exchanges were both parties have walked away unscated, which resulted after he came to abandon complete inscintual behavior.

He has become a being who literally does as he pleases when he pleases to do so. Over time he became dedicated to executing a twisted sense of justice and/or judgement upon his fellow kind, where he almost sees himself as the judge jury and prosecutioner. A man who thinks he decides who lives and dies.
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#2 Re: Razial Voughe [Done] on Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:45 am

Ika Mazi

Approved on the condition of a second look. 1-2 tier.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#3 Re: Razial Voughe [Done] on Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:13 am

Ika Mazi

Second look given, approved tier 1-2


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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