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#1 Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:43 am

Hello and welcome!

This thread will be home of Bleach Story's FIRST endless battle. Please pay close attention to the rules to keep things running smoothly.

1-This place exists in between the weird intersection of IC and OOC. Your character can do everything they can do IC but nothing that happens here is canon. What happens in MCDR stays in MCDR!

2-Like death battles, all character tiers are equal.

3-Here, your character can't die. Even if they're beheaded, it's just a KO. The head will grow back in less time than it takes to blink. However, if you are dealt a blow that would kill you, you must stay down at least until the next page.

4-There is no posting order. This is going to get messy, as it's meant to be. Want to have a 2 on 1 battler or a dozen to 1, then go for it. If you want to keep participation in a battle limited then both you and the person you battle must make an OOC note in each post. Miss the note and anyone who wants it free to interrupt and screw either of you.

5-Normal rules regarding godmodding, metagaming, etc. apply here. Do NOT do it.

6-The battlefield. You can change it to whatever you want. However, you should stick to what was depicted by previous posters. Change it only after there are several consecutive post in which the battlefield is NOT described.

7-More rules may be added later.

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#2 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:04 am

Nadroj's cornea's were met with brilliant white, boundless is in its depths. He opened his eyes to find himself in a strange white space. While he stood atop a floor of white tile which stretched to lengths he knew would prove to be endless, he looked upward. Surely there was a ceiling somewhere over head. Or maybe not? He found it strange that this place appeared to be so well lit, even though there was no light source in sight.

A low pitched growl came from behind him and alerted him to Apex's presence. It dawned one of its earlier forms; a quadruped with a mouth which spanned at least two thirds its height. Massive fangs surrounded even larger fangs. Despite the number of teeth its jaws still had the ability to completely close to create an airtight prison for whatever was unfortunate enough to find itself in its reach. To make matters worse it had two clawed arms which extended from both side of its jaws that acted as mandibles of sorts. This design was made for pure carnage. Who would be ravaged first by this creature?
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#3 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:36 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Not sure what happened the fiery little red head known as Shana found herself transported to a vast field of sterile white tile, the ceiling above was practically non-existent. In fact it reminded the red-haired vizard of one of those weird science fiction movies, Shrugging it off Shana decided to don her mask and release her Zanpakuto to it's shikai level. She wasn't sure why she was here but she was pretty sure it wasn't for a peaceful reason. Wandering around the vast space she came upon a rather striking specimen with some kind of strange beast standing behind him.

Approaching the pair cautiously Shana's crimson eyes shining through her bird like mask watching the pair for even the slightest sign of aggression as to not be caught awares. Her sword was engulfed in flames and held loosely at her right side pointing downwards. Once in range she would call out to the pair, her muscles taught under her clothes ready to spring into action should they need to. "Hey do you know why we are here, or where here even is?"
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#4 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:09 am

The moment Cirujano became aware of another presence aside from his own he activated his Pupula Duplex. His sight focused in on the red headed woman as she dawned her mask. Witnessing the mask materialise from in the air, was all the proof Nadroj needed. He was looking at a Hollowfied Shinigami. Magnificant!

The form Apex currently dawned wasn't the best for capturing specimens, but he would have to make due. Apex sprung into action. It moved like an unreal creature from a nightmare, leaping over Nadroj towards his target as opposed to running around its maker to get to the prize he desired.

It lept at the red-headed Vizard, clawed mandible arms wildly clawing out.
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#5 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:05 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Shana saw the approach of the monstrous beast, which told the fiery little red-head one thing, these two, whoever they were, were not friendly in the least. Sidestepping the main body of the monster, ducking under the outstretched claws, Shana would then spring upwards her flame covered blade poised to make a massive gouge in the beasts hide. Once in the air Shana would release a concentrated beam of energy from her left hand aimed at Apex, swinging her Zanpakuto she would launch a large fireball at the humanoid, it's eight foot diameter traveling at the speed of a cero, and should Ciru decide to dodge she would just control the sphere to follow him until it strikes something.

Turning her attention back to Apex Shana would shunpo back down to the ground at Apex's left rear flank thrusting her blade towards his side she would release a torrent of flames from Alastor.

