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EL Cirujano watched as the oxygen, carbon and other gases forming the very air were worked into a frenzy and then expertly condensed and redirected to move the young man; he could fly. To think that he finally found his Advent Human and it appeared to be more gifted than the last. This one had abilities which allowed it to manipulate the physical world; both air and water were at his beckon call. This subject must be taken back to his research facility quickly so that the full range of his abilities could be tested without fear of interference by Shinigami. He would also be able to get answers out of the young man about what he called 'The Committee'.

Without saying a word, Apex somehow understood that its creator desired for it to use greater force . As the deadly shards of frozen water flew towards it ambiguous form at tremendous speeds, a visible wave of vibrating force came from its core. The very air was lit a shimmer as its screech ripped through it in the form of a 360 degree pulse. The cement and brick which formed the ground beneath it were turned to rubble as the force from the wave shook it violently all the way down to its smallest parts. Needless to say that the sound wave had reduced the incoming frozen projectiles to harmless snow.

All of this happened in the span of a fractured second. The sound pulse expanded out towards the human as well and would likely cause a good deal of damage unless some miracle happened to stop hit. Of course, damage to a simple protein based life form like this human would be easily repairable to a scientist like Nadroj.

Ability/Attack Used:
Apex Ability Name: Chillido Apex (Apex Screech)
Ability Description:  A high pitched, brain rupturing, bone splitting screech. The frequency of Apex's horrifying screech both unsettles the senses and displaces matter on the molecular level. This is manifested as a pulse of sound which is both defensive and offensive. Objects not strong enough to resist the concussive shock wave are thrown back while being faced with the unsettling sound waves. Those effected may suffer short term hearing loss. This is essentially an expanding spherical barrier which originates in its throat and grows outward exponentially. Its maximum diameter is ten feet. Everything within its territory is shaken at the molecular level and pushed out towards its edge. This can be used successfully on everything from solids to energy forms provided they are equal to or less than in strength. Damage done is the equivalent to a 80 hadou or level 60 bakudo for defense. This can be used every three posts

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Winderlin seeing that an attack was coming and out of sheer fear he threw up his water sphere. He formed just big enoughto protect him from the blast that was coming that ended up being a completely three sixty attack. The blast made contact with his sphere and disbursed it completely. Winderlin was a little taken back from this. He didn't think that the monster thing was that powerful.

"So do you make contacts with ugly monster or what..." He question the guy still not really sure what his purpose was who the hell he was or the thousand many other unanswered questions. Then it hit him. This monster seems to be attacking him but not the person. What if I attacked both...But I do need to make it out of here first and get to the streets. There may be more people but I need to give me more room and better advantage. The exit was a straight shot i just needed to run for it.

"Well see ya." I said as I created my water and air mist which is impossible to see through, even for me but I knew where I was running to and made to the stairs and all the way up and out of the station. After wards I covered the stairs with ice. Let's see that monster thing get up now.

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This young man had sublime reflexes. Nadroj would have never thought him capable of fending off Apex's screech so quickly. Was he that battle ready at such a young age? Such a thing wasn't unheard of, but seeing it was another matter entirely. Apex began to quiver as the human summoned a dense mist. What exactly was he hoping to do? The fact that his gaze was momentarily focused on the nearest exit before summoning the mist wasn't lost El Cirujano. Seeing through the mist was an easy enough task for an Arrancar that possessed the vision that he did. He'd wondered if his target had the ability to see through such a mist for a moment. Any doubts he had that the boy was as blind as Apex were dispelled when he realized that he failed to track Nadroj's own movements.

Nadroj had beaten the young man up the stairs and resided at the top. When the young man came to rest at the exit's landing, Nadroj stood but a few feet from him. Had he really not noticed? Though the young man was fast, Nadroj was closer to the exit. He cleared the underground tunnels not for the express purpose of beating his target in a race, but because he had no way of knowing if filling the tunnels with mist was prelude to a more dangerous tactic. It would appear as though that wasn't the case though. The formation of ice on the stairs told El Cirujano that he'd intended to make his escape.

He thought icing stairs would somehow hinder Apex. Had he really fought spiritual beings before? Apex launched itself up the exit like a cannonball at blinding speeds, avoiding the stairs altogether. This time, it aimed at the young man's center while using its entire mass as a bludgeoning instrument.

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Thinking that I did a good thing I was happy with my self. To be honest I thought I was the shit for a second before I relazied that the dude had made it up the exit already. But I couldn't have to time to deal with him since this fucking monster thing was jumping up the flight of stairs. Fuck can I catch a break with these. He used his wind manipulation and flew in the air and landed a few feet away. Getting really annoyed with this guy and his stupid monster thing it was time to get really serious. Winderlin released more energy and it caused a ring of water to surround him completely. His arms were also now cloaked in water. This thing wanted to play rough well let's play rough. Winderlin formed a whip with his arm of water trying to grab the monster.

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"You mentioned saving the world, but now you put innocent lives in danger?" Nadroj said, nonchalantly. He preferred that this be the extent to which he got involved, but only time would tell.

"What the hell?" A man on the streets above shouted. A wave of silence washed over the crowd. Cars came to a halt as they all began to gawk at Winderlin. Several dozen people stopped mid-step to watch the odd site. Was that guy by the subway station entraince controlling water and flying? "Did you see how high he just jumped?" Someone else in the growing crowd of people murmered, this time, a woman.

A line of pressurized water pierced one of Apex's tentacles, bit it wasn't enough to stop it from attacking. Several tentacles whipped themselves into a frenzy. A reddish glow emanated from their tips. This was the beginning of a barrage of bala. In this crowd, this may turn into a bloodbath. While Nadroj would have preferred to keep this underground to avoid the attention, so long as he claimed the human in a timely fashion, it really made little difference.

A couple of the bala were on a collision course with the Advent Human, but others were aimed where he may dodge to escape the first couple. Sadly, some would definitely strike onlookers.

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Winderlin seeing what was about to take place he began to panic. He didn't think the streets were busy today but that seem to be fucked.  Fuck Fuck Fuck. Winderlin dropped all the water and sighed. This was the only way to protect all the people around him. There was one way out of this and one way only. But his way out caused for some wind. He created a water jet to even out the cero. He stood there staring at the man and then back at the people.

"If I surrender would you leave everyone else out of this. I will go in peace and not to cause any harm?" I said. Hoping that this would convince him to stop attacking but I still had to worry about the people. Who would I get them to not question anything. "Cut. Sorry people. This is the first take on Krazy monsters. The monster isn't done being made but we need content so don't worry.." I said. Everyone looked at me. They couldn't see him or the monster at all. But soon they all want walking minding there business. "Continue rolling." I yelled and walked with my hands up and joined together to surrender to this guy.

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The human would momentarily feel a prick in his neck as Nadroj injected a knock-out drug. "Well it looks like all of this could have been avoided if I'd threatened humans from the start." Nadroj thought to himself as he pulled the syringe out. Apex once more assumed a humanesque form and cradled the young man in its makeshift arms.

With a gesture in air, a black cavity appeared. He stepped through it with his prize. He turned back briefly and tossed an ambiance neutralizer towards the entrance to the subway. The bacteria would successfully complete their task in the surrounding area leaving no trace of El Cirujano to be found.

-Thread End-

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