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on Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:44 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Shana caught sight of the fast moving glowing red orbs as they approached the edge of the smoke, she could no longer feel the main body of Ciru from where she was but she could tell that the orbs were coming from the same place that the Cero was being charged from earlier. Swerving sideways narrowly avoiding each sphere of energy Shana kept her distance from the smoke keeping the entirety of it in front of her waiting for it to clear of its own accord, not wishing to use any more of her reserves to clear it yet again. Ciru's own attacks had already disturbed it and caused it to dissipate, it was only a matter of time now that she would get her next chance at him.

From her safe distance she started to concentrate her reiryoku in her left hand, readying for one of her stronger variants of her Fenix destello. It might make her seem like a broken record, but she figured if she could engulf him in one powerful blast, even with his liquidy form he would be hard pressed to survive. She had a few more tricks up her sleeves that she could try if this one failed, but she was hoping to reserve them.

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