Techniques Used:
Technique Name: Hantei
Technique Description: Cooldown Varies - By far one of the most basic abilities that Alastor possesses being just a simple fireball fired from the blade of the zanpakuto that explodes on contact. The only variation of this technique is that Shana can fire off fireballs of variable sizes. The sizes in feet are as follows:

Fireball Chart:
8x8x8: Deals the same damage as a Cero causing up to second degree burns on impact. Shana can only fire one of these per post with a 1 post cool down.

Technique Name: Danzai
Technique Description: 2 post cooldown - Shana will either swing or thrust her zanpakuto into a stance where she is holding the blade straight out pointing towards her opponent, her arm fully extended. Alastor lets loos a spiraling torrent of fire that is approximately half a meter in diameter, starting from the Tsuba of the blade and continuing on to a maximum of distance of 10 meters from the Alastor's tip. The tip of the attack while dull in appearance can pierce through flesh and bone working almost like a drill of fire inflicting up to second degree burns on its way through, The damage of the attack is equal to that of a rank 70 Hado. The enhancement for this technique rather than increasing the damage it deals, it increases its size by 50%;

Technique Name: Fenix destello Cero
Technique Description:Cooldown Varies This is a variation of Cero that only those with a unique Reiatsu similar to Shana can perform. The beam of the attack is super heated and will melt that which it comes in contact with similar to that of a gundam heat sword, inflicting up to second degree burns, and instantly cauterizing wounds on contact. This attack can either be fired up five times in a post similar to that of a Bala, or can be charged to a stronger attack. After one post of charging this attack becomes equivalent to that of a Cero, after charging for Two posts the damage that this attack can do is equivalent of a Gran Rey

Technique Effect Chart:
Posts Charged:
0 Posts Charged: Basically a heated Cero. Can be used once per post 1 post cooldown
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#6 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:00 am

Edit: BTW the first battle is limited to Shana and I till Shana...I mean one of us dies.  :urharaftw:

This Vizard was fast, but so was Apex. It didn't simply stay on it's original course. Though it attempted to twist itself midair to avoid an exposed underbelly, it was still harmed. The cut made by the Vizard's blade wasn't as deep as it would have been but the fact that it broke skin at all alerted Nadroj to one thing; she was not to be taken lightly. The super heated beam instantly burned through the left clawed mandible leaving it with two less fingers.  

Nadroj attempted to dodge the fireball by using the Arrancar's signature sonido technique only to find that it was following him. Instead he tried a different approach. On his next leap backwards he fired a cero, detonating the ball of flame. Smoke and searing heat from the resulting explosion washed over Nadroj completely hiding his form from onlookers.

Apex was impaled by the Vizard's blade. The side of its belly gave way to the zanpakuto's sharpness. A head-splitting screech came from Apex before the torrent of fire could be released, but it wasn't caused by pain. The air itself began to shimmer as a radial sound wave rushed from Apex's core in the form of a visible pulse. This was the deadly Chillodo Apex. Should the Vizard continue an attempt at overwheming Apex with a spiralling wave of fire she would not only face the damage done by the attack, but the potency of her own attack would be diminished by sound based ability as well.

Abilities Used:
Apex Ability Name: Chillido Apex (Apex Screech)
Ability Description:  A high pitched, brain rupturing, bone splitting screech. The frequency of Apex's horrifying screech both unsettles the senses and displaces matter on the molecular level. This is manifested as a pulse of sound which is both defensive and offensive. Objects not strong enough to resist the concussive shock wave are thrown back while being faced with the unsettling sound waves. Those effected may suffer short term hearing loss. This is essentially an expanding spherical barrier which originates in its throat and grows outward exponentially. Its maximum diameter is ten feet. Everything within its territory is shaken at the molecular level and pushed out towards its edge. This can be used successfully on everything from solids to energy forms provided they are equal to or less than in strength. Damage done is the equivalent to a 80 hadou or level 60 bakudo for defense. This can be used every three posts
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#7 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:31 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Shana's aggressive opening seemed to be working so far, her blade had bit shallower into Apex's side than she had intended but a wound is a wound. Her follow up cero didn't strike where she had intended but it took some fingers as it passed. Glancing over at her other opponent quickly Shana saw him get engulfed in flame and smoke, though she could still feel him, and infact felt the surge before the explosion indicating to the little red head that he probably wasn't hit, not that it mattered. The beast before her was her current target.

The screech that the beast released chilled Shana to the core causing her to use Shunpo to disengage. There was a visible shock wave that spread out from the beast cracking the ground as it spread outward. As the pulse dissipated Shana rushed in again with Shunpo, striking at Apex's left rear flank with another slash, though this time she launched Hien as her blade would cut into the beasts flesh, empowering the flaming slash with her Oodachi no Guren increasing its damage.

While that went on Shana would lock onto Ciru's reiatsu creating a large sphere of flame behind him that would converge on his pressure exploding on contact with him, chasing him otherwise. Every few seconds Shana would create another sphere to do the same, each one approaching from the rear or side, and chasing him till he had dealt with them otherwise. After the sixth one Shana would stop with that method of attack for now.

No matter how Apex dealt with her flaming slash Shana would find her self Shunpo'ing to his right rear flank this time aiming a point blank cero to his rib cage, that is if he is alive. If not Shana would be turning her full fiery attention towards Ciru.

Techniques Used:
Name:Kaji no sōsa (Fire Manipulation)
Description: Upon fully embracing her inner hollow and making it her own, she gained better control over her fiery powers and is now able to freely create and control flames that aren't under anothers control. Flames created with this ability can burn white hot and melt steel with ease (rp purpose) though will only inflict up to second degree burns on beings with spiritual pressure. The highest damage attacks created with this can do is equal to that of a Hado 20.

Technique Name: Hien
Technique Description: 1 post cooldown - Shana swings her zanpakuto creating a wave of flame, that expands outward in a circle like pattern, however it does not form a full circle, and leaving the area behind the Shana's back untouched. The wave itself has the same cutting power as her own zanpakuto, though the flames will prevent the wound from bleeding, by instantly cauterizing it dealing up to second degree burns in the process and doing damage equal to a Cero. If this attack is empowered the cut depth will double.

Name: Guren no Oodachi - Great Blade of Crimson
Effect: It coats Shana's zapakuto with a flame which she can use to increase the destructive powers of her Shikai abilities. This ability doesn't have to be active in order to use any of her Zanpakuto techniques, and if it is used to enhance one of her techniques it can not be reactivated for 2 posts, otherwise it doesn't expire.
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#8 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:14 am

The sword wielding Vizard placed just enough distance between herself and Apex to allow for it to reorient itself and prepare for a follow up. It appeared as though this prey was faster than it could deal with by using speed alone. It positioned its clawed mandible arms to strike. Though this time, its assault would be with bala. Flickering ruby colored light shot from its claws as the Vizard made her approach. It lifted its hind leg and kicked out at her  as she landed yet another shallow blow. When she vanished only to appear at its other side it once more saw fit to unleash a volley of bala, once more it was struck, this time the slash reached bone. The next attack by the Vizard would render its body useless. When the cero hit, flesh and bone were blown apart. Apex lay in ruins on the white floor. Half of its body was in tatters.  

Oddily enough, Nadroj was fairing far better than the creation he made so that he would not have to engage opponents himself. The smoke from the smoke from the initial fireball gave him the desired cover. HIs own ability to see through the smoke with crystal clarity, as though it wasn't there at all, he became aware of how poorly Apex was performing. He considered creating a diversion to give his monster an opening. He prepared his vomitar substance only to find that he needed to use it to defend himself from a large ball of flame. He shot a tremendous wave of the substance at the incoming burning orb after finding that dodging it wouldn't work. Like the first one, this one followed him. Were it simply cero, this tactic would have failed. However, the physical and chemical properties of the substance combined with the ease at which he could create it provided the near perfect counter. The resulting smoke from the quenched flame only contributed to his cover. Still, he had to wonder how it followed him when his presence was now shrouded. It took but a moment to realize that the Vizard seemed to have a refined ability to sense him. But how?

Now his tactics would serve the process of elimination. He began with the most obvious tactic by attempting to hide the presence of his reiatsu. Those fireballs which proceeded after this would be dealt with by tremendous waves of his vomitar substance if their creator was still able to guide them to him.
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#9 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:24 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Shana's saw the incoming beam during her approach, she knew she wouldn't be able to dodge it completely and still land her blow, turning her body slightly she took the beam on her left shoulder, it tore her jacket singing the flesh beneath though it didn't even slow her down as she sliced into him both with her blade, and the blade of flame she released from her Zanpakuto, as she shunpo'd around him she was met by a barrage of bala's, deflecting most of them with her blade she took one good one on her leg and another in her abdomen before she obliterated the beast with a Cero.

Thanks to her mask her wounds were already starting to heal as she turned the majority of her attention to the cloud, which seemed far thicker than before. She couldn't feel the man inside of it anymore but she was not going to assume he was dead before she saw his corpse herself. Holding her Zanpakuto out before her Shana spun it releasing a tornado of wind fired straight at the cloud of smoke, the attack probably would not hit the arrancar inside of it, but it would clear away the smoke giving her a clear view of the man. "Hado #58 Tenran"

Upon clearing the smoke and getting a clear view of the Arrancar Shana would shunpo forward stopping in front of him before leaving behind an after image of herself with a bit of extra reiatsu inside of it, as well as a nasty surprise in the form of a Hado 88 should he attack it, reappearing behind him Shana would slice across his back in an attempt to sever his spine.

Techniques used:
Spell Name: Tenran
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #58
Spell Incantation: None
Spell Effect: the caster draws his zanpakuto and Levitates it in front of him before touching the handle gently to send it spinning around in mid air, getting rapidly faster and faster until the caster grabs the handle with the blade facing towards the ground before it fires a tornado from around the zanpakuto from the handle to the tip of the blade outwards towards the target and anything within the area of the tornado's effective radius which is four meters. can also be used with a hand supported by the other hand if the zanpakuto isn't available or for speed

Spell Name: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #88
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The caster grips his firing arm to support it before channeling large amounts of lightning-based energy and the wielder's own spiritual energy, fused together in the palm of the outstreched hand before firing, expanding into a massive beam of electrical and spiritual energies combined. On impact with the target, it explodes violently, covering a area of fifteen meters within a blaze of plasma fire, consuming anything in its way.

Ability Name: Hosoku sa reta Utsusemi
Ability Description: 2 Post Cooldown - The Hosoku sa reta Utsusemi is an advanced Utsusemi where Shana can leave behind a kido spell inside of the after image that will dissipate if ignored, but should the after image be struck she the spell itself will be released towards the nearest source of spiritual pressure.
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#10 Re: Melee Chaos Dream Realm on Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:59 am

Nadroj no longer had to worry about the explosive flaming balls, but he wasn't out of danger. He watched as Apex was ravaged by the attack of the Vizard before she turned her attention in his direction. Even while immersed in smoke he could see the effects of her Hollowfication. She was beginning to regenerate from the damage done to her by Apex. She was dangerous. Too dangerous to capture alive. She would have to serve his curiosity as a cadaver.

He could see her kido begin to twisting the air around her into frenzy. As the wind tunnel made its way towards him he knew that their fight wouldn't last long if he didn't have cover. She didn't need to know that though. He launched a cero into the center of the tunnel and followed that with a bala. This wasn't to attack her, but to stop the air current from completely removing his cover. When the bala collided with the cero, the resulting force broke the spinning pattern of the funnel. More than half of the smoke had been carried away by the air and more still was carried away by the explosion from his own cero.

It appeared as though it was enough for the Vizard to get a clear enough view of his location because she appeared before him instantly. She then quickly made her way behind him, leaving a creative form where she once stood. It was easy enough for Nadroj to see through the superficial form and view the mass of energy inside of it. What was that? A kido or something more? Whatever the case, it's energy was stable for the most part.

He turned to face her. As she swung her blade at him he rose his arm in defense. Her blade became lodged in his forearm, caught in bone. He opened his mouth and allowed a cloud of his vomitar substance to pour forth. Though the premiere state of the substance was liquid, when made to transform the moment it cleared his mouth, it would appear to onlookers that he'd exhaled a gas. The dense fog quickly went to work blotting out light.

However, a light so strong it caught his attention came from behind him. Still spewing the fog he turned his head slightly. He kept one eye focused on the Vizard and with the other, he glanced over his shoulder. A trail of entrails lay stretched from where Apex was, to where it was now. The back half of its body lay where it was struck by the Vizard's cero. What remained of its upper half had quickly dragged itself over to the afterimage left by the Hollowfied Shinigami and clawed at it. Did it think that the after image was real and about to attack its maker? At this distance the resulting explosion would more likely consume all three of them. A blue wave of plasma erupted from the core of the afterimage shattering it completely.
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